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Move Your Motorcycle Safely with uShip

Got a new job? Perhaps you’re moving across the country. Don’t stress out. Whatever be your reason to move, we can help you pick the best transporters to ship your bike carefully and efficiently. uShip is a leader in the field of motorcycle shipping with a proven, yet simple strategy. We will help you find the best shipping options for your motorbike and show you how to ship your bike, sans fuss. Moreover, we will guide you with professional tips at every step while shipping your motorcycle. If you’re up against a brick wall at any point, contact us right away and we will get the delivery on point.

Our marketplace is meticulously designed for easy navigation so that can you effortlessly shortlist motorcycle transporters right for your budget and requirements. The first step is to Make a listing that describes your motorcycle or scooty in detail, inclusive of the model number and make. Once the listing is live, you will get quotes from bike shipping service providers for approval. Your next step should be, research of the work history, safety certificates and feedback records of individual transporters via their profile history on uShip. Our strategical platform promises the best rates for shipping your bike from North to South, minus the hassles.

Three Simple Steps to Ship Your Motorcycle

Home Delivery of your bike takes no more than three clicks.

1 | Make a Listing on uShip for your Motorcycle

Start by outlining the specifics for transporting your bike, followed by a rough estimate of costs. When you review the requirements, please give priority to the mode of coverage for the shipment during conveyance. Generally, you have two options, open or enclosed trailer for covering the bike. While open trailers are cheap, they are not suitable for luxury bikes or superbikes due to exposure to wind, dust, and rain. On the other hand, closed trailers are designed with maximum safety than budget with special encasings to protect your bike.

Motorcycles lined up along a street
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2 | Pick the Best Transporter to Ship your Bike via uShip

After making the listing for your bike, watch your account for bids and quotes from prospective transporters. You must individually interview the shipping providers to discuss your requirements directly.

We recommend you select the shipping company strictly after assessing their profile. On uShip, each transporter has a transparent profile, listing their history of transactions, ratings, safety reports and more. Moreover, a good number of shipping companies share their equipment and trailers used for transport too. You are also privy to comments from past customers served by the same transporter via the profile. We suggest you go through these profiles thoroughly before setting up a discussion to ensure the carrier qualifies your needs.

3 | Setting up Pickup & Drop of your Motorcycle

After contacting the carrier, the next step is to set a mutually agreeable time for the meeting. You can discuss your requirements, budget, pickup-drop location and timings during the same. It is best to keep the agreed amount in cash ready by this time. Don’t hesitate to share the contact details of third parties who can assist further during the shipment and delivery. Your satisfaction is our guarantee, so if you run into any problem, get in touch with us.

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What is the Cost of Shipping a Motorcycle?

Depending on the total distance, special conditions and mode of covering, the fare for shipping bike in India differs. To put it in perspective, the average cost can range from ₹8,000 to ₹10,000 over a distance of 1,000 km. If you need the bike shipped over short distances such as intra-city, it can span from ₹3,000 to ₹5,500.

Our data compiles inferences from hundreds of bike deliveries completed via uShip in the past to facilitate shipments like yours. You can also browse the Cost to Transport index to know paisa-by-paisa cost of moving your bike or scooter across States.

How to Ready Your Motorcycle for Pickup?

Prior to the pickup from the transporter, you must complete the following checklist. Observe and record any damage to the bike.

  • Note any mechanical issues of the motorbike.
  • Click high-quality snaps of your motorcycle from multiple angles with close-up shots.
  • Map all the records about your bike and share it with the shipping service provider.

Typically, you don’t need to drain the fuel tank or store the battery separately when shipping your vehicle. Moreover, boxing and packing the bike is unnecessary too. However, removing personal items and accessories from the bike is mandatory as neither the carrier nor the insurer takes responsibility for the same, in case of a mishap. Additionally, you must check if the transporter insures your bike during conveyance.

When you list the motorcycle on uShip, please specify the condition of the bike to help the transporter take necessary steps for a smooth delivery. If there are technical troubles, fix it beforehand. For best results, do the following.

  • Check the Tyres
  • Inspect if the battery is charged
  • Fill quarter to half tank fuel.
  • Assess fluid leaks and fix, if any.

Motorcycle Home Delivery & Shipping

Bike moving companies generally provide doorstep delivery according to your demands. However, certain residential colonies might halt door-to-door delivery due to restrictions such as narrow roads, untarred streets, trees, low-branches and small gates for the carrier truck. If so, please notify the shipping company or arrange for an unloading space, accessible and closest you.

Things to Remember When Shipping your Motorcycle

  • Ensure your bike is prepared for moving.
  • Add details on the listing for your motorcycle
  • Research and review the shortlisted transporters in depth.
  • Find out about insurance coverage and the safety of the motorbike while in transit.

Commonly Shipped Motorcycles

  • Harley Davidson
  • Ducati
  • Yamaha
  • Suzuki
  • Kawasaki
  • Honda
  • Victory
  • Triumph
  • BMW

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