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Pet Transport in the UK

Pet relocation can be a stressful process for you and your pet. Finding the right courier who can properly care for your pet, keeping the cost of delivery cheap, and being sure you and the pet are prepared for transit can all bring unnecessary stress. Researching the pet couriers who you believe would be the best fit is a great first step to reducing anxiety about the process. In addition to researching the couriers, be sure to price them and make sure they are within your budget. There are also a few things you can do for your pet to ensure they have a happy and safe travel.

White cat in a yellow and black cat carrier

Pet Rescue Deliveries

Whether you have just found a new friend at a shelter, or you have discovered a pet in need of rescue, you may need assistance in transporting the pet. Rescue pets often have additional needs as many of them have some anxiety from previous life experiences. You’ll want to be sure your courier is familiar with moving rescue animals. If you’re getting a pet to a rescue, you’ll likely want to save money for the transport as well. Be sure to price the couriers and research their history in transporting rescue animals.

Kitten and Puppy Transport

Of course, the best way to transport a new kitten or puppy is to pick them up yourself, however that isn’t always possible.If you have just found a new puppy or kitten and need to have it delivered, you definitely want to research the courier to see that they have moved young pets before. You will also want to communicate with them and see that they are able to move an animal the same age as the puppy or kitten. If they are too young for shots, there may be limitations to which age pets the courier can transport.

Worried you are part of an online scam? Check out our help article on common scams.

Home and Pet Relocations

Home removals are already a stressful time. Moving with pets can add to the stress. Finding a pet courier to help with the removal can be a great solution. Whether down the street or across the UK, pet couriers can assist in keeping your pets safe and secure throughout the relocation. Some pet couriers are able to board or home your pet for additional time as needed. Of course, with a pet relocation to go with a home removal, you’ll want to communicate timing with the courier and be sure they can meet your expectations.

How to Prepare Pets for Delivery

When either moving to Scotland with pets, moving cats to England, or any other pet relocation UK adventure, you need to plan carefully and be prepared. Pets can find travel a very stressful experience. You can prepare them for a smooth transport, as well as prepare items to help with transport.

Make sure that you have a travel kennel to hand, and that your pet is familiar and comfortable with it. You can first kennel train them indoors, and then move the kennel to your vehicle to drive around with them to practice. If you can, make a trip to the veterinarian to get them checked up for travel and get any additional vaccines they may need.

Make sure you give your pet transporter any medications or special items your pet needs while travelling, as well as their food. Find out if the transporter has bowls or if you need to provide them. Ask the courier how often they stop for the pets to eliminate and get a little exercise. It’s also a good idea to make a list of contacts to use in an emergency.

Pet Relocation Checklist:

  • Travel Kennel
  • Appropriate bedding
  • Food and water for the duration of the trip
  • Any medications required
  • Health and history records, including general health, breed certificates, and immunisation record
  • Identification details, on the collar, microchip, and preferably on both
  • Collar and Leash
  • Contact numbers in case of an emergency
Boxer puppy in the grass

uShip as Your Pet Delivery Solution

With uShip, you’re in control of choosing the best courier at their cheapest rate. Simply create a listing with your pet delivery needs and details. Provide as much information as possible so the pet couriers can get a clear idea of your and your pet’s needs. From there, you will begin to receive transport quotes from qualified couriers as they compete for your business. This ensures you get the lowest rates possible.

Talk to the couriers as they engage with your listing. Ask them about their experience and services. You can also take a look at their uShip profile. There, you’ll see previously completed deliveries as well as courier reviews from previous customers. Use this information to compare their delivery history and their ratings and reviews. You can then feel confident in choosing the best courier that fits your budget.

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How Much Does it Cost to Relocate a Pet?

The price of pet transport in the UK varies depending upon a number of factors. The distance your pet needs to travel, and any special requirements your pet has in transit can play a part in the overall cost of transport. For example, the cost of moving to Scotland with a dog from London is going to less than simply moving a few towns away. The average price for relocating a pet within the UK ranges between £310 and £425 for a long distance delivery, shorter relocation services cost between £138 and £270.

If you want to get a greater idea of the type of costings you might be looking at, you can check our cost to transport a pet page. You will be able to check out previous jobs done through our marketplace to help give you an idea of what your pet transportation might cost.

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