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Transporting via Freight

Freight haulers on uShip offer a variety of affordable options for transporting items that are too large or too heavy for standard parcel shipping. Commercial freight shipping can include less-than-truckload freight (abbreviated LTL), for pallets or other items that do not fill an entire trailer, and truckload freight (abbreviated TL or FTL) for shipments that do fill an entire trailer.

Both LTL freight and FTL freight loads can be upgraded to an expedited freight service, which means your shipment will be picked up and delivered more rapidly, but will cost more than standard freight shipping service. A freight forwarder will arrange LTL and FTL transport for you, enabling you to ship freight internationally.

In order to make an informed decision among your many freight transport options, you must have accurate dimensions and weight of the cargo you need to ship. This information allows freight haulers and freight brokers to provide accurate cost estimates. Do not hire a freight transporter on price alone; always check authority, cargo insurance and references first!

As you are finalizing the freight shipping contract, be sure to ask what is and is not included in the quote. Once you have signed a contract, prepare your freight shipment so that it is ready to go when the carrier arrives. In contrast to standard parcel shipping, transporting freight requires specific packaging and labels. If you are unsure about the requirements, ask your freight hauler for instructions. This will help protect your items from being damaged and from damaging other items in transit.

Remember that freight haulers offer a limited service. They are not responsible for packing, loading, or unloading your cargo. You must be prepared to handle the freight at both pickup and delivery; do not rely on your carrier’s assistance. Preparation is the best way to ensure a smooth transaction.

Get familiar with the uShip freight shipping process by visiting our cost to ship freight page. There you will be able to view past freight shipping transactions as they happened in our marketplace; giving you further insight and piece of mind when it comes time to ship.

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