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Pallet Delivery

When you need to transport items that are larger than what a parcel service can handle, but don’t require traditional freight transport, you may find LCL transport to be the right solution. This type of pallet delivery is beneficial because it doesn’t require you to book full truckload freight, but offers more affordable service than some transport options.

Small businesses often find groupage to be a good solution for palletized freight transport, because it provides more flexibility than full truckload freight booking. Whether it’s just one pallet, one time, or regular deliveries of multiple pallets, LCL is a smart option for businesses as it allows for mixed freight types, which saves everyone on board money.

LCL transport is also ideal for people wanting to have certain types of large items transported. Specifically, items like motorcycles, heavy equipment, car parts and in some cases, furniture can be transported via LCL very effectively. These items are placed in lorries with available space, either on or off of pallets.

With groupage, items may change hands several times, being loaded and offloaded from lorries depending on each trailer’s contents, route and configuration. Because of this, fragile items like antique furniture or delicate equipment should be transported via white glove delivery, rather than LCL or groupage.

Preparing Your Pallet Delivery

Keep in mind, while LCL is often the economical option, you’ll need to adequately prepare your item or items to ensure they’re safe in transit. Because of this, most LCL freight is transported in pallets for protection. This will not only reduce the number of packages you’ll need to worry about, but also reduce the chance of damage to the items themselves, as they’ll be tightly wrapped and packed for maximum efficiency.

If you’re sending something that doesn’t easily fit into pallets, you may want to crate the item. This provides both a better chance of a transporter accepting your item, and additional protection for your item. Be sure that nothing is protruding from your delivery’s edges or top to ensure nothing gets snagged or alters the packing order of the trailer.

Before sending your items off for LCL delivery, be absolutely sure everything is tied down and secured, and bubble wrap or shrink wrap anything fragile.

Be sure to consider the following before selecting an LCL carrier:

  • How much does my pallet load weight? Is it under 10,000 lbs.?
  • Will someone be available to load the pallet and unload it at the other side?
  • Am I able to palletise my load, or consolidate it into less?
  • Do I mind if my load shares a trailer with someone else’s delivery?
  • Am I clear on the length of time an LCL delivery can take?
Warehouse with palletized freight in foreground
Freight truck driving in the mountains

uShip Groupage Solutions

With uShip, you’ll have your choice between LCL freight couriers. Using our marketplace, you’ll start by creating a free listing, outlining your items, their size, your timeline and route. From there, pallet couriers will review your listing to see if it will fit into their route. They’ll then submit quotes for carrying your items, which you can carefully review one by one. When looking over quotes, consider both cost, timing, plus the carrier’s reviews and safety qualifications. Once you’ve decided on a pallet delivery service, you’ll book directly with them, and coordinate all details of the delivery.

Using uShip, you’ll skip the tedious process of calling and comparing rates for LCL delivery, making the process as efficient as possible. The rates are set out in front of you, and you’ll be able to make an informed, careful decision.

Timeline for Your Pallet Delivery

Keep in mind, when your items are sent via LCL, they will most likely be transferred several times throughout the process. This means the timeline for delivery can be considerably longer than other delivery methods. However, the courier you choose should be able to provide you a reliable timeline of when you can expect your delivery. This is especially important when considering LCL freight for international delivery.

Line of trucks at warehouse

How Much Does it Cost to Move a Pallet in the UK?

The costs of pallet delivery in the UK vary greatly depending on a few factors, including the items being sent, the freight category, the route, distance, density and timeline. Packaging your LCL delivery carefully and efficiently can reduce costs considerably.

You can check the average costs of pallet delivery and pallet haulage on our cost to transport page. Here, you’ll find real past deliveries with prices, distances travelled and more useful information, which will help you understand what you can expect to pay.

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