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Checking a Horse Trailer for Transport

Any horse trailer that you use to transport your horse should be checked for safety. When your horse transporter arrives, take time to inspect the horse trailer and look for any potential problems.

The first thing to review is the outward condition. Does it look rusty or scraped up? If the owner doesn’t keep the trailer looking nice, it could be a reflection of their responsibility all around. Make sure the size of the trailer is suitable for your horse or horses. Keep in mind, a six-foot wide trailer can comfortably fit two horses.

Next, take a look at the tires, and loading gate. If the tires are not properly inflated, you may want to reconsider shipping your horse with this transporter. Does the carrier have a loading gate or a ramp? Your horse may be more comfortable with one over the other, which is something to consider when checking the trailer.

Feel free to check out the interior of the trailer as well. Thoroughly examine the trailer’s floor by walking or even jumping on it. Pull up any mats and look for holes, rust, corrosion, or weak spots. Check the dividers and make sure they work smoothly. Stock trailers have plenty of ventilation for the summer or windows for the winter. On an enclosed trailer, look for roof vents or window vents. Be sure ventilation options can be opened and closed.

Here’s a helpful checklist when checking a horse trailer:

  • Trailer tires are properly inflated and that the carrier has a spare.
  • Brake lights are functional.
  • The hitch is connected securely.
  • Windows and vents allow for enough airflow and the interior of the trailer is at a comfortable temperature.
  • All floorboards are solid and there is no rotting.
  • The trailer is clean and all waste has been rinsed away.
  • The door closes and locks correctly.
  • The towing vehicle’s exhaust is arranged so fumes do not enter the trailer.