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Transport Your Cat with uShip

When planning a household move or bringing home a cat from a breeder or rescue in another state, shipping your cat may be necessary. You have several options for transporting your cat: shipping cats by air, you can drive it yourself, or use a cat transporter. Hiring a cat transporter to ship your cat is perfect if you cannot bring your cat with you or simply don’t have the time to arrange transportation yourself. You want safe and reliable transport for your cat. uShip can help you find the best cat shipping company for you.

Our marketplace is perfect for finding the best transport options for your cat while remaining inside your budget. Create you listing with your cat’s details and your needs. Then, professional cat shipping services will send you quotes for your review. You can talk to the carriers directly and review their profiles to get a sense of who will be shipping your cat.

How to Ship a Cat

With just three easy steps, we make your cat transportation easy.

1 | Create Your Shipment Listing

First, consider your cat’s needs and the needs you have for the shipment. Be prepared with your cat’s name, breed, age and any special requirements they have. Know the times and locations for pickup and delivery and be as detailed as possible. Let us know if your cat has its own kennel or carrier or if you’ll be needing the transporter to provide one. Most cat shipping specialists are able to provide a kennel if you don’t have one.

Grey cat on bed looking up
White cat in travel carrier

2 | Choose the Best Cat Transport Service

After your shipment listing is complete, you’ll start getting quotes from professional cat shipping services as they compete for your business. As the quotes come in, you can ask the transporters questions and talk to them directly about your cat transport. Don’t be afraid to ask questions in order to make sure that they will be able to adequately care for your cat. Asking the right questions in the beginning will help you feel more comfortable and confident during the transport process. We also advise reviewing their carrier profiles.

Each cat shipping company on uShip has their own carrier profile with their transportation history, customer rated feedback and safety rating. We encourage you to review these profiles for detailed information on the transporters providing quotes for your shipment. Most transporters add photos of their vehicles so you know what your cat will be transported in. You can also view their previous completed shipments and see what kind of experience their customers have had with them. Remember, all cat transporters must be licensed and registered with the USDA. Before you choose a cat transporter, carefully examine their credentials and references to ensure that they are properly licensed. By reviewing their profiles and talking with the transporters, you can feel confident you’re choosing the best cat shipping company.

3 | Cat Shipping & Delivery

Once you have selected the cat shipping company that’s right for you, contact them directly with any concerns, questions or additional details you may have. Share any third-party contact information that will make the transport run smoothly. Have the payment ready at the agreed upon time. Most cat shipping companies will accept payment on pick up. This way, they can help provide food, litter and other necessary items during transit. If you have any trouble communicating with your provider, please let us know. We are here to help you before, during, and after your cat delivery.

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How Much Does it Cost to Ship my Cat?

The cost to transport a cat depends on the distance and the needs of your pet. On average, it costs $1.54 per mile to ship your cat less than 100 miles, but costs $0.42 per mile to transport your cat less than 1000 miles.

Take a look at our cost-to-ship pets page. There, you can view cat transport transactions completed through the uShip marketplace and get familiar with the whole process. Keep in mind, costs will adjust if shipping a cat internationally.

How to Prepare my Cat for Transport

Begin preparing your cat as soon as you know you will be transporting them. Take your cat to a vet for a full checkup and ask for copies of vaccination and other health records. Purchase the necessary supplies and prepare your cat for transport by crate training it or taking it on more rides in the car, if possible. Make sure to give your transporter your pet’s health documentation and your contact information. You may want to prepare a folder with this information and a list of emergency contacts.

Shipping Your Cat Internationally

Depending on the country your cat is being shipped to, there may be additional costs and paperwork needed. Below is a list of potential requirements you may need to meet before you ship a cat.

  • Import permits: Each country has different import requirements. Research and check your cat’s destination country to determine the import permits needed for shipping cats.
  • Government approvals or endorsements: A cat’s veterinary paperwork may need to get endorsed or governmentally approved before travel. There are also particular countries that require multiple endorsements, like a USDA or Consular endorsement.
  • Updated vaccinations: Several countries are considered to be rabies-free nations, and so they require cats to have updated rabies vaccines. Depending on the country, other updated vaccines may be required.
  • Quarantine: Certain countries require a quarantine period and the pet owner will need to pay for the cat’s quarantine duration. For instance, with a minimum stay of 10 days of quarantine, Singapore will bill an individual $242 SGD. Make sure to check your cat’s destination country for any quarantine requirements and fees.
  • Customs clearance: Fees regarding customs vary based on the destination. These can include taxes, brokers, country-specific fees, and tariffs. For instance, charges for importing a pet into New Zealand ranges from $28.19 NZD (fixed) to $186.30 NZD

Choosing a Travel Kennel for Your Cat

A carrier is necessary when transporting your pet, whether you choose to ship by air or ground. Besides keeping your cat safe during travel, a carrier also allows an airline or cat transporter to safely handle your cat. Before the trip, allow your cat to get used to the carrier. This will help your pet feel calm and safe during travel.

The carrier you choose for your cat should be large enough so that he can sit, stand, lie down, and turn around easily. Two cats may be able to share the same carrier if it is large enough.

Select a cat carrier that is sturdy and suitable for transport. If you are taking your cat on board the cabin with you or in the car, you may be able to use a soft top kennel, but you should not use them for shipping your cat as cargo. Airlines usually require that your cat’s carrier is made of wood, plastic, or metal. Make certain that the bolts on the carrier are secure, and pack extra ones in case of damage or malfunction so that your cat can stay secure.

Cat inside travel carrier

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