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Moving Your Motorcycle Australia Wide with uShip

uShip is here to make transporting your motorcycle or motorbike as easy as possible. We’ll give you access to our marketplace of experienced movers to ensure your valuable cargo is in good hands. All you need to do is create a uShip listing and let the experts come to you. Transporting companies will contact you with quotes that are within your desired budget, and you’ll have access to their profiles to ensure they have a proven track record and are best suited for the job. Creating a listing and finding the right expert couldn’t be easier with uShip; however, if you get lost along the way, be sure to contact us so we can get you back on track. We’re here to help from beginning to end.

How to Transport a Motorcycle

With uShip, you can transport your bike in three easy steps.

1 | Create Your Listing on uShip

The first step is to create a listing on uShip. The trick to creating the best listing is to be as detailed as possible. Be sure to include a detailed description of the bike and a picture, so transport services know exactly what they’ll be moving. Clarify if your bike needs to be fully enclosed or if a flatbed option is suitable. You’ll also want to include your intended budget and time frame for delivery, as well as the pick up and delivery locations. If you require an enclosed trailer, or any other special requirements, be sure to mention this as well.

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Motocyclist driving on road

2 | Choose the Best Company

The second step is to choose the best transport company. Now that you have created a listing on uShip, qualified transporters will begin contacting you with quotes as they compete for your business. Be sure to read through their profiles before you simply choose the lowest quote. Their uShip profiles will include transportation history, customer feedback, safety records and insurance policies.

This is also a great time to ask any questions you may have as you narrow down your options. For example, how will your bike be secured? What vehicle will it be transported on? What insurance policy do they offer?

3 | Transport & Delivery

The third and final step is transport and delivery. Now that you’ve chosen the best transporter for the job, it’s time to work out the delivery details such as time, location and payment. Make sure you have clearly communicated the pick up and delivery times and locations, and that you have payment ready to ensure a smooth transaction. If you have any issues along the way, be sure to get in contact with us so we can assist you.

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How Much Does it Cost to Transport a Motorcycle?

The cost for motorcycle transport varies based on distance of travel and the needs to ensure the safest transport. The average motorcycle delivery costs A$350 to A$700 and travels over 1000 kilometre. For shorter deliveries, the range is A$180 to A$300.

For more details, check out our cost to transport a motorcycle index. We have thousands of motorcycle deliveries completed through the uShip marketplace for you to review and see a bit more about how we work.

Preparing Your Motorcycle for Transport

Preparing your bike for transport only requires a few simple steps. Make sure you check with your chosen transporter to ensure you have met all the pre-departure requirements.

  • Take detailed pictures to document your bike’s condition before departure.
  • Remove all loose items.
  • Inflate tyres.
  • Fill petrol to 1/4 tank.
  • Fix any fluid leaks.
  • Check your transporter's cargo insurance and consider getting your own insurance.
  • If your bike is not in working condition, let the transporter know.

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