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Moving to or from Florida

Do you have a few things that need to be transported to, from Florida or the surrounding area? uShip helps you find the best moving and shipping companies all in one place, saving you time and money. Let the moving companies compete for your business, to get the best service and price!

We can help you find the service that best suits your needs, whether it be freight movers or moving services. Through uShip, you are able to book freight movers at discounted rates, because when carriers have empty space in their trucks they decrease bids in order to fill them. For peace of mind and the safest, most secure way to move in Florida, use uShip.

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Enjoy peace of mind knowing that uShip is the safest and most secure way to ship, GUARANTEED! Learn More

Top Florida Moving Companies
Service Provider
Prohouse Production
5/5 13 reviews
Supreme Aqua Shine
4.9/5 9 reviews
4.8/5 314 reviews
You Call We Haul
4.5/5 146 reviews
safe moves for hire
4.5/5 17 reviews
Independent Contractor
4.4/5 39 reviews
TopLine Discounts LLC
3.9/5 27 reviews
Joe's A to B
3.6/5 25 reviews