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Individual international car shipping is growing rapidly due to the web connecting buyers and sellers from across the globe. However, moving a car overseas can be a lot more complicated than a simple domestic move. Since it's important to be well prepared before seeing your car off, let uShip help you with all your international car shipping needs. If you need any assistance along the way, contact us and we’ll get you back on track to your international vehicle delivery.

The uShip marketplace is the best place to find reliable international auto transport that meets your budget. Complete your shipment listing with as much detail as possible regarding your vehicle and your needs and preferences for the shipment. International car shipping companies who specialize in international car shipping will send you shipping quotes for your review. You can talk to the service providers and review their carrier profiles, so you know you’re getting the service you’re paying for.


When it comes to international vehicle shipping, there are two main options that can be chosen. Depending on preferences and vehicle types, you can choose to either ship via container or through the Roll on Roll off (RORO) method. However, it is good to know that both options can be used for trucks, cars, motorcycles, and any other vehicle needing to be shipped internationally.

  • RORO shipping: RORO is the simple and cheap method for overseas car shipping. Vehicles are driven right on to the RORO vessel, which is windtight and watertight, and then secured on the enclosed deck. Although spare tires and factory fitted accessories are allowed, personal effects cannot be shipped through this method.
  • Container shipping: Unlike RORO, container shipping requires special loading procedures. Once a car is delivered to a port terminal or warehouse, the car is carefully driven and positioned inside one of the containers. All four car wheels are then braced and lashed with soft straps to the corners of the container. This prevents any undesirable movements from damaging the vehicle. Additionally, containers come in several sizes: 20’ standard, 40’ standard, and 40’ high cube.


Three easy steps to get your vehicle delivered overseas!


The key to a successful international car shipment is careful planning well in advance of your scheduled transport date. Give yourself plenty of time to arrange all paperwork and prepare your car for shipping. Consider your needs for the shipment, including timeframe and locations for pickup and delivery; door to door or terminal to terminal. Be as detailed as possible in your listing so the transporters know what services they need to provide for safe shipping. You will also want to do research on any paperwork you may need for your international auto transport. Foreign countries have many different rules, regulations, and policies concerning the transportation of goods. It's important that you research and discuss the appropriate policies for your destination with your car shipping company to avoid any complications. Without the proper paperwork completed prior to shipping, you risk there being a delay and hold of your overseas car shipping.

Cars ready to be loaded onto a boat for transport
Vehicles coming off of a freight liner


Once you have described your auto shipment, you will start getting quotes from transporters who specialize in international vehicle shipping as they compete for your business. This ensures you get the most cost-effective rate from the best transporters. As the quotes come in, you can talk to the shipping companies directly. Find out more about their services and their experience in shipping cars overseas.

All transporters on uShip have a carrier profile with their safety records, customer rated feedback, and transportation history. We strongly encourage you to research the international car transport companies by looking over these profiles. Check out their completed shipments to see if they have shipped a car like yours overseas and see what their previous customers have to say about their experience with the transporter. There are several options available for international vehicle transport, including boat, truck, and plane. Each option has its own complex regulations and logistics, so it's important to seek out a reputable international transport company that can make the process as painless and smooth as possible. Reviewing these profiles and talking to the shipping companies can give you confidence in choosing the best international car shipping company.


Once you have selected your service provider, talk to them directly about any concerns, questions, or additional details you may have regarding your international auto transport. It's important to discuss with your international car transporter the different ways that they can keep you informed as to the status of your shipment. Whether that's simple communication or the use of a GPS/tracking system, inquire as to how you can be best informed. If you run into any issues communicating with your transporter, please let us know. We are happy to help before, during, and after your international car shipment is complete.

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The typical cost for international car shipping can range anywhere from $900 - $2000+, depending on the chosen destination. The cost to ship a car internationally depends on a variety of factors.

  • Service type
  • Distance
  • Size of the vehicle
  • Potential customs
  • Shipping insurance

To get a better idea of what your international vehicle shipping may cost, check out our cost to ship a car overseas page. There, you'll find completed overseas car transports through the uShip marketplace and get an idea of how we work. Being well-informed about the whole process will ensure you get the smoothest car transport experience possible.

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