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We bought bathroom tiles from our local DIY store over one year ago. Just got round to tiling our new ensuite and found we were four ceramic tiles short! (didn't allow for 10% wastage) but unfortunately the tiles were now obsolete! We managed to track some down but they were over 170 miles away and my husband was not well enough to drive ... went on-line to find uShip. We found a courier but unfortunately he let us down saying that his engine had blown on the M40? Then we were given a competitive bid by Craig Ashfield who was 100% reliable and kept us fully informed from pick-up to delivery. Now, we can finish the job all thanks to Craig and uShip!

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I was let down by my first uShip provider who offered a great price but never actually communicated with me once I gave them the job. uShip refunded my deposit and I was more careful choosing a company with excellent feedback. Paul Jenkins not only communicated with me but also made arrangements with the person who he was collecting from. It was a very long haul from Devon to Carlisle and Paul makes this trip up and down the country about every 2 weeks. That was fine with me and the price was also competitive. Paul arrived absolutely bang on time and unloaded all items without any fuss despite it pouring with rain. He and his colleague put the items where I asked him and with great care. I found Paul polite and trustworthy and will use him for future jobs. Thanks Paul.

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If your item is too large or heavy to use parcel delivery, consider pallet delivery. Deliveries that exceed the size and weight limits for parcel delivery services can be delivered affordably via pallet delivery network and groupage.


To determine which pallet delivery service you need, first measure your delivery. Next, find and choose a freight hauler or a freight broker. Make sure to check their authority, insurance, customer-written feedback and references through their transporter profile.


The average cost to transport pallets more than 50 miles within the UK is £0.61 per mile. For distances less than 50 miles the average cost to transport pallets is £2.87 per mile.

Using a pallet transport company or groupage service for your delivery can be a cost-effective method of transporting your goods. Have a look at our pallet delivery cost page for an inside look at the uShip marketplace. Then list your goods for transport with confidence!


When preparing a pallet for haulage, make sure that the goods on the pallet do not exceed the pallet’s length or width. Goods that extend beyond the edges of the pallet can become damaged during loading and unloading. Make sure that the pallet you select is in good condition and has no protruding boards or nail heads. Although wood pallets are often less expensive, plastic pallets will be more sturdy and not subject to the strict guidelines that apply to wood pallets.

If your delivery has boxes, you should label each box individually, then stack them with the top layer flat, making sure they are secured to the pallet, then wrapped on the outside. Should you have any questions, consult with your pallet courier about any special requirements they may have.


Since groupage has to wait for full containers and sometimes transfer vehicles, it can take longer than regular deliveries. Your pallet delivery courier can give you a time estimate for delivery. Pallet transport also has more potential for minor transitory damage, as it may be loaded and unloaded several times before reaching its destination. Where possible, consolidate your delivery into one well-protected pallet to decrease any potential damage.

When using a pallet shipping firm, you may need to arrange transportation with them to deliver your pallets to their warehouse. Should you need help, be sure to ask about any service options they may offer. Also, remember to ask if there are any special instructions for preparing your pallet for haulage.

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