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Moving in Canada with uShip

uShip helps Canadians move anything and everything at the right price. We understand you want to find the most reliable movers with the best moving quotes. uShip stands ready to help you find the Canadian moving company with the best performance record and pricing. And, uShip stands by with tips on how to pack, move, and resettle.

The uShip marketplace makes it easy to find trustworthy moving companies, get moving quotes online, and have additional support throughout the process. You take control and list your detailed needs, dates, and to and from locations. Then, qualified professionals send you quotes for your consideration. They compete for your business, you compare the quotes, and choose the moving service that best meets your needs.

How to Move with uShip

uShip makes your move as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1 | Create Your Listing

uShip invites you to get moving quotes online by creating a listing detailing your moving plans. To get a quote on moving jobs, enter the timeframe for your move. You should do your best to list the large and small items, number of boxes big and small, and photographs of key items like large furniture and appliances. Moving quotes depend on levels of service. For example, you'll save money if you move you items on and off the truck or if you pack your own items. Then, there's "White Glove" service where the movers wrap and pack your goods.

Man and woman preparing for their home move
Mover with two boxes on a dolly

2 | Choose the Best Moving Company

You'll receive moving quotes as soon as you submit your list. You'll find a moving companies will quote to win your moving business with quotes online. But, as the quotes come in, uShip lets you ask questions directly.

The moving companies on uShip have their own company profiles. You can access their transportation history, safety records, and customer-rated feedback. Most movers post photos of their trucks, so you can see how your items will be moved. You can also review completed shipments along with the customers' feedback. You'll find the moving company right for your needs and budget. And, using uShip to get moving company quotes invites you to talk directly, compare prices, and feel confident in choosing the best Canada moving service.

3 | Moving Transport & Delivery

Once you receive quotes and choose the moving company you want, you can work with them directly. You can add details, present your concerns, and ask questions. It's your opportunity to describe the pickup and delivery areas. For instance, it helps for the movers to know if there is difficult access or unusually large or fragile items. We are here to help before, during, and after your move, so please let us know if you run into any issues communicating with your moving company.

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Two people unpacking after their move

How Much Does it Cost to Move in Canada?

At uShip, we understand you have a lot of things to consider when calculating the cost to move. There's the size of the move, the distance, and the service type requested. Moving quotes for smaller local moves run around C$400 to C$650. But, cross-Canada moves can reach from C$1,990 to C$3,990 or more.

Take a look at our cost to move in Canada page, where you can see more detailed moving quotes through uShip. You'll see hundreds of household and business moves completed through the uShip marketplace. These customer experiences should give you a good idea of what your moving services may cost and a better idea of how we work.

Planning Your Cross Canadian Move

Proper planning with uShip will help eliminate many common moving headaches. With our organized moving checklist, you can plan your relocation and reduce the confusion. The checklist helps you remember and take care of the important details when packing up your home. There are so many things to remember, like properly moving furniture or holding a garage sale. Consider the following:

  • Change your address
  • Disconnect and transfer utilities
  • Close accounts associated with previous address
  • Transfer services

Moving Tips

  • Know which moving service type is best for you.
  • Potential moving costs.
  • Know your transporter's moving history and customer reputation.
  • Know your insurance options and how your household items are protected.

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