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Less Than Truckload (LTL) Freight Shipping

Did the post office refuse your shipment saying its too big via postal service? What you need is the best freight shipper with experience of shipping items like yours, within your budget. Referred to as "Less Than Truckload", LTL denotes shipments too big or heavy for India Post. uShip executives will guide you step-by-step on how to transport items via freight and get the best shipment costs via LTL. We make it easy for you to contact us, so leave us a message and we will get back to you ASAP.

Our platform boasts a minimalist design that makes it effortless to find the best LTL transport rates easily. All you need to do is Make a listing for the shipment along with elaborate details to find the right service provider. Once your listing is live on uShip, freight shipping companies will send you direct quotes. You can either auction the listing shipment or accept any one of the bids. Freight LTL Auction streamlines quotes from LTL shipping experts interested in your listing. Freight shipping service providers will combine your packages with other consignments to bring down costs, space and transit time. It is then sent to the hub, where the shipment is loaded into trucks and processed to freight centres towards the drop location.

What is the Process of Shipping via LTL Freight?

It takes three simple steps to ship your LTL package!

1 | Make an LTL Shipment Listing on uShip

To start with, outline the budget, timespan, and details of your freight shipment. What you need to know is that shipments are arranged on wooden pallets for conveyance. By industry standards, a pallet is 40x48 in inches. Referred to as ‘palletization’, the consignment is then shipped via freight carriers. Clarify the pallet you need and whether the freight item is new or used before pickup. Next, record the dimensions and weight of the item and send it to the freight shipping company. Please enclose details if the drop location is in a residential colony or on a restricted road if any.

Warehouse with palletized freight in foreground
Freight truck driving in the mountains

2 | How to Pick the Perfect LTL Shipping Company

Once you create the listing, we will send you LTL carrier rates from our inventory (if available). Alternatively, you can also proceed to the auction if you don’t find appeasing bids. Freight Auction sends you personalized bids from freight service providers. Make use of our strategic platform to ask your questions and clarify any confusions directly with the carrier before finalizing on a freight transporter.

You can also avail in-depth details about each LTL carrier by browsing these carrier profiles, exclusively. We suggest you check work history, safety standards and feedback from previous customers on the profile. We promote 100% transparency on the carrier profile to assist you to find the best carrier for you. Moreover, freight transporters often share security certificates, photos of pallets and equipment used to transport freight consignments. This will give you a clearer idea of whether the carrier is right for your shipment.

3 | Pickup & Delivery of LTL Freight Shipments

After selecting top LTL freight companies for your shipment, get in touch with the transporters directly. You can use the opportunity to clear your concerns and ask questions if any. Please remember to share any third party contacts that can assist during pickup and drop, if any. It is best to process the payment on the mutually-agreed date. If you’re in a tight spot at any point, contact us directly for assistance.

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Line of trucks at warehouse

What is the Cost of Shipping as LTL Freight?

The cost of transporting your shipment via freight springs from a variety of factors including the freight class, density, distance, and packaging. Typically, the cost of shipping bulk items via freight is cost-saving than using a parcel or courier service for the same.

To get an accurate idea of the cost of shipping your item, head over to Cost to Ship LTL freight for freight shipping where we have furnished the details of all the freight consignments delivered via uShip. It will help you estimate the cost of freight transport as well as how uShip works.

Preparation and Packing your LTL Freight

Freight shipping via LTL is vulnerable as it is handled repeatedly than any other type of carrier. It is best to arrange your commercial shipment into one palletized package when you’re moving it via freight. Cutting down the total number of packages also brings down the total handling or loading time, subsequently leading to maximum safety while shipping as freight.

When you’re transporting machines or machine-parts such as that of an automobile, it is recommended to crate the shipment. We recommend so because certain LTL carriers refuse pickup when motor parts aren’t secured in a crate. Moreover, all goods must be packed carefully to avoid the item slipping and popping out of the sides of the pallet. You can also use a cling film for wrapping the shipment so that it is fixed firmly to the pallet.

Duration of Freight Shipping

As freight shipments are processed via hubs, it can often travel back and forth. Hence, it might take a longer time to transport via LTL freight, unlike transport via truck. Make sure to ask for the timespan or timetable of the shipment from the LTL freight carrier.

What to Ask Prior to Picking a Transporter for LTL Freight?

  • Is your shipping item lower than 4500Kg?
  • Can you provide or arrange for unloading services during drop?
  • Is it possible to palletize or combine your items?
  • Is it possible to palletize or combine your items?
  • Are you aware how long it takes to receive goods via LTL freight

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