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Do you have a few things that need to be transported to, from Maine or the surrounding area? Quickly and affordably connect with the best moving companies through the uShip marketplace. uShip lets you find a variety of moving or freight transport companies all in one place, saving you time and money.

Keep your moving needs in mind and search between both moving services and freight movers. Both local and long distance moving companies are active in our marketplace, ready to bid on your move. With uShip, you are moving in the safest and most secure way and you can have peace of mind knowing your items will arrive safely at their new home.

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Top Maine Moving Companies
Service Provider
5/5 20 reviews
bobs moving muscle 4 hire
4.9/5 408 reviews
Prohouse Production
4.9/5 339 reviews
Route 1 LLC
4.9/5 115 reviews
4.8/5 93 reviews
Pikup on Demand
4.6/5 61 reviews
4.5/5 86 reviews