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Vehicle Transport with uShip

If you need to transport a vehicle, you’ve come to the right place. uShip will help you find a trusted transportation service at the best rate. Our marketplace has the best transportation providers who specialise in delivering vehicles, so you can connect with experts who understand your specific needs and will deliver your valuable cargo within your budget.

We’ve outlined the simple steps you need to take to get your vehicle to its intended destination, but should you encounter any speed bumps along the way, let us know so we can steer you back on the right path.

How to Transport a Vehicle

You can transport your vehicle in three easy steps with uShip!

1 | Create Your Listing

When you create a listing on uShip, you want to be as detailed as possible. Include your desired budget, time frame, make and model of the vehicle. Include any special requirements such as low ground clearance, roof rack, lift kit or other modifications. It’s always a good idea to include a picture, not only so transporters can see the cargo they’ll be hauling, but as documentation of the vehicle’s condition before departure.

When you create your listing, you’ll be asked to choose between open or enclosed transport. Open transport is the cheaper and most common option, but if you have a vintage, classic or race car, you may opt for enclosed transport to ensure it’s not exposed to outside elements. Keep in mind that the transporter will spend more time securing and protecting your vehicle if you opt for enclosed transport, which adds to the overall price of the service.

Cars in a car park
Semi trailers parked in a row

2 | Choose the Best Transportation Service

Now that you’ve created your listing, vehicle transport companies will begin contacting you with quotes as they compete for your business. Each transporter on uShip has a profile so you can view their transportation history, customer feedback, safety records and insurance policy. Reading through their profiles will help you find the most reliable service for the best rate, giving you confidence that your valuable cargo is in good hands.

3 | Transport & Delivery

The final step is getting your vehicle on the road to its new home. Before your vehicle departs, make sure you have agreed to a pick up and delivery time and location. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions or express concerns to your transportation company before your vehicle departs. This will help you avoid any road blocks throughout the transaction.

If at any point you need someone to take the wheel and steer you in the right direction, don’t hesitate to contact us. uShip is here to keep you on track from take off to the finish line.

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Sedans loaded onto a red car transporter

How Much Does it Cost to Transport a Vehicle?

The average cost to deliver a car depends on what kind of trailer you prefer, how far it's going, and your pick up and delivery needs. Between 300 and 2,000 kilometre deliveries, you can estimate car transport costs A$400 to A$1,700, depending on distance. Shorter deliveries range from A$120 to A$500.

If you're still curious about what it costs to relocate your car, truck, or van you can visit our cost to transport index, which includes hundreds of auto transport deliveries completed through the uShip marketplace. You'll find how much it is to deliver a car cross country or how much it costs to deliver a car internationally. You will even find how much it costs to transport locally from a dealership or that Gumtree car from another state. Create a listing to get quotes directly from auto transport companies on your specific delivery.

Pickup trucks loaded onto car carrier on highway

What's the Difference Between Open and Enclosed Transport?

It's important to know what type of vehicle transportation service you need. The most commonly used and cheaper option is open transport. If you have a particularly valuable car or are concerned about your vehicle being exposed to outside elements, you’ll want to opt for enclosed transport to ensure there is an extra layer of protection for your vehicle.

Cargo Insurance

Along with transporter reviews and vehicle preparation you should take a moment to explore your cargo insurance options. Review the details of what your transporter's insurance covers and, if you'd like, seek out independent options. We recommend contacting your current auto insurance provider and asking how you are covered during transportation.

Insurance coverage is very important during transportation. No matter how your car is insured for transit you'll want to get a copy of the carrier's cargo insurance coverage which will be obtainable through your carrier. With the certificate in hand, you can verify the coverage with a call to the insurance company.

Tips for Transporting Your Vehicle

  • Make sure the vehicle's tank is only one quarter full.
  • Wash and clean the inside and outside of your vehicle.
  • Check all fluids (if there are any leaks, let your transporter know).
  • Check the battery charge.
  • Check tyre pressure.
  • Take high-quality photographs at both pick up and arrival.
  • Remove all ornaments (roof racks, spoilers, antenna, etc).
  • Remove things like toll tags and other passes from the windshield.
  • Remove all personal belongings.
  • Leave behind a spare tyre and jack in the vehicle.

Door-to-door Vehicle Transport

If you require door-to-door delivery, it’s important to ensure there is enough clearance in your driveway or on your street for a truck or trailer. Make sure you discuss these details with your transportation company, such as how much room they require to load and unload your vehicle. If there are any concerns you should arrange for the drop off to take place in a nearby car park or street that is easily accessible.

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