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Transporting your boat with uShip

We know when it comes to transporting your boat, you want the safest transport at the best rate, and with uShip, you can find just that! We’ll help you figure out how to transport a boat, help you find reliable transporters at the best rates and give you tips on preparing your boat for transport. If the waters get choppy, we’re here to navigate you back on course with your boat transport. Contact us before, during, or after your you transport your boat for any help.

Using uShip’s marketplace will make the job of transporting your boat much easier. You will be able to find the most suitable transporter based on your transportation requirements as well as your planned budget. Load your listing on the uShip portal as it allows for as much detail to be entered so as to get the right transporter for you. When you list your requirements you are able to put the make of the boat as well as all the issues you need addressed when your boat is transported. Once you have completed putting up your listing, you will start to receive price quotations from transporters. At this stage, you are able to open discussions with them check out their ratings from customers as well as see their safety records.

Guidelines on transporting a boat

Moving your boat from point a to point b is very simple

1 | Load your listing

You need to know your budget and transportation requirements before you load your listing. Will you be making use of your own trailer? When do you want your boat to arrive at the destination. Transporters will want to know the size of your boat. You must make sure the measurements are accurate as this is an important factor that transporters need to accurate.

Boat in ocean with people on it and a raft behind it
Black SUV hauling a boat

2 | Choose the leading boat transporter

As soon as your listing is complete on the uShip marketplace, transporters will start contacting you with their quotations. At this stage take your time to ask them questions about their quote and business so that you can get to know them better and also make sure you check out their profile.

On uShip you can see each transporters history in the industry, what customers are saying about them and a record of their safety. You can also see how they have completed previous jobs with other customers as well as photos of their trucks and trailers on some profiles. Make sure your peruse these profiles to satisfy yourself that you are connecting with the right transporter.

3 | The Transporting & Delivery Of The Boat

As soon as you have made a decision on the transporter you will use, their contact information will be sent through to you. Clarify all outstanding details and agree on a pick up location as well as terms of payment. If there are any problems let us know and we will gladly assist.

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Sailboats on the water

What is the price to transport a boat?

Factors that influence the price you will pay for transporting your boat are the distance to be travelled to deliver your boat and any requirements you will have in having the boat transported. You are looking at a price of between R 8000 to R 14000 for long distance transportation and R 800 to R 5000 for shorter distances.

You can take a look at uShip’s cost to transport boats index to see other boat loads we have previously done for customers using the uShip marketplace so you have a much better idea of how uShip works. Please look at cost to transport boats index to see how similar transactions took place on the uShip marketplace.

Preparing your boat for transportation

To make sure your boat is transported successfully, you must make sure that all loose items are properly secured on the boat. If there are loose items you would prefer to dismantle, take photos so that when you are putting them back you know where they go. Make sure there are no personal belongings on the boat. Make sure you take photos of any damage on the boat and make sure it is clean. A licenced marine surveyor can also inspect the boat to make sure that the boat is up for the trip.

  • Make sure your loading location has at least a 14’ clearance.
  • All loose gear must be kept secure.
  • Close or seal any openings on the boat.
  • Close all windows, make sure they are latched and further secure them by taping them from the outside.
  • Make sure there is no fuel or water in any of the tanks and remove any drain plugs.
  • Make sure your battery is disconnected and the terminals cannot touch the batteries during transportation.
Power boat in transport

Measuring your boat

To make sure your boat is transported safely, measurements are of the utmost importance. Even if you have the owner’s manual please make sure you manually measure the boat.

  • The full length of the boat is measured by taking the length from the centre of the stern to tip of the bow. Include any items that show in the raised position.
  • The height is taken from highest part of the boat that is not removable and the bottom of the keel.
  • In order to get the beam, you must measure this at the widest part of the boat.

Legally your boat is not allowed to have a height of more than 13’6. If it is above this and nothing can be done about it, expert transporters can offer alternatives which will lead to longer transportation times and the use of back roads. An oversize load permit will be required if the load has a width of more than 8’6. If your boat is more than 12’ wide it will require a certified escort. This will increase the transportation charges.

Insurance for Boat transportation

Make sure your chosen transporters insurance cover meets your needs and requirements. We also recommend that you take out your own insurance cover to make sure your boat is comprehensively covered according to your needs.

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