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How uShip Works
"I'd recommend uShip!"

What can I say? The uShip website was easy enough to use. It wasn't long before I had had some offers- about an hour or so after I placed my requirement! It was then a matter of choosing the bid that suited my needs. I'd recommend uShip!

"I saved around £60 and I will definitely use uShip again in the future."

I needed a potters wheel to be picked up at another address and delivered to my home. uShip was a fast service- couriers bid immediately. I saved around £60 and I will definitely use uShip again in the future.

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Hiring a Removal Company

Being prepared and planning in advance can help make the process of home removals go smoothly. The first step is deciding the level of service you want from home removal companies.

There are several levels of service to choose from. Full-service removal firms will take care of the entire process of loading, moving and unloading your belongings. Self-pack movers will move your belongings, but you must take care of loading and unloading on your own. Self-service means that you will rent a lorry and complete the entire moving process on your own.

When you have decided the type of home removal service you want, create a listing on uShip. Include all the details to attract capable carriers to bid on your home removal. When you find a carrier who can accommodate your schedule and budget, look at their profile, reviews, feedback and insurance information. Finally, choose a carrier you are comfortable with and accept their bid.

Communicate with your removal firm to be fully prepared on the scheduled day.

What are you moving?

Use moving time to sort out, donate, recycle or sell items you no longer need.

Provide your carrier with an accurate estimate of the amount of your belongings that you will be moving. This way, they will send the right size vehicle for the job and keep the process moving along smoothly.

When are you moving?

Work with your carrier to set a proper removal date before you have accepted your bid. Keep your removal company informed of all date changes.

How are you moving?

In the UK, most removals mean that you as the homeowner will pack and prepare everything for loading onto the removal lorry. The removal company will normally send a number of removal assistants that will load the lorry for you, transport everything to your new house and unload the boxes and furniture into the relevant rooms in your new house. It is therefore very important that you clearly label all boxes and furniture with their destination rooms, and that the removal company knows which room is which.

Who is moving you?

Read our Safe Shipping Guide to learn more about safely transporting your belongings.

Top Tips for a Smooth Removal Day

Keep essential paperwork with you during the move. You may need to refer to them, so keeping them close by is a good idea. Having them in your own care will also keep these valuable papers safe.

If possible, make arrangements for your children and pets so that you can focus on your move.

For a further look into the home removal process with uShip, visit our home removal cost page. There you will be able to view past removal transactions as they happened in our marketplace. Being familiar and comfortable with the listing process is the key to getting the best transport experience.

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