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Top 12 Cool & Weird Vintage Shipments of 2018

When you run a shipping marketplace, it’s inevitable that you end up seeing some pretty odd items come through. From two tons of beer, to a horde of tiny homes to an actual replica of The Mystery Machine, not much is off limits when it comes to shipping weird stuff through uShip.

So we decided to take a look at some of the most fascinating classic and vintage items that have come through uShip so far this year. In our search, we found a few standout items that have aged out of relevancy, but today, we’re celebrating some of the most wonderfully weird items of yesteryear. So take a look:

  1. The Green Standard

    green american standard toilet

    This seafoam green American Standard toilet went on a journey from Ohio to Maine this year. We can’t say we can relate to whoever loved this thing enough to send it cross-country, but it is surprisingly charming, and will surely be the centerpiece of whatever colorful bathroom it ended up in.

  2. Slick Ride

    1969 Bolens Diablo Rogue snowmobile

    In January, some lucky soul received this 1969 Bolens Diablo Rogue snowmobile. We’ve got a feeling this thing could take you Back to the Future even faster than the Delorean.

  3. The Tube

    vintage bakelite television

    This vintage television from the 1940s was sent from New York to South Carolina. It’s hard to imagine binge watching Netflix on something deeper than is it across, but who knows who the new owner rigged up this vintage gem.

  4. Man’s Best Friend

    vintage dog andirons

    We have a feeling these cast iron dog andirons weigh a little more than the dogs we normally see come through the marketplace. But if you’re looking for a couple formidable guard dogs for the front porch, these might be the ones.

  5. Smooth Waters Ahead

    vintage ship binnacle

    It’s ok, we had to look it up too. A binnacle is the stand at the front of a ship that holds many of its navigational instruments, making it both a very interesting item aesthetically, as well as one that surely holds an interesting maritime history.

  6. Gilded Lady

    golden woman candelabra

    This ornate candelabra moved from Georgia to Virginia this year, and no doubt did so in extreme style. We hope she at least removed the candles from their holders for the big move.

  7. Smokes on Tap

    cigarette vending machine

    For most of us, it’s hard to imagine a world where smoking was allowed – even encouraged – indoors and at nearly any indoor event. But alas, times have changed. This cigarette vending machine has not, though, and it got a new lease on life after its journey from Northern Utah to Tennessee.

  8. A Different Kind of Tiny House

    vintage dollhouse

    Imagining all the different eras and caretakers this little abode has witnessed over its lifetime is heartening. Hopefully, this beautifully maintained piece is well loved and looked after for many years to come.

  9. Treasures from the Alley

    vintage bowling alley bench

    A vintage bowling alley bench traveled from Illinois to Las Vegas this year. This thing just screams old-school bowling alley; we can just picture The Dude sipping a White Russian while sprawled out at league night.

  10. Colonel’s Delight

    vintage KFC bucket sign

    This vintage KFC sign bucket has probably been a beacon for hungry chicken-lovers for many years, but recently went on a major tour of America, even passing through – you guessed it – Kentucky on the way.

  11. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

    vintage taxidermy fox

    This once-wild canine cousin, a vintage taxidermied red fox, went to a new home this year. We’d love to see the room this one-of-a-kind gem ended up in. Perhaps a collection of post-mortem woodland creatures?

There you have it – from toilets to foxes, we truly see it all. Of course, we’ve got a few weeks left, and there’s no telling what we might see shipped for Christmas.

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