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Furniture Removal Services with uShip

If the situation arises when you need to move a large amount of furniture, or simply just a few large items, then uShip is on hand to help match you up with the best furniture delivery service for your needs and budget. Your item can be expensive, fragile, it can even be a family heirloom, it doesn't matter, we are able to help you find a great furniture transport service, who can move your item from A to B quickly and in a high quality manner. We can also give you ideas on how to correctly prepare your furniture for the big move, and if you have any problems, we’re always here to answer your questions.

Our uniquely designed marketplace is the ideal place to find a furniture courier service that matches your requirements. The process is simple and bespoke. You simply write up a listing which is posted on the marketplace. You should include as much information as you can, and from there, suitable furniture delivery companies will contact you directly with quotations, bidding for your custom. You can then decide who you want to pursue and who you don’t, contacting each directly to ask any specific questions.

How to Get Furniture Delivery

uShip makes furniture removal easy with just three steps!

1 | Create Your Listing

The starting point is to think about the size and weight of any piece of furniture you want to move. It’s best to be as close to accurate as you can possibly be, and you also need to think about how quickly you need your items to be moved. In addition to this, you also need to inform your proposed furniture courier about the type of service you are looking for. Most companies offer several different options, so you need to explore each one in turn.

The most common services available when it comes to furniture transport in the UK are standard and white glove. White glove delivery services in the UK basically mean that extra care and attention is paid to your furniture, and that the transporter will pick up the item, transport it, deliver it to your chosen destination, and then assemble it back to the state it was in previously. This is the quality standard of services. The regular standard service means that your furniture will still be looked after to a high level, but it will be transported in a crate or trailer, depending upon the size and weight. You will also need to assemble it back together yourself in this case. If your furniture is already crated, you might like to consider another removal service, called Less Than Truckload, or LTL.

Man and woman lifting a wrapped chair
Furniture moving company delivering a white couch

2 | Choose the Best Furniture Courier Services

Once your listing is submitted, you will receive quotations from various furniture movers in the UK. These companies are bidding against each other to win your custom, so you get the best price around. You can then contact the ones you're interested in working with, and ask any specific question you might have. This helps you build up a trust bond.

Every furniture collection and delivery service in the UK we work with as a profile on the uShip website. This will document their overall history, safety information, as well as a section for customer testimonials. This means you can get the honest review on what the company is really like. You will also see photographs of the equipment each company uses to carry out their work, and this will help you build up an overall picture in your mind. In addition, this page will tell you about the insurance level the company carries. You might want to think about adding your own cargo insurance onto this, to give you the ultimate level of protection.

3 | Furniture Transport & Delivery

After you have chosen your furniture removalists, be sure to contact them directly to work out the details of your delivery. They are experts in furniture delivery and are happy to help explain their services and any assistance they may need from you. Share any third party contact information with them, just in case. If you run into any trouble communicating with your transporter directly, please let us know.

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Man unwrapping furniture after delivery

How Much Does it Cost to Move Furniture?

A furniture pick up and delivery service in the UK varies in terms of cost. It totally depends on what you are moving, the size of it, the standard of service you are looking for, and any other specific details. Obviously, larger furniture items are going to cost more than smaller ones, and larger distances are going to be higher in price also. You should also be aware that some furniture courier services combine several deliveries onto one run, to keep their costs a little lower. Average prices for short distance item is between £20 to £115, for longer deliveries or larger furniture items prices can range between £150 to £500.

To give you a general picture of the possible price of your service, head to our cost index page. Here you can peruse through countless jobs just like yours, and get a real feel for what is going to occur on the day. You can also get a rough idea of cost from this page.

How to Get One Piece of Furniture Delivered

The first thing to do is to measure the furniture as accurately as possible. You should also take photographs of the furniture, especially of any damaged areas. Do you want to pack the furniture yourself, or do you want your handler to do it for you? With this information you can write out your listing and receive your quotations. For more information, read up on our ‘how to ship household goods’ post.

Furniture Transportation Options

The next decision to make is regarding the class of shipping you want to dedicate to your furniture. Your main two choices are freight delivery services, or white glove services.

Freight delivery is the cheaper option and can help to keep cash in your pocket. There are many furniture courier choices who can do this for you, but you are ultimately responsible for the packing of your item, the loading, and of course the unloading when your furniture arrives. If you opt for the white glove service, you literally don’t have to lift a finger. Your service will cover the packing up, loading, the unloading, and re-assembly of your item, or items.

Preparing Your Furniture for Shipment

Once you decide how you are going to ship your furniture, prepare the piece for transport and be ready to start moving large furniture around your home. You may need to start disassembling and packaging or wrapping pieces you are shipping. If you chose to book with white glove movers, then sit back and relax because they will take care of the preparations for you.

UK's Most Commonly Relocated Items:

  • Sofas
  • Beds and Mattresses
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Bookcases
  • Side Board
  • Nightstands
  • Chest of Drawers
  • Two or Three Seater Sofa
  • Desks
  • Wardrobe
  • Rugs and Carpets
  • Fridge

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