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Choosing the Right Pet Transporter in Maine

Looking to ship your animals to or from Maine or nearby? With uShip you'll easily save yourself time and money. We have an extensive network made up of the best Maine animal shipping companies in your area, and we've put them all in one place.

Family pets and other animal transport to or from Maine has never been easier or more cost effective than with uShip. We know it is important to trust your pet's transporter, so we've laid out customer reviews and rated each transporter in their carrier profiles. Post your pet for transport today and get bids from independent animal transporters.

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Maine Pet Shipping Companies
Service Provider
Odds & Ends
5/5 24 reviews
5/5 8 reviews
5/5 6 reviews
David judy
4.7/5 3 reviews
Petty Contracting
4.5/5 8 reviews
4.3/5 31 reviews
M&S Holdings Texas, LLC
3.8/5 13 reviews