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Shipping Furniture with uShip

Wondering how to move your favourite recliner thousands of kilometres away? Perhaps it’s a vintage bed that’s been in your family for generations and you want are worried about the risks of shipping. If you’re looking for professional services to transport your furniture safely across the city, town or country, uShip can help you narrow down suitable furniture shipping companies. We will help you find out real-time options for shipping furniture as well as guide you at every step of the way. If you feel jammed at any point, contact us and we’ll guide you back on track.

Our platform is focussed on finding the perfect furniture shipping service that fits your budget, standards, and demands. All you need to do is Make a listing added with the necessary details from age to condition of the furniture. You will receive multiple rates from credible transporters who will bid on your listing so that you can select the best rate that fits your estimates. We create the perfect opportunity to facilitate interactions with the transporter so that you can review them in depth if you’re interested.

How to Transport your Furniture?

We’ve simplified how to ship your furniture into three easy steps!

1 | Make Listing for your Furniture on uShip

The first step to transport your furniture is collecting details. Start by recording the dimensions and weight of your furniture separately and as accurately as possible. Estimate a rough timespan you are comfortable with as well as the special conditions you need when shipping your furniture.

Find out your options for moving the furniture. You can opt for LTL (Less than Truckload) shippingif the furniture is already crated. However, if you need special care or assembly services in addition to loading and pickup, it is best to lookup white glove movers. These are the top-rated furniture transporters who de-assemble, transport, deliver and assemble your furniture at your comfort.

Man and woman moving a wrapped chair
Furniture moving company delivering a white couch

2 | How to Pick the Best Transporter for Shipping your Furniture

Once your furniture listing is live on uShip, you will start receiving direct quotes from expert furniture transporting companies around you. Don’t jump to approval as it is important to assess each transporter personally to ensure they are the best choice to move your personal or commercial furniture.

On uShip, we believe and promote maximum transparency. That’s why, it is best to browse these carrier profiles to check the transaction history, safety standards and remarks from previous customers of the transporter you choose, singly. It will give you a clearer idea of the furniture shipping company regardless of the rates. Moreover, you will notice pictures of trailers and equipment used to transport furniture on the carrier profile. Oftentimes, transporters also share the cargo insurance on their profile.

3 | Pickup & Drop of your Furniture

The step after selecting the transporter is contacting them. Clear your questions and special requirements when you call the shipping service directly. After interacting directly with the carrier, you will find it easy to move your furniture with the right shipping service provider. Proceed only when you are sure the selected carrier can deliver the care you demand for your furniture delivery. It is best to share the contact information of third parties you’ve reserved for help at this time. Please keep the payment ready to process according to your agreement with the shipping carrier. If you run into any problems or concerns, contact us without any delay for a hassle-free shipping experience.

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Man unwrapping furniture after delivery

What is the Cost of Shipping Furniture?

While the rate of shipping furniture between cities averages at ₹1,500 to ₹10,000, inter-State furniture delivery ranges from ₹15,000 to ₹30,000. Typically, the cost of transporting furniture from Srinagar to Nagercoil increases with factors such as the dimensions of your package, type of service availed, distance and so on. You can bring down the prices if the transporter consolidates shipments to save space.

For calculating the explicit cost for your shipment, use our Cost to Ship index for furniture transports. It is an aggregate of hundreds of furniture deliveries completed through uShip you can use for a getting a clearer idea of our shipping processes.

How do I Ship One Furniture Item?

Get your tapes and measure the dimensions of the furniture. Now, click high-quality snaps of the item. You can also contact the seller of your furniture for the same details. Next step is to finalize whether the seller or the mover pack it. Once you’re past, proceed to create a uShip listing to get preferable quotes and find the right transporter. You can also check our Expert Tips to Ship Household Goods when transporting your furniture anywhere in India.

Ways to Ship your Furniture

Generally, most furniture is transported by white glove movers or as freight items. You must finalize the type of movers you want along with the total distance of transport. A useful rule of thumb is to go for independent transporters when shipping furniture inter-city, as opposed to inter-State.

You can cut down the cost of shipping furniture by choosing freight shipping, but it also means you will have to assemble, disassemble, pack, load and unload the shipment on your own. On the other hand, white glove transporters provide doorstep delivery in addition to assembly, loading, unloading and packing your furniture for shipping. In short, you may want to go for white glove movers if you want minimum hassles and vice-versa for freight transporters.

How to Prepare Your Furniture for Shipping?

After finalizing the transporter, you need to pack the furniture for transport. The first step is to de-assemble the pieces and remove the accessories you aren’t shipping. If you want to have a hands-off experience, book white glove movers for a professional, fuss-free and safe furniture transport.

What to Remember When Packing your Furniture for Transport?

  • Dismantle the furniture if you know how to do it properly.
  • Store the screws, nuts, bolts and similar parts in one bag attached to the furniture.
  • If your furniture has drawers, remove it. You can pack it if you clean and remove the contents. Alternatively, you can also keep all the stuff inside your drawer in one place by transferring the drawer with its contents into a polythene bag. Don’t forget to seal and mark the bag after you confirm the clean history of the transporter.
  • If your furniture has legs, remove it. Cover each leg separately in newspaper and store it in a bag or cardboard box.
  • If you want to prevent scratches on your item, use furniture pads generously.
  • If your furniture has accessories such as upholstery and pillows, seal it in a bag or box separately.
  • You can use bubble wrap or cardboard cut-outs to secure the edges of your furniture and prevent scratches during transit. Another way is to use a masking tape to protect the corners.

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