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Just happened to stumble upon the uShip site. Placed request for quote for pick up and delivery of Massey Ferguson tractor from country Victoria to Darwin. Quote received within hours of placing request. Excellent communication before, during and after delivery. The tractor was picked up and delivered exactly as quoted and great care was taken with pick up, transport and drop off. Would highly recommend Victorian Tilt Trays and Greg Young the driver.

"I found it very time saving exercise that I joined uShip."

I rang around a lot and not too many people were able to pickup item from Singleton NSW and deliver to Brisbane QLD. I found one person through a contact from a website and the price was too high. After searching and searching I found Within a week I was able find multiple quotes for my item to be picked up and delivered. I found it very time saving exercise that I joined uShip. Thanks for you services.

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Because of its size and weight, machinery transport requires special shipping considerations. Transporting excavators, cranes, tractors, used equipment, or other heavy machinerymay require a specialised heavy equipment transporter. The uShip marketplace allows professional heavy haulage transport services to find you. Create your free listing and submit your machinery transportation needs to the marketplace where haulage companies will provide you with quotes.


When it comes to heavy machinery transport, the most important thing is to have accurate dimensions and weight for the haulage company. The transporter can then determine the type of trailer needed, and if any special considerations need to be made when coming up with the best heavy haul quote for you. You can consult your owner's manual or the Ritchie Specs website for your equipment's dimensions and weight. We strongly suggest including photos of your heavy machinery on your listing. Know which permits, if any, will be required for your heavy equipment delivery, and what equipment will be required to properly load and unload your heavy machinery. Providing as much detail as possible will allow heavy haulage companies to plan more accurately, thus bidding at a lower cost and providing you with a more accurate haulage quote.


Your next step is choosing a heavy equipment hauler. It is important to choose a haulage company that specialises in heavy haulage. You can choose to work with an experienced heavy haul broker can help with taking the entire delivery process off of your hands. Working directly with a business or an heavy haul service provider allows you to be more involved in the process.

Each transporter has a profile where you will find their heavy machinery transport history along with customer-written reviews and a five-star rating system. We suggest you review this information and read through your prospective transporter's profile. You will want to compare profile information as well as pricing. If you research your haulage companies, you will be able to book with confidence knowing your heavy haulage is in professional care.


The cost to transport heavy machinery in Australia will vary depending on the distance, type of transport, and your time frame. The average cost to transport heavy haulage more than 50 kilometers is A$1.19 per kilometer. View past heavy machinery delivery transactions and get familiar with the process with our cost-to-ship index tool.


The heavy equipment should be prepared for transport prior to the day of transport. Proper preparation helps protect your product from adverse conditions and avoid unnecessary damage. Oversized or overweight equipment often requires additional preparation for safe transport. Inquire with your heavy haul transportation company about special freight requirements you may need to meet before their arrival.

Transporters are required to have a certain amount of insurance, but you may need to purchase additional coverage to be properly protected. Make sure you understand what your insurance policy covers and how to file a claim should you need to. We suggest taking photos before your items are packed and transported in order to have proper documentation.

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