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Car Transport with uShip

Trying to move your favourite car to the native village? Don’t sweat it; instead, let the professionals do the hefty legwork. At uShip, our expertise in shipping luxury vehicles across the globe is vast. We guarantee 100% safety whether you’re moving to Kashmir or Kanyakumari because we have a proven strategy for decades. Our experts will guide you through the process of shipping your vehicle and getting the best quotes from car transporters around you. If you feel unsure at any point, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately.

uShip provides exclusive information about the best automobile transporters that contours to your estimate and preferences. All you need to do is make a listing for your car along with the specs and special requirements in elaborate. Once you’re done creating the listing, we will find professional car transporters with excellent work history who will then bid on the listing for your approval. Our strategy is focussed on locking the best quotes with the most reliable car transporter that fits your chart.

Simple Steps to Ship Your Car in India

We’ve simplified car shipping in three quick steps.

1 | Create Your Shipment Listing

The first step to successfully ship your car without ado is a clear estimate of the budget. To do so, you need to know which type of lorry or trailer to request the transporter. The right truck depends on the total time, weight, value and exposure of your car during transportation. You can help us further by adding any special conditions to the listing such as low ground clearance or LED bumper lights and so on for additional care.

When making the listing for shipping your car, please select either one of the transport alternatives such as open or enclosed. Open transport refers to the exposed or open trailer your car will be transported to the destination. It is the most feasible that costs less. Alternatively, the enclosed option guarantees 100% cover for your car during transport, which is ideal for luxury cars and automobiles you want total protection while moving. Read more on ways to ship your car here.

Vehicles at car dealership
Line of semi trailers

2 | Get Direct Quotes from Multiple Transporting Companies

After listing your requirements for shipping the car, you will see quotes from car shipping companies flood in. This is where you need to ask all the right questions about safety, insurance and past experiences of the transporter with cars just like yours. Use the chat with the transporter as a qualification test to rate the service provider.

You can review the profiles of carrier companies on uShip because we are 100% transparent. It is an excellent way to screen the carrier using past feedback from verified customers of the transporter. Moreover, many top-rated carriers share photos of the vehicle and equipment used to haul cars on their profile. You must also watch for cargo insurance section for every car transportation company you’re planning to sign up with.

Once you’ve negotiated a quote feasible to you, move on with the transport contract. Before you create a listing, remember that the price decreases with increasing time.

3 | Shipping & Delivery of Cars

Once you approve the quote that best fits your budget, we will forward the contact details of the car shipping service provider you have chosen. We recommend you contact the shipping company directly to set up a face to face meeting. It is always good to make a note listing all your concerns regarding transport, pick-up, and drop or additional contact information before you call the car transporter for a hassle-free experience. In addition to arranging the agreed amount, you can always reach out to us if you’re faced with any challenges en route. Read more about shipping your car safely.

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What is the Cost of Shipping a Car in India?

Estimating the total cost of shipping your car is based on the total kilometres, choice of transport trailer and special requirements particular to your car listing. Typically, if the total distance is 480 Km to 3,200 Km, the cost of shipping totals to ₹10,500 to ₹70,000. We also have packages for shorter shipments ranging from ₹8,000 to ₹15,000, if your needs are intra-city.

For those of you with all the details, head over to uShip Cost to Ship index, to determine the exact price of shipping your sedan, SUV, truck or jeep in a click. Our algorithm already has scores of transportation data that were fulfilled via uShip to give you the precise estimate of domestic and international shipping for automobiles. The best part is you can use our unique platform to find out shipping costs of your vehicle from a showroom close to you or even that stunning car you loved on OLX. Register and make a listing for your car transportation to get quotes from verified transporters ASAP.

Classic car blue interior from drivers side window

Tips for Auto Transport

  • Make sure you leave not more than 1/4th fuel in the tank.
  • Clean the car exterior and interior before handing over.
  • Do a basic inspection of the car fluids
  • If you notice any leaks, notify the transport service provider right away.
  • Conduct a battery charge and tyre pressure test.
  • Click and store snaps of the shipment during pickup and drop using a high quality camera.
  • Remove accessories such as racks, radio antenna and spoilers.
  • Check the windshield for toll tickets and parking receipts.
  • Examine the car for any personal property left behind.
  • Leave a stepony and jack in the trunk of the car.

What is the meaning of Open and Enclosed Transport?

Besides inquiring about the mode of shipping used by the transporter of your choice, you must be aware of the coverage you want for the car during transport. Choosing open transport is cheaper and cost-efficient but is a poor choice for luxury cars. It deserves zero errors and risks during conveyance. On the other hand, enclosed transport ensures physical coverage for your car designed by professionals after assessing the car personally. Moreover, if you’re shipping a premium car, exposure to rain and sun can significantly affect it. Choose an enclosed trailer for double protection during shipping.

Doorstep Delivery When Shipping Vehicles

We offer seamless pickup and drop at your convenience by collaborating with transporters. The shipment service provider will pick-up the car from your location and deliver it at the destination of your choice within the agreed time. Please remember to keep your gates open on the confirmed delivery date. If you live in a residential colony, please make clearance beforehand. If the streets are too narrow towards the destination, it is best to arrange for an unloading space, closest to the road.

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