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Motorbike Haulage with uShip

A motorbike is precious cargo, uShip can help find the best transport company and the best cost, to move it from one location to another. It could be a brand-new purchase from across the country, or it could just be a matter of getting it into the region, whatever the case uShip can assist. UShip will help you navigate all the details and requirements of the motorbike transporting world, from preparation of the motorbike for the journey to getting different quotations from different service providers for comparison. contact us directly, for guidance at any point of the process.

The uShip platform smoothens the process of finding an efficient and affordable motorbike transporter. On the platform one has to first Create a listing on which they will state their requirements, details of the bike, the more detail the better. On completion of this phase, customer will receive different quotations from various motorbike transporters. They are able to communicate directly with all the carriers to clear up any items they are still not sure about. Information such as the service provider’s transport history, past client’s feedback and safety records are made available on that service provider’s profile. This enables the customer to make an informed decision.

The 1, 2, 3s of moving your motorbike.

Follow an easy 1, 2, 3 process.

1 | Make a uShip Listing

First, one has to enter details of their requirements and preferences. One can choose to either send their bike on an open trailer or covered one. While open trailers come with very little protection, they are cheaper than enclosed trailers. Enclosed trailers on the other hand are a safer option.

Motorcycles lined up along a street
Motorcyclist driving on road

2 | Choose a service provider

Motorbike transport companies send quotations once you have created your listing. One can communicate directly with the transport companies on review their company profile and history on uShip. One can also check what trailers the service provider has, the bulk of which also include images of their equipment on their profiles.

Past client experiences and job history will also be available for review. A review of this information will give the customer peace of mind when they make their choice of service provider. We recommend reviewing these profiles give the customer peace of mind when they make their choice of service provider.

3 | Collection and delivery of Motorbike

When a selection has been made of which service provider to use, the customer must get in touch with that provider directly and make sure they have clarity on all aspects of the service to be provided. Arrangements can be made at this point of where and when the motorbike can be collected and dropped off including any extra contact person’s details. The customer must ensure that payment is made timeously. If you experience any challenges with your motorbike transporter, please inform us.

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Costs of Transporting a Motorbike

The prices will differ depending on distance travelled and the trailer type employed. On average motorbike transportation costs R 1500 to R 3500 and for distances of approximately 1500 kilometres. Distances less than this vary between R 150 and R 1000.

Check our cost to transport a motorbike index for more detail. Also more details and reviews can be found on the uShip platform.

Preparation for the Journey

Prior to collection of your bike, ensure that you go through this checklist. Inspect and document any damage the bike currently has.

  • Any pre-existing mechanical issues or problems must be noted.
  • Pictures of the bike from all sides especially tat show any damage must be taken.
  • All records must be signed and dated and presented to the mover on arrival.

Loose items must be removed as insurance will not cover these, however the fuel tank will not need to be emptied, neither is there a need for the battery to be dismantled. This is because the motorbike will not need to be crated.

Any faults must be reported on the listing as well as whether the motorbike is actually running or not. It is advisable to return the motorbike to working condition before the move and to detail any particular instructions for operating it. The following checklist is also advisable:

  • Tyres must be inflated
  • The battery must be recharged
  • Refuel to between 1 quarter and half a tank full
  • Oil and water leaks must be repaired

Motorbike Delivery to your door

Motorbike Transporters typically collect from your door and deliver to your ‘new’ door. Many addresses however, especially in residential zones have impediments to entry, such as narrow roads and trees with low branches, roads with no thoroughfare and roads that cannot take truck weight. Alternative arrangements for these scenarios can be made between the customer and service provider in such cases, e.g. meet up at a nearby parking lot.

Checklist for Motorbike Move

  • Prepare your motorbike for transport.
  • Enter a detailed listing on uShip
  • Do your homework on prospective transporters.
  • Do your homework on insurance options and level of protection.

Commonly Transported Motorbikes

  • Harley Davidson
  • Ducati
  • Yamaha
  • Suzuki
  • Kawasaki
  • Honda
  • Victory
  • Triumph
  • BMW

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