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A Decade of uShip in the UK: By The Numbers

When we started uShip, it was a mission to create a smarter, more efficient way to transport big and bulky stuff, using already available truck space. We started our business in Austin, Texas, and naturally, expanded our footprint as we grew.

In 2009, we crossed the pond and began operations in the U.K. Nearly a decade later, we’re still going strong and gaining steam and we charge forward. We’ve moved over 10,000 deliveries every year since 2009, with transporters servicing every corner of the UK, from Leeds to London and Cardiff to Cambridge.

Of course, a decade of transporting everything from tractors to sofas doesn’t come without a little competition. So what makes uShip, uShip?

  • We’re  the world’s largest transport marketplace; this means you get the freedom to choose your transporter and price based on what you need and want out of your delivery
  • Choose your transporter based on real reviews from previous customers, so you get an honest look at who’s transporting your items
  • The Ship with Confidence Guarantee ensures your delivery will be made safety and as agreed upon
  • The eco-friendly option: using extra cargo space, your items can fill in the gaps, saving everyone money and efficiency
  • It’s a win/win for shipping customers and transporters, saving everyone costs and energy
  • You’ll never have to take the time to call or contact multiple removals companies – everything is done all in one place
  • When using competitors or services like Man with a Van or a moving company, customers commonly complain about issues like changing prices, late deliveries, slow transit times and tedious processes. With uShip, you’ll receive free no obligation online quotes from feedback rated transporters all based in the UK.

Why does the UK need uShip?

It turns out, transporting large and bulky items the old fashioned way can result in some serious headaches for all involved. With e-commerce spending on the rise across the industry, but specifically within the furniture and housewares industry, successful and efficient deliveries are becoming more vital for businesses and their customers every day. In a survey we conducted through YouGov, we learned a lot about what happens when people in the UK need large items transported.

For example, 14% of those shipping larger-than-parcel-sized items in the UK never received their item at all. In Wales, 26% of people said they’ve missed work due to waiting for a large item to be delivered. And yet, 34% of 25-34-year-olds have purchased large items online in the past year, despite the common struggles with delivery. Finally, 54% say they’d rather wait on slow deliveries if it means the cost is reduced.

With the rate of growth the e-commerce industry has seen in the past decade, the transport industry has been forced to evolve in tandem. So it’s no wonder uShip and other transport services have emerged as a solution to these newfound delivery demands.

How to use uShip

When you book transport through uShip, you’ll complete a few simple steps up front to get your item in front of available transporters.

  • First, you’ll create a listing, including all information pertinent to your delivery. You’ll include the type of item, its size, the distance to be transported and timeframe.
  • Next, transporters who plan on travelling through your area will review your listing and submit quotes for delivering your item. You can review these quotes individually, and look into each transporter to review their delivery history, qualifications and customer-provided feedback. You can ask questions of each transporter to get to know them better.
  • Finally, after you’ve selected a transporter, you’ll agree to book with them to work out the details. You’ll get all contact details for the transporter at this point, so you’ll be able to plan the transport immediately. You’ll only release payment to the transporter once your item has arrived safely.

Ready to see how uShip can help you ship your large items? It’s free to create a listing, and takes just a minute. See how much you’ll save, when you book through uShip.

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