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Car Transport in the UK

If you’ve ever purchased a vehicle and have needed it delivered, you’ve likely run into some common hurdles. Moving a vehicle involves a great deal of coordination and planning, and can sometimes become more costly than expected. When planning a vehicle transport, it can feel like something of a gamble to decide on the right car transporter. Is this person reliable? Have they done this before? Will they care for my vehicle like I would care for it? While these questions are unavoidable, there are a few steps you can follow to have a secure and successful car delivery.

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From Dealership to Door

As a vehicle dealer, you probably work with vehicle transporters quite often. Dealers face the challenge of balancing the cost of delivery with the value the customer purchasing the vehicle holds. While the majority of the work comes before the transaction on your end, your customer’s opinion of your company and likelihood of using your dealership again can depend heavily on their delivery experience. A customer who has a smooth delivery is much more likely to return to you for their next vehicle; whereas an unhappy customer will forever remember a negative delivery experience, and associate it with you, even if an outside transporter is used.

Choosing a car transport company based on customer feedback is an important step toward ensuring a positive delivery experience.

Transporting Your Vehicle

People need to send vehicles cross-UK for many reasons. Perhaps you’ve purchased a vehicle from a dealership across the country, you’ve sold your car and want to make sure the experience overcomes expectations, or you’re moving house and need to send your vehicle separately; whatever the reason, choosing the right car transporter is the first step. You can do this by reviewing other customers’ experiences via reviews. Carefully look through the ratings of car transport companies you’re considering, and make a decision based on this, along with any car delivery quotes they provide. When your vehicle is at stake, it’s vital to have peace of mind that a qualified, conscientious company is handling things.

Preparing Your Car For Transport

A smooth car delivery isn’t all in the hands of the transport company – you can help too! Start by preparing your car using the following tips:

  • Leave no more than a quarter of petrol in your car’s tank
  • Clean your car on the outside and inside before transport
  • Check your car’s fluids. If you notice any leaking fluids, make your vehicle moving company aware
  • Check your battery and your tire pressure readings
  • Take several photos of your car before it’s picked up and upon delivery
  • Take off any additional extras on your car, such as spoilers, radio antennas, or roof racks
  • Remove any passes on the windows, e.g. parking or toll passes
  • Take all personal belongings out of the vehicle
  • Leave a jack and spare tire in your car, just in case

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UK Vehicle Transport with uShip

No matter what the reason for your vehicle’s transport, uShip can help you find the right car transport company for you, look into different vehicle movers in the UK, find out how much it costs and how to do it.

Our unique marketplace will allow you to find the ideal car delivery service for your needs, and within your price range. All you need to do is write a listing of the service you require, with as much information as possible. This will include the car details, such as model and make. From there, vehicle transport providers will contact you with their quotes. These quotes, plus the reviews from previous customers, will help you find the best option for your vehicle.

With uShip, you won’t be left wondering who is transporting your car, as you’ll have carefully reviewed their profile, understood their experience, and hand-picked them for quality and value. You’ll have your choice of service levels, such as door-to-door transport, open or closed transport, and optional added insurance.

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How Much Does Car Delivery Cost in the UK?

The cost of your vehicle’s delivery depends heavily upon your needs and requirements, such as how far you’re transporting the vehicle, the type of car, the type of service you want (closed or open), and any other specifics which could affect the service.

To get a better idea of what you can expect to pay, visit our Cost to Transport page, where you’ll find hundreds of real listings for previous vehicle deliveries within the UK, booked through uShip. This will show you deliveries just like yours, and let you compare how much they cost as well as the type of service received. For instance, if you are looking for heavy haulers in the Doncaster area, you can check our index page and look for similar areas and services.

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