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Properly preparing for your home move can make the whole process much less stressful. By getting a general idea of how big your move will actually be, you can decide on the level of service you need to hire from a home removal company.

You have several different levels of service to choose from. You can hire a full-service removal firm which will take care of the entire process of moving, loading, and unloading your items. Self-service allows you to rent a lorry and complete the process on your own. In between you have self-pack movers, which will move your belongings, but you must take care of the packaging, loading, and unloading.

Once you’ve decided which service you want, you can list your items on Be sure you ask for your insurance requirements, review the transporter’s feedback and references, and ensure there are no additional costs, such as petrol surcharges.

Have everything prepared by that time your removal firm arrives on the day of the move. You don’t want to be charged any unexpected fees due to delays on your part. Make sure you have completed any special preparations your removal company may require.

Stack of moving boxes
Man and woman packing a kitchen

What are you Moving?

Moving is a great time to rid yourself of any unused items you may have stored away in lofts, garages, and sheds. Consider using eBay to sell off any old items you don’t want moved. uShip’s eBay transport centre will help with tools to make the process easier. Make sure that you discuss with your buyer which items they will be taking along with the house, known sometimes as the inclusions. Don’t assume that just because you don’t want to take something with you that they’ll be happy to have it left behind, it is your obligation to leave your house free of all items other than those specifically agreed in the contract.

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, so don’t assume items you want are just junk. Place these items on classifieds and allow others to take them away rather than you throwing them away.

Never underestimate how much you’re attempting to move. It’s better to have extra space in the truck, than be left with no enough space to move all your belongings. You run the risk of facing extra charges due to the removal company having to go get a large truck, be delayed, or arrange an extra shipment. Delays are never fun for you or the transporter, so try to avoid them if possible.

When are you Moving?

With uShip, you can list your removal for quotation and request re-bids if your dates change. Keep your removal company informed of all date changes; it won’t be surprising to them, it’s very normal in this industry.

Who is moving you?

An important step in moving is hiring a moving company with whom you feel comfortable. Common sense, a little research, and asking questions will go a long way in finding the moving company that will best fit your needs. uShip connects you with thousands of moving companies and provides you with their customer feedback. Take some time and look at what past customers have said about them, they care about their reputations and so should you.

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