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Gain Shipping Peace of Mind With the uShip Protection Plan

If you’re shipping something with uShip, whether it be a couch, a car, or a catamaran, chances are that item is highly valuable to you either monetarily or sentimentally (or both). While many steps can be taken before pick-up to secure a smooth delivery, these measures can only go so far. Shipping is an inexact science. Accidental damages, unexpected losses, and even theft can and do happen from time to time.

In addition, there is often confusion about which party is responsible when an incident occurs. A uShip survey found that 30 percent of business shippers assumed their carrier’s insurance would cover any damages – a common misconception that could cost you greatly. If your transporter carries their own protection, there’s a chance that some of the damages could be covered. However, the coverage can vary greatly, reimbursement is never guaranteed, and the entire process can be a massive headache for all involved.

That’s where the uShip Protection Plan comes in – a simple way to protect your shipment against unexpected losses so you can ship with total confidence.


Gain peace of mind knowing you’re covered against damage and loss with an all-risk, comprehensive protection plan that will protect your shipment at a competitive cost. This means you’re protected in any incident that the plan doesn’t specifically exclude. And while this can’t make up for any sentimental loss, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be reimbursed in even the worst of shipping scenarios.


Easily purchase a uShip Protection Plan at checkout on the Complete Booking page. Select “Include Shipping Protection” and enter the value of your item to generate your Protection Plan fee. This fee will depend on several factors, including the item type and the value you input during checkout. Be sure to provide your item’s full and true value to ensure you have adequate protection.

Once you have reviewed the Processing Fees, Additional Exclusions and Restrictions, and Case Submission Requirements, click “Agree” to protect your shipment.


If the unexpected happens and you need to request reimbursement under the uShip Protection Plan, log into your uShip account, open the shipment listing, and click “Submit a Case” within seven days of delivery.

From here, follow the prompts to provide the incident details, including photos and an estimation of the damage or loss.

When you’re done, submit your case and let uShip take care of the rest. You can expect a response within three business days with any additional questions or documentation requests, and reimbursement is usually paid out within 30 days.

While properly packaging items and selecting an experienced service provider is one of the best ways to prevent shipping losses, the road is an unpredictable place, and sometimes accidents happen. Purchasing the uShip Protection Plan is the final step to safeguarding your delivery and gaining total peace of mind the next time you ship.

Visit the uShip Help Center for more details about reimbursements, fees, and exclusions.