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Moving a Boat in the UK

Transporting a boat is a process that requires the utmost care and caution, and one you don’t want to trust just anyone to carry out. While many transporters feel they’re adequately equipped and knowledgeable enough to move a boat, it’s a very specialized mode of transport, so you’ll want to be sure to use someone experienced and confident in this arena. That’s why when selecting a boat transport partner, you want to be sure to use only the best carrier to protect your floating asset.

Whether your boat is being sent marina to marina, from the marina to the coast, from your home to the marina, or it’s being delivered after a sale, safe carriage is vital. No matter if it’s a wooden boat, sailboat, speedboat or yacht, the right transporter will offer their expertise for safely transporting your boat.

How to Prepare a Boat for Transport

In order to make your boat transport move smoother, there are a few things you can do beforehand.

  • Secure any loose items within your boat
  • Ensure all hatches are closed securely and sealed to avoid water damage in transit
  • Tape outer cabinet windows and ensure they’re latched as well
  • Empty all tanks such as those for water and fuel; be sure to also remove any drain plugs
  • Disconnect all batteries and secure any loose cables
  • Take several photographs of the boat as a whole and any items which you need to disassemble before transit so you have a guide for assembling later
  • Take all personal items out of your boat, even those in hatches
  • Consider having your boat reviewed by a marine surveyor before transit for added peace of mind
  • Be sure to clear a spot for loading and unloading that allows at least 14 feet of surrounding margin
Sailboats on the water
Power boat in transport

How to Measure Your Boat

It is important to give accurate measurements of your boat to ensure the quotes you get for its transport are accurate. It’s a good idea to actually measure your boat manually rather than relying on manufacturing details or documents.

When measuring, start from the bow tip and go to the stern’s centre. Include within your measurements the pulpits of the bow, swimming platforms, motor brackets, motor length and any outdrives raised.

To measure the boat’s height, measure from the keep bottom to the highest part of the boat that won’t be removed for transport.

To measure the beam, start from the widest point of the boat and be sure to include the rub-rail in your measurements.

In order to meet legal standards, your boat’s loaded height cannot exceed 13’6”. If your boat is in excess of this measurement, you will need to go with specific type of transporter, and as a result the journey will take longer. If your boat is in excess of 8’6” width, it will be classified as an oversized load, and in this case a specific permit will be need to be obtained prior to moving. A boat which measures more than 12’ in width will also need an accredited escort, and you should bear in mind that this will add to the overall cost of your move.

Transporting a Boat to or From a Marina

If your boat is going to or from a marina, you should consider the following when selecting and communicating with your chosen marina:

  • Does the marina have a fork lift or travel lift with which you can load and offload your boat?
  • Are they able to wrap or cradle the boat during on or offloading?
  • Do they assist with loading and unloading?
  • Is there a service bay for disassembly or reassembly?
  • Does the marina have adequate overhead space to allow for easy loading and unloading?
Black SUV on a boat delivery job

Boat Transport with uShip

When you’re prepared to transport your boat, uShip can help make it easier. In just a few simple steps, you’ll be able to create a listing, review transporters and book the perfect boat transporter. You’ll start by creating your free listing, which will include the boat’s dimensions and details, as well as your location and time frame. From there, transporters who are available for the delivery will submit quotes to compete for your business. You can review every transporter and look over their history and reputation with previous customers. When you’ve chosen the right transport partner, you’ll book the delivery and proceed with them. If anything goes wrong along the way, uShip is here to help.

By using uShip, you’ll have the freedom to compare quotes and transporters. In addition, you’ll have the support of our Ship With Confidence guarantee and expert support team standing by to help. When you compare rates from multiple transporters with different levels of experience and expertise, you get exactly the transport partner you need for the job.

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How Much Does Boat Transport Cost in the UK?

Boat transport cost per mile in the UK varies depending upon several factors, including the distance you need to move your boat. You can check the cost of moving a boat via the quotes you will receive and work accordingly.

The average cost for moving a boat short distances within the UK ranges from £100 to £260 the longer hauls can range between £450 to £750.

For more information on transport costs in the UK for boat transport in particular, check uShip’s Cost to Transport page. Here, you can review previous boat deliveries similar to yours to give you a better idea of costs before you create your listing.

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