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UK Freight Road Haulage with uShip

Freight transport can be a stressful business, but only if you deal with a company who don't make the whole process easy for you. If you're looking to move a large item, such as snooker table transportation, for example, then freight delivery is the best option for you. uShip can help you find the best freight transport company for your needs, including your budget, whilst also giving you all the help you need throughout the process. Freight needn’t be a heavy load on your mind!

Our marketplace is designed to make the process of finding your bespoke haulage company as easy as possible. All you need to do is write up your listing, being as specific and accurate as possible, and wait for companies to contact you with their bids. From there, you can ask any questions you like, by speaking to the company directly, to help you come to a firm final decision.

How to Get Freight Delivered

uShip makes freight delivery as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1 | Create Your Listing

In order to find the best option out of the many cheap haulage companies around you need to be as specific with your listing as possible. This will help to match you with the right service for the items you need moving. For instance, we mentioned moving a professional snooker table, and this needs to be done with care and attention, to ensure no damage occurs. By documenting your items accordingly, you can ensure no damage happens. The most information you give, the easier it is to identify the type of service for your delivery. You should write down the number of units, as well as their size and their individual weights. Most freight carriers use pallets, boxes, and drums to move items, and the more the company knows about your delivery, the easier they can identify which method to use. You should add in any special information you have regarding your items, such as if the item is fragile, etc. There are also different types of freight company to think about, including LTL (Less Than Load), TL (Truckload Freight), and other quick delivery services. It is possible to deliver via freight across the globe also.

Woman with pallet jack in warehouse
Truck driver and warehouse manager at pallet delivery

2 | Choose the Best Freight Company

After you have posted your listing your listing will go into the uShip marketplace where different transporters will quote and compete to win your business. Freight companies will quote for your custom and you can ask questions from there. You are able to remain anonymous during the question asking process.

We have a profile section for each of our freight companies on our uShip page. This means you can check out the history of the company, safety details and records, and also testimonials from previous customers. This all helps to build up a clearer picture of the company you're thinking about using. Many companies also show photographs of the equipment they use and previous jobs completed, so you can see what your move might be like. By checking out all of this information, you’ll feel much more confident in your final decision.

3 | Freight Shipping & Delivery

Once you have made a decision, you can contact you particular freight company directly to ask any further questions you might have. From there, you need to arrange collection and delivery of your items. Remember to give any contact details of anyone else involved in the move, so the whole process runs much smoother. Have your payment with you, ready to hand over on the day. If you have any issues at all, be sure to contact us for help.

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Freight truck driving in the mountains

How Much Does Freight Delivery Cost?

If you're wondering how much are haulage prices per mile in the UK, the answer is that they vary depending on the type of delivery you’re arranging, the distance, the class, the route, and packaging. The only way to get a solid price is to contact the supplier. If you check our cost index page, you will see details of previous jobs done by that particular company, and there you can get an idea the rough costings you might be looking at. This will also help you see what the whole process looks like.

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