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Moving to or from New Jersey

Are you searching away, trying to find a moving company to hire in the New Jersey metro area? When you use uShip, you can save time and money by being quickly connected to the best moving companies in your area. uShip lets you find a variety of moving or freight transport companies all in one place, saving you time and money.

With both freight movers and a variety of moving services available, we can fulfill all your moving needs. Empty space in carriers' trucks means they bid to fill that space at a discounted rate, passing the savings along to you. As the safest and most secure way to ship in New Jersey, uShip provides a much needed peace of mind during your move.

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Top New Jersey Moving Companies
Service Provider
SnJ Transport
5/5 607 reviews
5/5 34 reviews
Kinex Expiditer LLC
5/5 4 reviews
Fresh Flipz LLC
5/5 1 reviews
Mark T. Brandel
5/5 204 reviews
You Call We Haul
4.9/5 63 reviews