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How to Ship a Pet Internationally

International pet shipping can be a complicated process. Pet air transportation can be stressful for both you and your pet. Some countries may not allow your animal to enter the country, or there may be an extended quarantine period for your pet. Your best bet for gathering multiple quotes from qualified, international pet transporters is simply creating a listing on Transporters or brokers who are capable of transporting your animal from origin to destination within your time frame will place bids. You will then have the ability to review these transporters for feedback from previous customers before entrusting your pet to them, and finally choose the best transporter for you. These transporters will tell you all you need to know about moving your pet overseas to particular countries, and how to prepare your pet for transport.

Evaluate your bids and hire an international pet shipping company when moving pets overseas. These professionals know the international laws and regulations for animal shipping, can help you file the appropriate papers, and keep your pet safe during travel.

What to know before moving pets overseas

Make sure that you can take your pet with you when moving pets overseas. Some countries (and some US states, such as Hawaii) limit the types of animals that you can import into the country. Your international pet shipping company or the country’s consulate should be able to advise you on specific animal transport laws.

If your pet can be shipped internationally, begin training him or her for the long trip. More than likely, your pet will have to travel as cargo on an international flight.This means that your pet will be in their crate for an extended time, so begin to crate-train your pet as soon as possible. You want to make your pet’s travel kennel a safe haven for your pet, so they are comfortable during the transport service

Take your pet to their veterinarian for a check up before the move. Tell your vet that you are moving your pets overseas and ask that they write a letter verifying your pet is suited for international pet shipping. Listen to your vet’s advice; if they suggest that your animal is too old or weak for international travel, try to find your pet a new home with a friend of family member. It’s better to have your pet safe at home than for them to be injured during the travel process.

After moving pets overseas

When you arrive in your destination country, your pet may be examined or held in quarantine. While these procedures are frustrating, they are necessary to protect your pet and native animals. Comply with all country officials, and you will be reunited with your pet as soon as possible.

Make sure to find a new vet in your new neighborhood. Ask colleagues or neighbors for references and schedule a check-up for your pet as soon as you arrive. Finally, introduce your pet to their new surroundings and enjoy your new home.