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Motorcycle Delivery with uShip

Transporting a motorcycle can feel like a stressful experience. Not only are you transporting a valued piece of equipment – often, you’re sending off your prized possession to be handled by a near stranger. Luckily, experienced transporters are everywhere, and it’s easy to find the right one if you’re looking in the right place. When finding a motorcycle transport company, you might run into exorbitant prices, lengthy timelines, and inexperienced transporters. Any of these can become obstacles in the process, but they aren’t always part of it. When you find a transporter with a positive reputation, whose prices align with your expectations, you’ll find motorcycle transport to be a breeze.

Whether you require motorbike transport because you’ve purchased a bike and need it delivered, are sending the bike to a rally, or have sold it and need to send it to the buyer, finding the right transporter is vital. A customer relationship can be seriously marred by a bad delivery, and a negative experience with motorcycle transport services yourself can seriously take the joy out of the experience. No one wants to attend a motorcycle rally bike-less because of a botched delivery. The solution is to carefully select a transporter based on some important factors.

With uShip, you can compare transporters based on real customer feedback, credentials, price and time frame. These transporters will compete for your business, ensuring you get the best deal, every time.

Preparing Your Motorcycle for Delivery

There are certain things you need to do to prepare for your motorbike delivery. First and foremost, you should thoroughly check over your motorcycle for any previous damage, and make sure you note this. Additionally, if there are any issues with the bike such as mechanical issues, be sure to let the transporter know.

Document the motorbike’s condition by taking photos from all angles. Take extra photos of damaged areas.

Be sure to remove anything ornamental, such as items hanging from the motorcycle as these will not be covered by your carrier’s insurance.

If you’re transporting a motorbike that isn’t running, you’ll need to add this to your listing. If a transporter is aware of this, they can accommodate it, but they’ll need to know in advance. If there are any special directions regarding how to handle or operate your motorcycle, put them in writing and be sure to let the transporter know.

Finally, make sure your tires are fully inflated, and the battery charged. The petrol tank should be between a quarter and half full.

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Motocyclist driving on road

Motorcycle Transport Options

Most large companies will offer a door to door motorcycle delivery service, which means your motorbike will be picked up from your door and taken to the door of your destination address. Be aware that this might not be possible if the destination is residential, as large lorries can’t always access these areas. If this is the case, your chosen provider will arrange to meet you at the nearest convenient location.

There are several types of motorbike transport services. You can opt for enclosed delivery, which is more expensive, but completely protects your motorbike from the elements during transit. Or, you can choose open transport, which is significantly more affordable, but leaves the bike vulnerable to the elements. However, in general, the vast majority of motorbikes are never damaged during open transport.

You can also decide whether individual or multiple motorbike transport is right for you. While individual delivery will be faster and more direct, it’s more expensive than choosing a service that transports multiple motorbikes at a time.

Motorcycle Delivery with uShip

We can help you find the best rates, as well as offering you hints and tips on how to get your bike ready for its journey. If you run into any road bumps along the way, we’re here to help.

Our marketplace makes it easy to find the ideal motorbike transport service for your needs and your price range. Start by writing up a listing, which details the motorcycles make and model, and your timing requirements. Once this is submitted, motorcycle transport companies will contact you with quotes, based on the requirements listed. You can then review these quotes, and contact the companies who you are interested in working with to ask questions directly. As these companies compete for your job directly, you can be sure to get the most competitive rate.

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Choosing the Best Motorcycle Transport

After your listing has been submitted, you will start to receive quotes from the various UK motorbike delivery companies we work with. These companies will ‘bid’ for your custom, and this is ideal for you because it means you get a competitive rate. You are free to contact any of the companies directly, to ask questions, and help whittle your choice down.

Every motorcycle delivery company has a profile on the uShip page. Here, you can look further into the history of the company, including reviews from real past customers.

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Motorcycle Transport and Delivery

After you’ve made your final choice, you can contact the transporter directly to make arrangements, and ask any other questions. You should agree on a meeting place, and drop off point, as well as sharing the contact details of anyone else involved in the process, such as the person receiving your motorcycle.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Motorbike Delivered?

The cost of your motorcycle delivery will depend upon your motorcycle itself, how far it needs to travel, and any special requirements you have. Motorbike courier services which are cross-country are more costly than a shorter distance service.

On average, a motorbike delivered over 1000 miles can cost between £265 and £425. Shorter motorcycle deliveries range between £55 and £190.

To give you a better idea of how much your motorbike delivery in the UK might cost you, check our cost to transport page. Here, you will be able to peruse the real past jobs completed through uShip, and get a better idea of what to expect, as well as understand rough costs.

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