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Superb system

I had never used this before and I was very sceptical. WOW was I wrong! I had bids within a couple of hours and one that could carry out the service the next day which was ahead of schedule but exactly what I needed, I just didn't advertise it as that urgent! Very happy indeed. My live tortoises arrived safe and happy :)

Excelente experiencia en el envío

No conocía este servicio. Lo encontré por casualidad, y la verdad es que ha sido una elección acertada.

Great experience transporting my vehicle

Needed to return my item and have proof of return for a full refund. Courier complied and attempted to deliver and provided proof. With his help I was able to get my refund.

Excelente servicio!

No me quedavan mas soluciones para el envio de mi cachorrito y cuando encontré la pagina Uship pensé: Que hay de perder llegado a este punto?Probamos...me inscribí(todo muy sencillo) y puse mi anuncio de envio cachorro como urgente desdde Cadiz hasta Barcelona (tenia solo 4 dias para recibirlos porqué me iba a mudar fuera)..en tiempo record recibí una oferta..un poco cara para mi..la rechazé y poc ...

Excellent Service

It was my first time as a uShip user but it took less than 1 hour to find an excellent shipper within my time frame. He was very friendly and took excellent care for transportation of my birds and their cage. My service provider was excellent with all the timings and punctuality. He was a very warm and friendly person to work with. Definately would use uShip and recommend to friends or family.

mi gato y mi perro

Mi experiencia ha sido muy buena en uship, he ahorrado mucho dinero y el transportista ha sido fenomenal :) mis dos animales que envie fueron super bien cuidados, llegaron a su destino hasta antes de tiempo, y todo perfecto, :) muchisimas gracias

mi gato y mi perro

Mi experiencia ha sido muy buena en uship, he ahorrado mucho dinero y el transportista ha sido fenomenal :) mis dos animales que envie fueron super bien cuidados, llegaron a su destino hasta antes de tiempo, y todo perfecto, :) muchisimas gracias

Two miniature llamas (32" and 37" at the back)

Dan was great, keeping me updated, and taking great care of my llamas. Would recommend him as a shipper.

Transporte de animales

Mi servicio de transporte fue un grupo de cobayas desde Portugal a España, buscando por google descubrí Uship, y vi que ofrecía un servicio de pujas por transporte que podría acoplarse a mis necesidades, ya que no habia otra forma de hacerlo, a no ser que me trasladase yo personalmente a por los animales, cosa complicada. El resultado ha sido muy positivo y el servicio ha superado todas mis expec ...


Jeff was very comforting he communicated with me all the time and let me know how my bird was doing it made me feel better since I was not sure how this was going to turn out.

2 blue and gold macaws

Dorrance and his wife were the best shippers we have ever had! Their attention to the happiness of our birds was spot on and greatly appreciated! Thanks guys!

5 Star Service! The best experience I could have had!

We had our Parrot ( Mickey ) that needed to be shipped from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Cornwall, Ontario to help keep our sister in-law company. She has lupus and cannot get out much and spends a lot of time at home so we thought that Mickey could help keep her company. We were very afraid to ship her as 1500 kms is a long way for a live bird to travel. We looked around and had some quotes that were so ...

Cat carrier must stay heated in cab

I was extremely happy with the professional handling of our shipment and the time frame in which it arrived.

need piglet picked up from CA

Thank you U ship for another great job done well! Went on listed my shipment and found Poshpet right away- got my girl in NO TIME flat. I will continue to use your company!


i only got in touch with iship on tuesday &and every thing was fixed that day & recieved my shipment the following day great service & courtious driver also the most reasionable price .

11 week old baby goat - special needs - is blind

We adopted an 11 week old special needs nubian goat - he is blind.. Our problem? We live in Colorado and the baby was in South Dakota.. Bob (rdavis45) responded to my listing.. his bid was more than fair.. and that man was heaven sent.. He not only transported our little guy safely, he took exceptional care of him, stopping every 75 miles to give the baby a drink from his water bottle and hal ...

Bloodhound Pup Shipment

I purchased a 13 month old bloodhound, but the breeder's shipper did not confirm or even arrange shipment to me. The breeder suggested I contact uShip to coordinate a new shipper. That was the best advise I could have possibly had, because not only did I get my pup before he was originally due to be picked up, but I met the most wonderful company. Kat and Trevor delivered my beautiful pup to me ...

Best animal shipment I've ever experienced

Being a Military wife with two high energy puppies, a bearded dragon and a whole apartment to keep up with, having 2 ferrets as well made my life much harder. The ferrets were my roommate's who had left for a visit with family and decided to stay, so it was a very unexpected load added to my back. Within a week of my posting my order, spankypants placed a bid lower than anyone else by a long-sho ...

Good horse transport!

David picked up my filly from Tennessee at the time he said he would, and he called me to let me know he was on the way. The filly is young, never been on a trailer before. David was patient and easy with her. She arrived at our home in Georgia when he said she would, safe and sound! Great experience, I would call him again!

Chuckie the Parrot

I just left a wonderful feedback,not only to the Service Provider,but,thank you for the wonderful experience of your service as a whole. I had to ship my parrot from Florida to Maryland,even through bad weather,was early than expected. The shipping fee was very economical and would never,ever go to anyone else. Not only was my service provider polite,animal loving and informing,but,he is a gift fr ...


Sorry it took so long to leave feedback but doug did a great job and took good care of my horses..will use him again and would highly recommend!!

Excellent Shipper

All aspects of the shipment were excellent. The only thing to comment about is that they wanted to leave earlier than their bid stated, which was a little inconvenient for the person accepting my animals. I think they took very good care of my pets, clearly cared about them and were friendly in every regard.

Excellent way to ship small livestock

I have now used Uship twice. Both times I have used it to get small livestock transported over a long distance. I have been very pleased both times with the contracted price and the service that I have received. My animals were well cared for and arrived at their destination in great shape. I plan to use Uship again when the need arises.

Shipped puppy for first time ever!!

I had some puppies and a family in MD wanted one never thought this was possible till I heard of U-ship what a great idea thank you all for a great first time!!

Pygmy Goat Buck's Happy New Home

I bought a pygmy goat buck from a breeder who lived 14 hours away from our home. Finding 2-3 days to get away to go get him and bring him here was turning into a nightmare. The breeder recommended USHIP. I checked it out, posted a listing, and within 24 hours had several bids. After reading their feedback, I settled on CENHOTSHOT's bid. He wasn't the least expensive bid, but his feedback suggested ...

Shrek the angry Iguana gets a ride

My very large green iguana, "Shrek", had a new home waiting for him in Anthony, NM. Too far for me to drive him and too much red tape with the airlines to fly him, I posted an ad on U-ship. My friend uses U-ship to transport horses, and the website showed that members can accommodate all types of cargo, so I posted an ad. Within 24 hours I had received 3 inquiries to bid, and one shipper stood ...

Great Dane puppy

My puppy was delieverd safely and at a reasonable price thanks to USHIP! I would not have found that kind of pricing anywhere else

Great experience shipping exotic animals

Exotic Pet Squirrels shipped with Turbo J Pet Transport Couldnt be Better, Super Fast, Awesome Transaction

shipping oout-of-state

I would recommend this small outfit to anyone. They did an outstanding job, were very reasonably priced and everything was done just as we had agreed. I have nothing but excellent things to say about their shipping services.

Taking my alpaca's and llama's to a sale

Zach was great very helpful, courteous, and on time. Very professional I would highly recommend him for anyone that needs to have animals hauled. He did a great job and I was very happy, I got my animals too the sale.

u ship experience

I have never shipped a horse before and didnt want to get ripped off. so when i was looking for shippers and quotes i found this web site. I will definatly use u hip in the future. it was soo easy and it saved me a ton of money

Transportation of alpacas

I had to have four live animals (Alpacas) transported from one state to another. ATH Cattle owned by Joe and Nancy Talley was chosen for the task. They were professional in their communication and pick-up of the animals, and got the alpacas to their destination safely and promptly.

Transporting one mare

I had been waiting three months using a private transporter to bring my mare down. I decided to try U-Ship. I followed the directions and got some bids. I read the feedbacks on the bids I received and decided on which bid I wanted to accept. Talk about FAST? This was just last week and my mare is already here! I am so glad to have used U-Ship. I had the comfort of knowing that this tran ...

My horse

I bought a horse and used uship to find a horse shipper. I found this site to be super easy to use and saved a few hundred dollars! The horse shipper I picked was wonderful and will use him for here on out! I had a great experience with this shipper and this website and will definately recommend this site to every one!

Great experience getting my rabbit shipped.

I had a great experience getting my rabbit shipped. I had no problems using Uship and the transportation company did an awesome job. My rabbit came the very next week after I received a bid. I will definitely use Uship in the future.

Great Experience Using uShip

I have used uship multiple times and have yet to have a bad experience. I am a business owner and demand the same high level service I provide to my clients. I have yet to experience anything else from the uShip members. I greatly appreciate the service and will be using uShip again when the time comes. Thanks again!

puppies picked and and delivered on time and in excellent condition

I shipped 2 puppies from Georgia to my daughters in NC. Ronnie, the Uship driver, called both parties and made the arrangements even though I failed to return his calls on time. He attended to all the details, kept me informed, and kept his scheduled pick up and delivery time and the transaction went smoothly. Thanks again for doing all this, even when my schedule did not permit my keeping up w ...

Mare delivery

Mark delivered my mare in fine shape, hauled in nice rig. I only gave him a good in booking as he had to cobble together another shipment to make the good bid rate. Kept in touch when it looked like there might be a slight delay (1/2 to one hour) in delivery time. I'd use Mark Susol again in a heartbeat.

Great site!

I was unaware of how to ship a bird and just happened to stumble across uship.Within an Hour I had a bidder and I am glad I chose him! I was a great experience.

Transporting of goats

I have to say if the airports didn't give me such a hard time and had been more knowledgeable on shipping live cargo I may not have tried U-Ship. They were not and my experience was so good with U-Ship I will use them again rather than via air. I also will highly recommend the service to other breeders. Shipping livestock is a scarry venture in itself so I really scanned your feedback on tra ...

Shipment of Nubian 'Buck From Oregon To Michigan.

I had never shipped an animal before so was flying blind. In my case found a bid on Uship that met my price range. The bid was accepted and Uship walked me through the rest of the process. Everything went really well. Our nubian was picked up in Oregon and delivered safety to my address in Michigan in four days. His registration papers were mailed on the same day he was picked up and he actually b ...

Three Andalusian Mares from NY to California

I got great service and a great price. I would use B&B transport again. As a matter of fact, I'm creating a banner for my boarding location to get them more clients. Excellent service. They had a few equipment problems that delayed them a bit but were always available for a phone call to report location and condition of both the equipment and the horses. Thank you UShip. Mickey2121.


I was shipping 5 mini silky fainting goats, from VA to AR. Goats arrived in great condition. They had water, feed, and bedding for them in the trailer. The goats were not stressed from the long trip. I will use again if I have to ship.

moving my beloved but rather large pets before i was able to move

i used Uship to move my 7-month calf and goat, who are very dearly beloved pets, when we were moving across montana. i had looked into buying a trailer and renting a truck, as i owned neither. this would have cost nearly a thousand dollars all together. i advertised on U-ship on a whim to see what would come up. i connected with a provider who was heading right through where i needed to go, and ...

Mom and Kelly

I moved my Mom from New Jersey to Florida so that I could care for her. She has had medical problems and been in and out of the hospital. On the day that we were to leave both of my Mom's cats got out of the house. We tried for hours to get them back so that We could take them with us. My Mom became very depressed and her health problems worsened. My Mom's neighbor was able to get one of the cat's ...

Great experience

We had need to have our two pets, a dog and cat, shipped to NJ from Il. and then after about a year back again. Both shippers were awesome. They made sure the animals were comfortable, had plenty of exercise and got to their destinations in good time. I know it can be difficult travelling with small animals but the experience I had left no doubt in my mind that there are people out there who ca ...

Llama delivery after initial aborted transport deal

Transportation for a llama i had purchased had been promised by another transporter for 5 months when I finally gave up on them. They gave me an excellent bid, but had numerous personal problems crop up. They eventually stopped communicating completely....leaving me hanging with a llama I had purchased 1400 miles away. I received only one bid, not inexpensive, but I had few other options short ...

1 Puppy

I had gotten a puppy for my family. This was a first time every using this service. I do not think I could have gotten a better person to handle my puppy. Iknow that she had some problems with weather conditions however she always kept in touch with me. I would recommend her should anyone ever ask. Should I ever need this type of service in the future, I would most deffently use her again.

3 mini rex from San Diego to Omaha

I had another shipper in mind, but that fell through at the last minute, and I was desperate to get my bunnies from San Diego to my mother in Omaha. Luckily, I came home Friday night to a response from Cindy, whose husband, Dave, was able to pick up the bunnies up in San Diego on Sunday morning. Cindy's daughter, Kat, took them from Vegas to Omaha, delivering them on Tuesday evening. I was so thri ...

Bob and Jet

I have nothing negative that I would or could say about these lady's or about their policeys or the way they treated my guinea pigs. Even after one bit there I didn't get a complaning phone call I got the little black and white one bites so i just bought some gloves. The care they gave my boys was excellent and I am so happy that my daughter could be with her babies again!!!!

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