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miss piggy

i bought miss piggy when she was 5 weeks old. our home was on the family farm and she had alot of kids, dogs and cats to play with. for the first year of her life she went to work with me everyday to the kennel where i groomed dogs. after awhile she grew tired of that so with a fenced in yard, we put her outside with the large dogs and she came inside in the evening as they did. when she turned 3 ...

6 baby pigs

I bought 6 rare breed baby pigs from Texas to Montana..i wondered how to transport when the seller suggested uship.I thought i would give it a try.The first bid i recieved was so cheap I booked right away.On the due date My pigs showed up in perfect condition.The shipper had problems with the crates I had provided for transport and without worrying me she just took care of all problems at her end. ...

Great service

Your service is great. Thank you for connecting me to many qualified providers. I will use this service again!

Amazing experience having my pet pig Lucy shipped!

My first try at uship started promising, I found a shipper that seemed perfect, unfortunaley our dates were incompatible. The came a bevy of shippers that seemingly had no concept of what a 450 lbs. pet pig was able to do... I had guys wanting to drive it in the back of a pick-up truck for 1100 miles to in their Winnebago, which clearly would've been a "reliced" Winnebago. Just a I was about ...

Even pigs can be shipped with uShip!

I spent a lot of time looking for ways to have our pot bellied pig 'Ninja' transported across statelines and most were just dead ends, until I found uShip.com Placed my ad with a description of having our pet pig transported from Georgia to Florida and in less than a day we were already having questions and bids wanting to transport him! Never imagined something that seemed so complicated could ...

the great piglet migration

We had 6 piglets to ship to New England from the Mid-Atlantic. We found a shipper, and arranged a time frame for pick-up. Then came the tornadoes in the midwest, which the shipper had to navigate before reaching us. Delays ensued in order to protect the equine cargo already on board, but communication was good. Then mechanical trouble with the shipping vehicle. Finally, the shipper arrived, on the ...

great service from uship

i love the girls at uship! heather, jessica, your the greatest! thanks, taskcompleted.

Stories: 1 - 7 of 7