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Car Transportation with uShip

It could be a brand new purchase, or you are relocating from across the country, whatever the case uShip can assist you to move your car. UShip will help you navigate all the details and requirements of the car haulage world, from preparation of the car for the journey to getting different quotations from different service providers for comparison. Contact us directly for guidance at any point of the process.

The uShip platform makes the process of finding an efficient and affordable motor car transporter easy. On the platform one has to first Create a load listing on which they will state their requirements, details of the car like make and model, the more detail the better. On completion of this phase, customer will receive different quotations from various motor car transporters. They are able to communicate directly with all the carriers to clear up any items they are still not sure about. Information such as the service provider’s transport history, past client’s feedback and safety records are made available on that service provider’s profile. This enables the customer to make an informed decision.

The 1, 2, 3s of Motor Car Transporting.

Follow an easy 1, 2, 3 process and make your car delivery easy.

1 | Make a uShip Listing

First, one has to enter details of their requirements and preferences. One can choose to either send their car on an open trailer or covered one. While open trailers come with very little protection, they are cheaper than enclosed trailers. Enclosed trailers on the other hand are a safer option. It will also depend on special requirements for different car types e.g. SUVs and cars that have ground clearance that is low or any modifications. The closed trailers are ideal for vintage, classic and or expensive cars like race cars.

This article has more information on car move options.

Vehicles at car dealership
Line of semi trailers

2 | Choose the Best Car Haulage Company

Car transport companies send quotations once you have created your listing. One can communicate directly with the transport companies on review their company profile and history on uShip. One can also check what trailers the service provider has, the bulk of which also include images of their equipment on their profiles. .

Past client experiences and job history will also be available for your review. A review of this information will give the customer peace of mind when they make their choice of service provider..

3 | Collection and delivery of Vehicle

When you choose a quote, you'll receive contact information for your car transportation company. It's encouraged to contact them directly with any additional details, questions or concerns. Set up a meeting place for pickup and delivery and share any third party contact information that's valuable to ensuring a smooth experience for both you and the carrier. Have payment ready at the agreed upon time and please let us know at any time if you run into any issues. Take a look at our guide on how to transport vehicles, as well.

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Cars loaded onto car carrier

Costs of Transporting a Car

The prices will differ depending on distance travelled and the trailer type employed. On average car transportation costs R 4500 to R 9000 and for distances between 500 to 3000 kilometres approximately. Distances less than this vary between R 600 and R 3700.

Check our cost to ship index, for more detail on costs of moving your car both across the country and internationally. There are even details n moving your vehicle from a local dealership or a craigslist car from a different state. Also more details and reviews can be found on the uShip platform. Create a listing to get quotations directly from car transport companies on your specific car.

Pickup trucks loaded onto car carrier on highway

The Difference Between Open and Enclosed Transportation?

You will also need to know the type of moto car transportation service you will require. Open transport is thecheapest cheapest option, but when you want to transport a very high value car you probably don't want to do it this way. In this case you would need an enclosed trailer to keep the car protected from the weather elements. This gives an extra protection to the car.

Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance is equally important as the transport itself. An investigation of transport insurance types inclusions and exclusions is imperative. Also independent options are must be considered. The easiest place to start is to review your current motor insurer and check what you are covered for over the transportation process.

Tips for the Motor Car Transport Journey

  • Refuel to a quarter-tank only.
  • Do a full valet wash on your car.
  • Oil, water and fluids must be checked and refilled.
  • If there are any fluid leaks, these must be reported to the service provider.
  • Battery must be charged and tyres inflated to the right pressure.
  • Take pictures of vehicle at collection and delivery.
  • All loose items and accessories must be removed e.g. roof racks, spoilers and antenna.
  • Clear windscreen of licence discs and toll stickers.
  • Take out all your persnal stuff.
  • Check that there is a spare tyre and jack.

Motor vehicle Delivery to your door

Motor Vehicle Transporters typically collect from your door and deliver to your ‘new’ door. Many addresses however, especially in residential zones have impediments to entry, such as narrow roads and trees with low branches, roads with no thoroughfare and roads that cannot take truck weight. Alternative arrangements for these scenarios can be made between the customer and service provider in such cases, e.g. meet up at a nearby parking lot.

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