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Heavy Equipment Shipping with uShip

Looking for the best ways to transport your heavy shipment safely across the country? You need a professional transporter who specializes in bulk freights and complies to your requirements. uShip platform simplifies the complex processes behind finding the best transporter with a focus on safety for hefty shipments. We will also guide you with tweaks and tips for readying your bulk items for transport as well as landing a cost-efficient deal with the transporter of your pick. If you feel bogged down at any point throughout the process, contact us and we’ll get you out ASAP.

Adept in transporting massive shipments such as Cranes, JCBs, Boats, Tractors, Compactors, Loaders and Excavators, uShip makes heavy equipment shipping easy and accessible. Be it for commerce or farm, we will ensure you find top-rated shipping service providers suitable for your budget. Your job is to Make a listing of your freight shipment with details such as the model, timespan, age, pickup and drop location. We’ve made it easy for you to contact the carrier directly once you review their qualifications. Moreover, these steps enable you to pick the right transporter best fit for for your needs.

How to Move Heavy Equipment?

uShip makes heavy equipment shipping as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1 | Make a Listing for Heavy Equipment

Step one of shipping hefty hauls is listing your shipment on uShip. Ensure that you furnish maximum details of including the type of machine, model, dimensions and weight. It helps the carrier to outline trailer type and additional processes to transport your large equipment without hassles. Specifications of the machine can also be found in the owner’s manual or Ritchie Specs website. Clicking high quality snaps of the heavy shipment attracts more bids. Be sure to add as much detail about your shipment to receive better quotes from transporters. .

After recording the dimensions of the bulk cargo, you must finalize mode of shipping. You can choose from towing, flatbed shipping or special trailers best for the safety of the large load. Make sure your research and study all your options before settling with one.

Loaders lined up at lot
Excavator on jobsite

2 | Pick the Best Heavy Haul Transporter

Moments after your listing goes live on uShip, you will receive custom bids from trucking companies proficient with heavy equipment transport. We have strategized the platform to assist you find the best quotes for your cargo delivery. .

You can separately talk to each transporter or review their profiles directly. Our platform ensures 100% transparency on carrier profiles. Hence, ensure that you check licenses, safety records, work history, remarks from previous orders and capacity of the transporter via their official profile. Moreover, a good number of shipping service providers share pictures of trailers, trucks and shipments completed in the past, on their profiles. We recommend in-depth check of transporter profiles for selecting a heavy haul transporter with commendable track record, suitable for your budget.

3 | Pickup & Drop of Heavy Equipment

Contact the transporter directly after approving the bid to clear your questions and doubts regarding the haul. It is best to offer third part services, if any for the smooth delivery of heavy machines. Please ready the payment at the mutually agreed time, without fail. Don’t forget to notify about narrow roads or restrictions en route. You can also contact us any time if you face challenges with the transporter.

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What is the Cost of Shipping Heavy Equipment?

The price of shipping large equipment and machines depend on the dimensions, distance and special conditions of the shipment. As a rough total, longer distance shipments over 800Km are charged ₹120+ per 1.5Km while short distance costs an aggregate of ₹360+ per 1.5 Km.

For a clear idea of costs for shipping heavy equipment in India, check our cost to ship index. It derives data from hundreds of heavy haul consignments completed via uShip in the recent past. Use it for understanding how large equipment shipping on our platform works.

Side of bulldozer

Shipping Options for Heavy Loads

Hauling your shipment using a flatbed is flatbed hauling. It is the commonest way of transporting heavy equipment over long distances. While most heavy hauls can suffice with a simple flatbed, you can choose flatbeds from a wide variety of sizes and dimensions depending on your shipment. Considered ideal for no-fuss loading and unloading, flatbeds can support shipments weighing up to 21,000Kg. Please crosscheck whether the loading truck can take the weight of your shipment and if they require tools during loading and unloading before pickup.

If you need heavy equipment delivery over a short distance, towing is the best way for transport. You must check and prepare your heavy machines for safe towing according to technical requirements before handing over the shipment during pickup. Don’t worry if your shipment is odd-sized. As expert towing service providers have scores of trucks and trailers, you will easily find the right size of trailer to tow your heavy equipment.

What if your shipment is oversized? What you need is a trailer designed to transport your large load. The two types of trailers for loading and unloading bulky machines are double drop and step deck. Most importantly, if your heavy cargo demands special equipment, there are high chances it will require special permits during transit too. Proactively inquire with your heavy haul transporter if special licenses and letters will be provided.

How to Ship Heavy Equipment via uShip?

When you’re browsing the carrier profiles, lookout for information about insurance coverage for cargo. While credible transporters have their own private insurance, you might need individual insurance for your heavy equipment transport to claim rewards in case of a mishap. Moreover, it ensures bonus security for your shipment in while in transit.

What to Remember When Shipping Heavy Equipment

  • Inquire about the insurance coverage of your transporter and ask how it protects your shipment while in transit.
  • Check the reputation, history and credibility of the transporter you’ve chosen.
  • List your shipment clearly with accurate dimensions and details.
  • Find out the permits needed for transport of your heavy haul.
  • Ask what type of loading and unloading machine or equipment your shipment needs.

Commonly Listed Shipments

  • Tractors
  • Skid Steer Loaders
  • Backhoes
  • Hydraulic Excavators
  • Forklifts
  • Heavy Trucks
  • Crawler Loaders
  • Boom Lifts
  • Mowers
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Trenchers
  • Motor Graders
  • Industrial Plant Equipment
  • Agriculture/Farm Equipment
  • Construction Equipment

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