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What is uShip?
uShip is an online marketplace where you can list anything you need shipped or moved, and receive bids from thousands of feedback-rated carriers - many of whom are using extra cargo space and want to pass along the savings to you!
How do I use uShip?
  • 1. List Your Shipment
  • 2. Choose a carrier based on feedback and bids
  • 3. Contact the carrier & complete transaction
  • 4. Leave feedback & transport some more!
Why should I use uShip?
  • Save Money - Carriers bid like an auction, filling their extra cargo space
  • Save Time - Don't waste time calling carriers, let them place bids on your shipment.
  • No Unwanted Phone Calls - Your contact information is not shared until you accept a bid
  • No hidden costs! - Seriously, no additional hourly, mileage, or fuel charges - ever!
  • It's FREE to Try - No commitment, no risk!
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uShip Stories
The Best Darn Shipping Experience

I picked up a sweet deal on eBay from a guy that listed pick-up only. I typed "moped shipping" on google and uShip was the first on the list, so I tried it out. I signed up, listed the bike, and had bids in less than 5 minutes flat! Then I picked the best offer... more

New and Updated Shipment Listings
2007 Mazda MAZDASPEED3  Offer: $932 Avondale, AZ Jackson, NJ
1 small pallet - inflatable bo  Place Bid Rockville, MD Yonkers, NY
Denzel to NYC  Place Bid Healdsburg, CA New York, NY
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