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Are you in or around Minnesota and looking for an affordable moving company? uShip can save you time and money by connecting you with the best moving companies all in one marketplace experience. Through the uShip marketplace customer-rated movers compete for your business, earning you the best service for the best price.

No matter your moving or freight needs, you'll find available services in our marketplace. By bidding at discounted rates, carriers with empty trucks can fill their space, leaving you with the benefit of savings. For peace of mind and the safest, most secure way to move in Minnesota, use uShip.

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Top Minnesota Moving Companies
Service Provider
Prohouse Production
5/5 194 reviews
Robert's Transport
5/5 42 reviews
5/5 23 reviews
Above and Beyond LLC
5/5 13 reviews
D Connect Logistics LLC
4.8/5 94 reviews
Jamar Hawkins
4.3/5 81 reviews
4.3/5 30 reviews
Coast 2 Coast Moving
3.3/5 18 reviews
DF Works
3/5 2 reviews