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UK Animal Delivery

A new pet, a new farm animal, or anything in between, sometimes we need to transport our pets. It could be that you just found an animal for rescue or for sale and need to get them to you. Perhaps you’re moving and lack the bandwidth to move the animals yourself. Maybe you have just sold an animal and the buyer requires transport. From livestock to dogs, cats, and reptiles; no matter what the case, you could find yourself in need of an experienced and safe animal courier.

Gray long haired cat sitting on white bed

When You Need to Transport Animals

There are many animal rescues in the UK with many animals to rescue. You may have rescued a new family pet or are ready to home a livestock animal on your farm, either way it can be not only convenient but in some cases, a better idea to have someone else transport your animal. Say you went to an auction and won a new hog, cattle, a horse, or sheep; it’s a good idea to hire animal transport services. If you have sold an animal online, you can improve your buyer’s experience by providing transport. Likewise, if your seller is unable to provide transport of your new animal, you can find your own courier.

Preparing Animals for Transport

Whether you’re in need of reptile courier services, or livestock transport services, you need to know how to prepare your animal for safe transport. Keep in mind, the finer details of this depend on the type of animal you need moved. The first step is to visit the vet with your animal to get a health check and obtain health records. You should also ensure that you have double-checked the standard of the destination your animal is going to, to ensure it is ready to home the animal. Any supplies you need for the move should also be bought, and you should help your animal become familiar with the crate in the time leading up to the move, so the process itself isn't too stressful or upsetting.

Two dogs being transported in a van

Acclimating an Animal to a New Home

After transport, many animals will have a bit of stress remaining. It’s best to ease them into their new home.

If you have a reptile coming, be sure to have a terrarium that is the proper size, a heat lamp, and the correct food. Let them get a good feel for their surroundings before taking them out of the terrarium.

If you have a dog or cat being transported, section off a room of your home for them to explore first. This will let them get used to the scent of your home. Put some of your clothing in the room, some toys, food and water bowls, and a litter box as needed. Play with them calmly and quietly; letting them come to you first.

For livestock, clean out their new stall or stable, and introduce them to it. You may want to keep them separate from your other livestock at first, letting them get used to the area. Let them rest as needed the first day.

Above all things, be sure to show your animal patience during the first few days in their new home.

Horses in a horse trailer

uShip as Your Animal Transport Solution

uShip puts you in control of working with whom you want to work. Simply create a delivery listing, expressing the needs of your animal as well as your needs, and providing as much detail as possible. Animal couriers will then provide delivery quotes as they compete for your business, this gives you an opportunity to save with cheap delivery options. Talk to the couriers as they submit quotes and review their uShip profiles. There, you can see their previously completed animal deliveries and their ratings and reviews, provided by previous customers. Select the courier whose ratings and cost seem the best and you’re on your way to a successful animal delivery.

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