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Heavy Haulage in the UK with uShip

Sometimes, heavy equipment transport can be an even bigger job than the machinery itself. With so many types of machinery to be transported, finding a qualified transporter who can do the job in the right time frame and at the right price can feel like a challenge. For the sake of your equipment, you want to be sure the transporter is experienced in machinery relocation and understands the unique requirements of this type of transport, but finding these professionals can be difficult without the right resource. No two heavy equipment deliveries are the same, so it’s important that the transporter is experienced with transporting the type of equipment you need transported.

If you’re a seller who needs to send machinery to a customer, it’s especially important to select a qualified transporter so that they provide the same positive experience you have to that customer. A bad delivery experience can affect the customer’s view not only of the transporter, but of your business. When choosing a transporter to work with on heavy haul deliveries, be sure to verify their credentials, and read any reviews left by previous customers. Additionally, finding a transporter who agrees on a price that works for both you and your customers is vital. Many business owners simply rely on machinery movers they’ve worked with in the past, which can be great for reliability, but leaves little room for price improvement.

On the other hand, you might need to transport a piece of your own equipment at some point. Whether you’re buying or selling a piece of machinery from a private party, or simply need your equipment relocated to a different site, you’ll want to find the best transporter for the job. If you haven’t transported equipment before, it can be confusing to even begin the process. How much can I expect to pay? How long will it take? Has the transporter completed this type of delivery before? These are all common and understandable questions. The best advice is to carefully review the transporter you select by reviewing their past performance, comparing quotes, and choosing the option that best aligns with your time frame.

How Much Does Heavy Equipment Transport Cost?

The price you can expect to pay really varies depending upon the piece of equipment you’re transporting and how you want it moved. Generally speaking, the further the distance, the higher the cost. Local deliveries under 200 miles are around £2.60 per mile and for longer deliveries they hover around £1.14 per mile.

It’s a good idea to head to our uShip cost index page, where you can see previous deliveries similar to yours, and find out the average cost from there. This will give you a more clear overview of what to expect.

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Excavator on jobsite

Preparing Your Heavy Equipment for Transport

The most important step in ensuring a successful heavy machinery transport is to accurately describe your item or items. Take clear photos of the machinery, and be sure you’re listing the correct make and model. This way, the transporter knows exactly what to expect, and which equipment to bring.

Additionally, check in to see whether transporting your equipment requires any special permits, as many do. Additional tools may also be needed to load or unload equipment, and now is the time to determine what those might be.

Finally, be sure you understand how freight insurance works, and whether it protects your equipment in transport. Before booking, be sure to double check the company you choose and verify that their coverage protects you.

Transporting a tractor? Be sure to check the bonnet before and after delivery, as this is a common place for damage to occur, plus, be sure to leave a little fuel in the tank as possible. No matter what type of equipment is being delivered, be sure to document the entire process as well as possible.

Transporting Heavy Equipment on uShip

With uShip, it’s easy to move even the largest, most oddly shaped machinery. Getting started is easy, and simply requires you to create a listing, where you’ll detail the items type and specific measurements. Being accurate here will save time and headache in the long run, as incorrect measurements can sometimes result in delayed jobs. When transporters see your listing, they’ll submit their quote for the job. You can communicate with these transporters, which can help you make the right decision. Be sure to check their customer reviews to get real feedback that can help you understand how the transporter operates.

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Choose the Best Heavy Haulage Company

After creating your listing, you will begin to receive quotes from machinery transport companies in the UK. If you see a quote that you’re interested in, you can then contact the heavy haulage UK company and ask any questions you might have.

On our uShip page, we have a dedicated page profile for each of the companies we work with. This means you can delve a little deeper into their history, their safety details and records, and any customer testimonials and reviews from previous experiences. On the specific profiles, you will also be able to check out photographs of the equipment used, and previous jobs. This will give you a more visual clue of what to expect, and will help you make your decision.

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Heavy Machinery Transport and Delivery

Upon finding a heavy haulage company you're interested in, you can contact them directly to ask questions. If you decide to accept the quote, you should then arrange the finer details of the job. You should pass on any specific information for third parties who might be involved in the collection and delivery of your equipment also, to help smooth the way. Make sure addresses for this are correct and clear, and have payment ready at the specified time. If you encounter any problems during any of this, you can always contact us for help.

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