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Boat Transport in the UK with uShip

When arranging boat transportation around the UK, you need to know that you are choosing the most reliable and safe option. You also need to find the best price. Here at uShip, we can tick all of those boxes for you. We can help you understand how to move your boat, help you find the ideal transporter for your needs, and also give you plentiful helpful information on the whole process and how to prepare for it. If you run into bad weather, we can help steer you back to dry land. Feel free to contact us at any point during your move, for extra help and support.

Our marketplace is designed to make the whole process of moving your boat easy from start to finish. Here you can search for and talk to various boat movers, whilst finding a provider who fits in with your budgetary needs. In order to list your boat, you will need to know the model, make, and enter as many measurement details as you possibly can. After your listing has been posted, you will receive quotations from various shipping companies, and you can review them one by one, asking any questions directly that you might have. You can also review their individual profiles, their safety history, as well as check previous customer reviews for peace of mind.

How to Transport a Boat Across the UK

Navigating your boat delivery is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1 | Create Your Shipment Listing

Before you begin, you will need to identify your requirements and set your budget to establish how much is costs to move a boat. Think about the amount of time you have available to make your move, and ensure you give the correct information, e.g. will your boat have its personal trailer, or will the transportation company need to provide one? You will also need to accurately measure your boat, so that the correct service can be identified by your provider.

Yacht in ocean with people on it and a raft behind it
Black SUV on a boat delivery job

2 | Get the Best Boat Transport Company

After your listing has been posted on our marketplace, you will begin to receive quotations from transportation companies, bidding for your custom. Feel free to ask questions and review their company profile, to help you make your decision.

On our uShip page, every carrier we work with has an individual profile, to help you find the best company for your needs. You will find their history, records relating to safety, and testimonials and feedback from previous customers. You will be able to see photographs of the equipment they use in moving boats too. By checking these profiles, you will be able to pick the right transporters much more easily.

3 | Boat Transport & Delivery

Once you have whittled your choice down to a particular transportation company, you will be able to contact them directly to talk about any issues you might have. It is important that you arrange a convenient and beneficial meeting spot for pick up and also for delivery. You should also ensure that any contact details for marinas or other parties included within the move are shared between you and the company. You should have your payment ready to hand over at the point agreed between you. Of course, you can contact us at any time should you encounter any problems or issues.

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How Much Does Boat Transportation Cost in the UK?

Boat transport cost per mile in the uk varies depending upon several factors, including the distance you need to move your boat. You can check the cost of moving a boat via the quotes you will receive from your short listed boat moves uk list, and work accordingly. The average costs for moving a boat short distances within the UK ranges from £100 to £260 the longer hauls can range between £450 to £750.

For more information on transport costs in the UK for boat transport in particular, check uShip’s cost to ship a boat in the UK page. Here you will be able to look previous boat deliveries which are similar to yours, to give you a better idea of costings, as well as the process involved.

How to Prepare a Boat for Delivery

In order to make your move smoother, there are a few things you can do beforehand. You should secure any items which are loose within your boat, and take any necessary precautions to avoid any damage or breakages during transportation. You should also take photographs of anything which you need to dismantle, prior to taking it apart, so that when you go to put it back together again, you have a quite reference guide. Of course, you should take any personal belongings out of your boat, clean the outer and check for any present marks or damage; again, this gives you a reference point. In addition, we recommend that you have your boat checked prior to moving by a marine surveyor.

  • Choose a spot for loading which has a clearance margin of around 14’.
  • Ensure that any loose items are secured.
  • Ensure that all hatches are closed securely, and it is also a good idea to have them sealed. This ensures no damage from water occurs.
  • Tape your outer cabinet windows and ensure they are on the latch.
  • Ensure that all tanks are empty, including water tanks and fuel tanks. Drain plugs should also be removed.
  • Ensure that any batteries are disconnected. All cables should be secured.
Boaters sailing in competition

How to Measure Your Boat

It is important to give accurate measurements of your boat. This will ensure that transportation is not only safe but effective also. It is a good idea to measure your boat manually, and not to just go from the manufacturing details.

Obtain the accurate length of your boat by measuring from the bow tip, and go to the stern’s centre. You should be sure to include within your measurements the pulpits of the bow, any swimming platforms, the brackets of the motor, and the motor lengths, with the out drives raised.

In order to obtain the accurate height, go from the keel bottom and up to the highest part of the boat which is cannot be removed. Measure the beam accurately, from the point of the boat which is widest, and be sure to include the rub-rail in your measurements.

In order to meet legal standards, your boat’s loaded height cannot exceed 13’6”. If your boat is in excess of this measurement, you will need to go with specific type of transporter, and as a result the journey will take longer. If your boat is in excess of 8’6” width, it will be classed as a load which is oversized, and in this case a specific permit will be need to be obtained prior to moving. A boat which measures more than 12’ in width will also need an accredited escort, and you should bear in mind that this will add to the overall costings of your move.

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