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Animal Couriers in the UK with uShip

Animal and pet transportation is a specialist area, and because of the fact that you’re placing your beloved pet in the hands of a carrier, you need to be sure you're choosing the right one. uShip can help you find the best animal courier for your budget and requirements, with all of our carriers being highly professional to the end result. If you become confused at any turn in the journey, we’re here to steer you back.

Our simple marketplace will allow you to find the best animal courier UK services for you, no matter what type of animal you're looking to transport. All you need to do is write up your listing, containing as much detail as possible. Once you’ve done this, you’ll begin to receive quotations from specialist animal transport carriers, bidding for your custom agents other similar companies. This means you have a range of choice, and a competitive price range to work within. You’re free to research the companies, check testimonials, and even contact them directly to ask any questions you need answering regarding your livestock courier needs, or any other animal!

How to Ship an Animal in the UK

With uShip, animal delivery is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1 | Create Your Listing

The first job is to think about the time you have to move your animal. This needs to be included in your listing. After that, you need to finalise the collection and delivery addresses for your animal to be taken to. Next, it’s about the specifics of your animal. Your animal courier will need to know the animal type, breed, it’s age, size, and its weight. In addition, any special requirements or needs your animal has should be communicated at this time. You’ll need to inform your carrier whether you have your own trailer, or whether you need them to provide one for you. To ensure the safest and healthiest journey for your animal, give as much information in your listing as you possibly can.

2 | Choose the Best Animal Delivery Company

After you’ve posted your listing, you’ll receive quotations from different animal transport companies in UK. These carriers are competing for your business, so you get to pick the best rate and service for you and your animal. By checking out details and asking any questions you might have, you’ll find the right choice for you.

uShip provides an individual profile for every one of our animal transportation companies. This means you can do more research and finalise your decision in a safer and more complete way. You can check out the history of the company, their safety details and records, and you can also read up on any reviews which previous customers have left for them. Most carriers also post photographs so you can also see the process involved, and the equipment. All for this helps to give you more peace of mind that your animal will be safe and looked after whist in transit. You can ask any of these companies as many questions as you see fit, to help you reach your final choice.

3 | Animal Transport & Delivery

Once you have decided which company you’re going to go with, you need to make final arrangements for transportation. Remember to give your company any contact details of anyone else involved in the transport, e.g. anyone who is receiving the animal at the arrival address, etc. Arrange a suitable pick up time for your animal, ensuring the process isn't rushed and your animal doesn’t feel stressed. Have your payment ready on the day, and remember to contact us if you're worried about anything, or if you run into any issues.

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How Much Does it Cost to Ship an Animal in the UK?

The cost of animal courier services differ according to the service you’re requesting, the type of animal moving moved, and any special requirements you have. In addition to this, the distance comes into play. So, if you're looking at pet transport from France to UK, this is obviously going to cost you more, and be more specialised in terms of custom requirements, than if you were remaining within the UK.

You can get a better idea of prospective costs and the general process of animal transportation on our cost to ship section of our website. You’ll see details here of countless similar jobs to yours, and this will help you get a better idea of what you can expect.

How to Prepare Your Animal for Transport

Whether you’re looking for reptile courier UK services, or livestock courier services, you need to know how to prepare your animal safely and securely for their journey. Obviously, the finer details of this depends on the type of animal concerned, and the level of service you have chosen, such as birds haulage, as just one example. The first step is to visit the vet with your animal to get a health check and also to obtain immunisation record and health records copies. You should also ensure that you have double checked the standard of the destination your animal is going to, to ensure it is safe, clean, and meets all necessary regulations. Has your animal got the appropriate paperwork in terms of ID in place? These vary from place to place (country to country), so make sure you get this all organised well ahead of the moving date. Any supplies you need for the move should also be bought, and you should help your animal become familiar with the crate in the time leading up to the move, so the process itself isn't too stressful or upsetting.

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