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Moving Fragile Goods and Antiques Across the UK

When you need to move fragile items, such as antique furniture or glassware, you can run into some concerns you may not have with other deliveries. A lot of fragile goods are special to us. They may be heirlooms or a special piece you have been looking for to go in your living room. You want to be sure you know the courier has experience in moving the type of fragile item you are needing moved. Items like this are also often expensive, so you will want to save money on your delivery. It is possible to get high quality service at a cheap rate in the UK.

Woman creating a piece of art

Fragile Goods Often Moved in the UK

Whether you’re moving a lamp or a large piece of artwork, fragile item delivery can be a stressful process. If you work with a courier you don’t know, you may be concerned with their ability to safely transport your items with the special care they require. If they’re coming from a manufacturer, the manufacturer will do the packaging, however if you’re sending off a fragile item, you will want to check on ways the courier prefers the items are packed. Communicate with your courier to verify whether they will do the packaging for you.

Moving Antique Furniture

Collectors, designers, and everyone in between can see a desire for a great antique piece of furniture in their home. Antique chandeliers, bookcases, and sideboards make for beautiful talking points at your next dinner party, and finding the perfect antique or vintage mirrors, dressers, beds, and wardrobes can surround you in your own style. Once you find these items, you want them to be in good care throughout transit to your door, but you also want to save some money as these pieces can range vastly in price. Finding cheap transport while keeping up with safety and experience may seem like a hurdle, but we can show you how to achieve all your antique delivery goals.

Woman in antique shop

Packaging Fragile Goods and Preparing for Delivery

If you have had fragile items delivered before, you know the packaging is the most important part of the transport. If you haven’t transported fragile goods, we have some tips for you.

  • Wrap cords as needed
  • Break down pieces of the item as needed
  • Decide if your item needs a box or a crate based on size
  • Take measurements of the box or crate
  • Wrap the item in bubble wrap, packing paper, or packing foam
  • Be sure to wrap the entire item
  • Fill any spaces in the box or crate with additional wrapping or polystyrene chips
  • Securely close the package with packing tape
  • Place a delivery label with the delivery and pickup address in a highly visible spot on the package
  • Mark the package “fragile”
  • Find a transport solution

In using these tips, you can rest assured your item is in good handling for transport.

People in an art gallery looking at artwork

White Glove Delivery

When finding a transport solution, you may want to consider “White Glove” transportation. White Glove movers tend to have a lot of experience in moving antique furniture and other fragile goods. These couriers not only prove to be the best options for safe transportation, but they also offer additional services. They will typically offer to safely take apart larger pieces of furniture, like pool or snooker tables. After delivery, White Glove couriers will place the items where you want them and set them up, or assemble them as needed. All you have to do is communicate your needs to them and make sure you’re aligned on the service expectations.

Man adjusting boxes of fragile items

uShip as a Fragile Goods Transportation Solution

uShip is a perfect solution if you’re looking for high quality transport at a cheap rate. With uShip, you’re in control. Create a delivery listing, detailing your needs, your item, dimensions of package, and pickup and delivery locations. Once your listing is complete, couriers will begin sending you transport rates as they compete for your business. This ensures you get the best and lowest fragile goods transport rates. You can review the couriers by going to their uShip profile, where you can find previous customer ratings of service, and their deliveries completed through uShip. When you find a courier you feel comfortable transferring your items, and provided a cheap transport rate, choose their transport quote and contact them directly with and additional details, needs, or concerns. Communication is key to a great delivery experience. Should you need additional assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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How Much Does it Cost to Transport Fragile Items in the UK?

The price of relocating antiques and fragile items in general really varies depending on what it is, the service level you’ve chosen, and how far it is travelling. The further the distance, the higher the price. Generally for deliveries under 100 miles prices are around £1.13 to £1.76 per mile. For greater distances in the UK over 200 miles prices range from £0.36 to £0.91 per mile.

To give you a better idea of a rough estimate of cost, you can visit our index of the cost to transport fragile goods in the UK. Here you can view previous jobs like yours, which will not only show you the process involved, but will also give you an idea of how much the overall cost will be.

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