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Home Removals in the UK

When it comes to moving house, your removal company should be the least of your worries. Unfortunately, for most people this isn’t the case. Luckily, with uShip, the stress of finding the perfect removals company is removed, with an easy, streamlined process that puts you in control. Whether you need to book a full service move to university, between homes, upgrading or relocating, or you just need a little assistance moving specific items, uShip can help.

Organising for Your Move

As always, planning ahead for your move will make the entire process move smoothly. A great starting point is to create lists of items to be moved, and check items off as you pack them away. This helps ensure you remember everything, as well as where it’s been packed. Here are a few important steps that can make your moving process easier:

  • Change your address
  • Disconnect and transfer utilities
  • Cancel any business associated with your old address
  • Moving services, like satellite TV or utilities
  • Perform careful research via the carrier’s profile before deciding on a removalist
  • Double check insurance coverage for items in transit; there can be very specific rules regarding personal possessions as they’re being transported
Truck driver and warehouse manager at pallet delivery
Freight truck driving in the mountains

Save Money on Removalists

When choosing a removalist, it’s inevitable that you’ll take pricing into account. Once you’ve created your free listing on uShip, you’ll begin to see competing quotes come in, which you’ll need to review.

Multiple removals companies will likely submit quotes for your move. While it’s important to consider their price in your decision, you should also consider their customer reviews, equipment, qualifications and communication. Each of these elements can have a massive impact on the process of your move. Carefully weigh price with these other factors, and you’re sure to find the perfect house removal service for the job.

Types of Removal Services

Another element to consider when booking is the level of service. When you create your listing, you’ll need to include as much detail as possible for accurate quotes. Once you have a complete list of items to be removed – everything from small to large furniture items – you’ll need to decide how much assistance you’d like in the process. Don’t forget to include items you might easily overlook, like artwork and extra boxes.

Some people opt for full service removal services, where the company does all the work for you. Packing, preparing and carefully moving every item. This is the highest level of service, so it includes an expectedly higher price tag. However, it’s the most seamless possible move, which is exactly what’s required by some people.

Self-service is another option. This service operates more like a Man with a Van operation, where you’ll set up, package and move all your items. For smaller moves or people who are capable of moving large items, this may be a better, more economical option.

Man and woman preparing for their home move

How does uShip Work?

Using uShip is as simple as creating a free listing. In your listing, you’ll include all the details of your move, including a list of items, dates, level of service required and location. Then, removals companies will review your listing and submit quotes for the job.

Again, you’ll need to review each quote not only on the basis of price, but based on experience, reputation and information exchanged in the question and answer section. You should feel free to use this section to communicate with removalists you’re considering, as you’ll want to be sure you have a positive relationship before booking them as your removalist.

Once you’ve decided on a provider, you’ll book directly with them, and work out all the details. Be sure to keep communication consistent during this time, as this will help everything move as smoothly as possible.

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How Much will it Cost to Move?

Removals in the UK vary in cost quite a bit, thanks to differing levels of service, timing, distance, and number of items. To get realistic and accurate quotes, the best thing you can do is to create your free uShip listing and review the quotes submitted.

Typical prices range from £1.09 per mile for home moves above 500 miles, and around £3.30 per mile for the shorter distance moves. To find specific information on removals with similar service levels and distance to yours, review our Cost to Transport page, which includes data from thousands of past moves within the UK.

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