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Furniture Removal in the UK

When it comes to moving furniture, finding the right transporter can be challenging. For oversize, overweight items, typical couriers just won’t fit the job at hand. Where you might typically use a parcel courier, in cases of large furniture, it’s not so simple. Some furniture removal companies may be overpriced, some may have a bad reputation for damaging items, and some may just be too inexperienced to be the right choice for a treasured or valuable item.

With furniture removal, it’s vital to have removalists you can trust, as furniture can be both fragile and difficult to coordinate. Whether a sofa removal, armoire delivery or anything in between, you want to be sure your items are in good hands.

With uShip, you can avoid these hurdles by selecting your own furniture courier, based on price, real customer reviews and experience level with your type of removal.

Furniture Deliveries

Selling furniture comes with its own unique set of challenges. Customers expect their items fast and affordably, it can seem impossible to find a viable transport option. Finding a scalable option for efficient transport isn’t impossible, though. Comparing rates and finding carriers who can be trusted is the first step. Nothing brings a customer back like a smooth transport experience, especially with large items that might be troublesome to transport.

Man and woman lifting a wrapped chair
Furniture moving company delivering a white couch

How to Prepare Furniture for Delivery

There are a few reliable rules of thumb to consider when preparing your furniture for transport. The legwork you’ll need to put in will depend on what level of service you book your transport with. For white-glove or full service delivery, the courier will prepare the item by carefully wrapping the item for protection. Additionally, you’ll need to measure the furniture as well as the doorways the item will need to fit through, as well as weighing them for an accurate quote.

There are also special care tips to consider for individual furniture items.

  • Couches or Sofas – If possible, remove any legs or outlying pieces. Take off removable cushions and pillows. Carefully measure each side of the sofa to ensure it will fit through doors and hallways.
  • Mattresses – Consider a mattress bag if your mattress will be exposed in a lorry or the elements. If your mattress is being moved with a frame, be sure to disassemble it and put all parts like nuts and bolts in a separate plastic bag.
  • Electronics – Some of the most commonly moved electronics are TVs, which need to be treated very carefully during removal. If your TV can be moved in the box in which it came, this is ideal. If not, be sure to remove all cords and accessories and package them separately for easy reassembly later.

Furniture Delivery Options

Whether you’re having a two-seater sofa delivered or moving house and need large pieces delivered to the new place, you’ll need to make a decision regarding the class of transport you want to for your furniture. Your main two choices are freight delivery services, or white glove services.

If you opt for a Man with a Van service, you’ll be opting into freight service, with basic delivery service and without loading or unloading assistance. This is an appealing option for people who are experienced and confident in the process of removals.

While using a freight service is the more affordable option of the two, you are totally responsible for packaging and preparing your item. This may be challenging if you’ve never done it before. The option for white glove delivery services may become more appealing in this situation. This option means you won’t lift a finger or worry about whether your items are adequately protected as the experts are there to help. All packing, loading, unloading and assembly are done for you.

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Man unwrapping furniture after delivery

The uShip Solution to Furniture Removal in the UK

With uShip, furniture removal companies will come to you, ensuring you find the best company for your particular furniture transport needs. Our marketplace is home to the largest network of transporters in the world, and listing and booking your furniture transport is simple and straightforward.

When you book through uShip, you’ll enjoy the chance to review furniture courier services on an individual basis. You can choose your courier based on the price of the quote they submit, look through their reviews from real previous customers, and understand how many previous deliveries they’ve completed with items like yours. You’ll have the chance to communicate directly with the removalists submitting quotes to get to know their business better, while helping you make the right choice.

Woman sitting on a new bed in furniture store

Furniture Delivery on uShip

The most common services available when it comes to furniture transport in the UK are standard and white glove. White glove delivery services in the UK basically mean that extra care and attention is paid to your furniture, and that the transporter will pick up the item, transport it, deliver it to your chosen destination, and then assemble it back to the state it was in previously. This is the quality standard of services. The regular standard service means that your furniture will still be looked after to a high level, but it will be transported in a crate or trailer, depending upon the size and weight. You will also need to assemble it back together yourself in this case. If your furniture is already crated, you might like to consider another removal service, called Less than Container Load, or LCL.

Choosing the Best Furniture Courier Services

Once your listing is submitted, you will receive quotes from various furniture movers in the UK. These companies are competing against each other to win your custom, so you get the best price around. When you find companies you’re interested in working with, you can then contact them to ask any specific questions you might have.

Every furniture collection and delivery service in the UK we work with has a uShip profile. Here, you’ll find overall transport history, safety information, and customer reviews. Typically, the furniture delivery service will also have photos of the equipment they’ll use to transport your furniture, and let you know about the level of insurance the company carries. You can also choose to add additional cargo insurance for peace of mind during your item’s journey.

Furniture Transport and Delivery

Once you’ve made a decision about the right transport company, you’ll be able to book with them, then contact them directly. You’ll arrange pickup and dropoff locations at this point. Be sure to include any third party contact details relevant to the transaction. Finally, your payment will be arranged at this phase. If you run into any issues, we’re here to help every step of the way with our expert support team.

How Much Does it Cost to Move Furniture?

The cost of having furniture removed and delivered in the UK depends heavily on the item itself, the level of service you require and other extra requirements. Of course, the larger and heavier the item, the higher the cost.

Average prices for short distance item is between £20 to £115, for longer deliveries or larger furniture items prices can range between £150 to £500. For a better idea of what your particular delivery may end up costing, visit our Cost to Transport page, where you can review thousands jobs just like yours, and get a better idea of what your costs will be.

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