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"Our puppy was calm and very happy when she arrived..."

We live in the Channel Islands and Paul collected our puppy from Manchester and brought our puppy via Weymouth to Guernsey. Our puppy was calm and very happy when she arrived and I know that Paul looked after her all the way. He called us at regular intervals and we had no concerns throughout the trip. The cost would have been about the same for us to travel ourselves but the difference is that we did not have to make the journey ourselves. Very nice friendly chap which is key when trusting someone with your new pet

"My 3 cats were delivered safely and in good condition..."

My 3 cats were delivered safely and in good condition by Catykes from Winchester to Aberdeen. The service couldn't have been better. Catykes kept me fully updated before and during the journey - very reassuring. After the disastrous service provided by Pet Taxi Transport from Spain to Winchester, it was a huge relief to find a transporter who was professional and extremely efficient.

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Animal delivery requires special care to safely transport a pet, reptile, or livestock. During transport the safety and comfort of the animal is the highest priority. You should take care and be diligent to choose a qualified animal courier that can safely and securely transport your animals.


On average it costs £0.86 per mile to transport a small pet within the UK. The cost to transport an animal, however, will vary depending on the required transport conditions for the animal, the type of animal you are transporting, and the distance.

Whatever kind of animal you are transporting, make sure that your animal courier understands and is prepared for any special needs of the animal.. Make sure you confirm the courier’s qualifications and references, to choose a transporter that will get your animal delivered safely. Visit our cost to transport animals page for further insight into the animal transport process with uShip. There you will be able to view live transactions as they happened in our marketplace.


Before you transport livestock in the UK, make sure that you have all necessary paperwork and permissions to transport the animals. If you are using your own trailer, confirm that is it in good working condition, as well as being clean and safe for the animals. Make sure that your livestock is properly protected from the weather it may encounter during transport. Confirm that your livestock courier has the necessary experience to deal with any problems or special circumstances that may occur during transport.


Travelling can be stressful for any animal, but birds can be especially sensitive. The best environment for a bird to travel in is a dark, quiet box. Ensure that there is proper ventilation for your bird, or purchase a specialty pet carrier. The bird shouldn’t have too much room to move about or flap its wings. Make sure to remove any perches or toys that move around from the box or carrier to prevent any injury during the bird delivery. For longer trips, ensure that the bird has enough food and water for the duration, and will be fed regularly.


Most reptiles can be transported in a cat or dog carrier, provided they are not smaller than the mesh door. The most important part of transporting a reptile is that it is kept at the right temperature. A hot water pack or an ice pack wrapped in a towel can provide temperature adjustments for 1-2 hours in most cases. The simplest way of maintaining temperature is to bring the reptile in the cabin during transport and keep the AC or heat at a constant temperature. If you are transporting multiple reptiles, you should consider using a temperature controlled lorry.

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