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Freight Transport in the UK

When transporting freight within the UK, finding the ideal carrier is vital to your delivery’s success. Gathering freight quotes, comparing freight companies, and weighing the option of freight forwarding companies can become time-consuming and challenging. With so many options, it can be overwhelming to take the time to compare the options.

The need for freight transport is as great as it is diverse. Small and large businesses alike require reliable freight couriers to fulfil business needs on a constant basis. Many e-commerce companies rely on freight carriers to deliver products, using traditional or dropshipping methods. Additionally, individuals and businesses can use freight transporters to have large items like motorcycles, furniture, equipment or car parts delivered.

When organizing freight transport, everyone wants to ensure they’re getting the most value for their money, choosing a quality provider, and protecting their freight. To do this effectively, you need to have several options to compare prices and options.

Preparing Freight for Transport

When sending your items via freight, preparation is very important to ensure your delivery is intact and protected. One look at the price of items like a snooker table or piece of specialized equipment, and you’ll immediately understand the importance of proper packaging and preparation.

When transporting freight, your items will most likely either be palletised or crated. This is done with good reason – freight transport can involve changing hands several times, being loaded hub to hub, and a lot of movement over the course of the transport. Items on pallets or crates are easily moved, very protected, and the most efficient way to move such items.

Of course, once you’ve booked your freight for transport, the hauler will provide you with more details of how to prepare your items. They may provide very specific instructions, and it’s important to follow them in order to keep the transport moving smoothly.

Lorry driver and warehouse manager at pallet delivery
Freight lorry driving in the mountains

Transporting Freight with uShip

uShip takes the stress out of finding a freight courier or freight forwarder by bringing competing quotes to you. You’ll start simply by creating a listing that details what you’re sending, where, how it’s packaged, and when. With this information, freight carriers will review your listing and submit a quote to carry it. Using this method, you get to compare multiple companies, prices, levels of experience and speed.

When reviewing quotes, you can review the individual carriers as well. Each one has their own profile, with details about past deliveries, reviews from past customers, insurance information and equipment information. It’s important that you review each of these factors – not only price – in choosing a provider.

What are Haulage Costs in the UK?

The cost of freight transport in the UK depends on timeline, freight class, distance, packaging and route. Because of the diverse nature of freight transport, costs can vary greatly. The most reliable method for finding freight pricing in the UK is to contact carriers directly, which can be done easily with a free uShip listing.

For a better idea of what you can expect to pay, visit our cost to transport page, where you’ll find information on past deliveries, based on size, class and distance.

Woman with pallet jack in warehouse

How Much Does it Cost to Move a Pallet in the UK?

The costs of pallet delivery in the UK vary greatly depending on a few factors, including the items being sent, the freight category, the route, distance, density and timeline. Packaging your LCL delivery carefully and efficiently can reduce costs considerably.

You can check the average costs of pallet delivery and pallet haulage on our cost to transport page. Here, you’ll find real past deliveries with prices, distances travelled and more useful information, which will help you understand what you can expect to pay.

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