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Transporting Furniture with uShip

If you want to transport furniture anywhere in the country we have the solution for you. You may be moving or may have purchased a furniture item online we will advise you on how to transport the item, assist you with getting the best courier rates and also give you tips on how to make the furniture transport ready. Contact us and we will make sure you get the right advice.

On the UShip Marketplace, you are guaranteed of value for money when you are looking for a furniture transporter. Load a transportation listing with your transportation requirements giving as much information as possible. Transporters will then send you quotations based on your requirements. You get the best rates as they are competing to give you the most favourable quotation. As part of your selection process for a furniture transporter, you can talk to the transporters and look through their profiles to see the one that best meets your requirements.

How to Transport Furniture

It’s as simple as a,b,c!

1 | Upload your transportation requirement

You must take your furniture measurements as well as weight. If you can’t get these measurements, you can take a good guess. Give your timeframe requirements for delivery as well as how much care must be taken with the furniture. A glass table will require much more care than a bed.

There are different services that are available when you want to have your furniture moved from location to location. When you have furniture that requires the highest level of car, you can use White Glove moving companies. They take care of the full process from disassembling, picking up, transporting and then delivering and assembling your furniture.

Man and woman lifting a wrapped chair
Furniture moving company delivering a white couch

2 | Choosing the best furniture transporter Services

As soon as you have completed listing your load, furniture transporters will start sending through quotes to you. You can ask them questions or even ask more specific questions about your particular load in order to see who would give you the best service.

All the transporters on uShip have a transporter profile showing how customers have rated them, how they safety record currently stands and a brief history of them in the transportation industry. Take time to scrutinise their profiles Look at all these elements as well as price as this will give you an all round view of the transporter. You can ask for photos of their fleet of trucks from them as most transporters have these. You can also enquire about the insurance cover they provide.

3 | Furniture Transportion & Final Delivery

Once you have decided on who will be your transporter, talk to them about any concerns you may have or additional details that you may require. Make sure you are all on the same page regarding level of care you need to be exercised on your goods. Give them details of any third parties they may need to contact as well and if you have any issues with them, do not hesitate to contact us because our job is to be there for you throughout the whole process.

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Man unwrapping furniture after delivery

Transportation costs for furniture

Furniture costs range from R 800 to R 1500 for local loads and between R 1700 to R 3500 for cross country furniture loads. This is looking at the mid-range. For white glove services, bigger loads, longer distances and other such extra additions, the price of transportation will be more. However sometimes transporters can combine loads therefore being able to give you a discounted price.

Look at the uShip cost to transport furniture page. You can get a better idea of the pricing for transporting your furniture load. This space allows you to look at past transactions done on uShip and familiarise yourself with how we work.

Transporting one piece of furniture

When you want to transport a single item, take measurements of the item along with a few pictures or alternatively ask the seller to take measurements of the item and pictures if you are purchasing the item online. Pack the item appropriately or ask the seller to so. If you do not feel comfortable with this, get a professional to pack it. Once this is all done, load your listing, wait for quotations to be sent through to you and after looking at other factors on the profile select the best transporter for your needs. There is a help article on how to transport household goods for extra tips on your furniture consignment.

Furniture Transportation Options

You can either have your furniture transported as freight which would be in loads or you can use white glove movers. The difference is that when you transport as freight, you are responsible for packing up the furniture, loading it and offloading it. White glove movers do everything for you from lacking to loading, offloading and assembling. You may also look at which option to take based on the distance the furniture will be transported to get to its destination.

Freight is a cheaper form of transporting goods but bear in mind that you will do all the work except the actual transporting of the furniture. Packing, loading and offloading will be your responsibility, however with white glove movers, everything will be done from you from the beginning to the end.

Getting Your Furniture Ready for Transportation

As soon as you have decided how you are going to transport your furniture, get ready to start the hard work. You will need to move the furniture around disassemble it, pack it and get it ready for the transporter. However, if you went with the white glove movers you can sit back as they will take care of everything.

Preparing Furniture for Moving:

  • Disassemble the furniture you can.
  • Tape all small pieces that belong with a piece of furniture on it so it doesn’t get lost.
  • Remove drawers. Clean them out and pack any empty drawers separately. If you do not want to separate the drawer from its contents, then put it all in a plastic bag and seal it. Make sure you have labelled it. Make sure you are aware of the reviews on your transporter when you decide to do this.
  • If you can, take off the legs of furniture, wrap them separately in old newspapers and keep the legs in a container with the piece of furniture and make sure you have labelled these.
  • Furniture corners can be delicate and easily damaged. Use bubble wrap and an extra piece of corner from a cardboard to protect the corners. Make sure you use cello tape to keep this in place.
  • In order to make sure you do not get scratches on your furniture, use furniture pads.
  • Put all linen in plastic bags so it stays clean.

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