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Piano Transport in Canada

When you need to transport a piano, you have some options. You can move it yourself, or you can hire professional piano movers. You may consider these options with a different mindset depending on what you are needing to ship: a new baby grand piano or a used keyboard. Depending on your ability to get to the store or person you purchase from, you may have additional considerations.

Whether you buy a new piano from a piano store or a used piano from someone selling online, you may want to hire a piano moving company to ensure a safe and secure delivery, or to save yourself time and energy. You also may be a business selling pianos and need to deliver to your customers in a timely manner, with extra care to be sure your customers are fully satisfied with their experience. An alternative option is to transport the piano without professional piano movers.

How to Move a Piano by Yourself

First, determine your piano moving needs: piano size and weight, timeframe and pickup/delivery locations. You should provide the make and model of your piano for an accurate measure of its dimensions and weight. Include as much detail as you can to get accurate quotes. If you can, include photos of the piano, as this will increase the number of quotes you receive.

Girl and woman at a piano while girl plays piano
Piano movers delivering a piano

How to Move a Piano by Yourself

Moving a piano yourself takes a lot of preparation as the task is tedious and demanding, which is why there are dedicated professional piano moving companies. That said, if you don’t have the time or budget to hire piano movers, you can move most pianos yourself, with some additional help.

First, get a team of helpers together. We recommend three to five people. Try to find people who have experience in moving pianos or other big and bulky furniture. You’ll also want to measure all entrances and pathways you’ll be moving the piano through. Make sure there is enough room and change pathways as needed to safely place your piano.

Next, you’ll want to get the right moving supplies to protect your piano during the move. Moving blankets can protect baby grand and upright pianos from scratches and other damage that can happen during transit. You will also want a dolly or hand truck to assist in moving the heavy instrument. A piano board, or skid board, may be used to move the piano with ease on and off a truck. That said, you’ll want straps to help hold the piano in place while the vehicle is moving.

Now it’s time to actually move your piano. A baby grand and an upright piano each require different attention. For a grand piano, lower and secure the top lid, then disassemble the pedals and legs, if possible. Prepare the pedals and legs in their own moving blankets. Gently move the piano onto the skid board and strap the piano onto the board. While pushing the piano board, or moving the piano on the dolly, be sure to have helpers keeping the piano from tipping or falling. When you get the grand piano to its final location, assemble any pieces you disassembled and tune the piano again.

Hiring Professional Piano Movers

If you don’t have the resources to move a piano yourself, or you want high quality piano delivery, you should consider hiring professional piano movers. Piano movers are specialized moving companies who transport pianos regularly. They’ve seen it all and have the experience to make a piano delivery run smoothly.

You’ll want to research your options first. Find local piano movers or movers in the location of your purchased piano that can transport across Canada. If you’re shipping a piano over the border, be sure the transport service knows what customs and other potential paperwork will be needed to complete the delivery. Compare pricing of each company to see who is in your budget. Find out what kind of customer support they offer, and what kind of insurance they can provide.

Next, find ratings and reviews of each carrier. Be sure their previous customers ended up happy with the service they received. You may not always want to go with the lowest price if the reviews are lackluster. Piano moving is such a tedious process, you want to be sure you’re working with the best piano movers in Canada. The best piano transport companies are communicative. Communication is key to a successful delivery.

Close up on hands playing piano

Using uShip as Your Piano Moving Solution

uShip provides all your rates, research, and support in one place. Simply create a shipment listing detailing your piano move needs, including time frame, dimensions, and pickup and delivery locations. Provide any additional details, like how many flights of stairs the movers will need to go up or down. Once you have completed your listing, you will start receiving piano moving quotes from carriers. You’re able to talk to them directly through their quote, and check their uShip profile to see ratings and reviews from previous customers. See their uShip shipping history for previous piano shipments they have completed. When you have found a piano moving company you feel comfortable with, and whose quote is in your budget, accept their quote and continue communication throughout the delivery.

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How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Piano?

The cost to ship a piano depends on several factors, including distance, type of piano, price of fuel, and any special care for your piano. On average, it costs C$4.47 per km to ship a piano less than 100 kms, and costs C$0.93 per km to move a piano less than 1,000 kms.

You can get a better idea of what you can expect to pay by reviewing our cost to ship pianos page, where you'll see real past transactions of piano transports completed through our marketplace.

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