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Freight Transportation with uShip

Freight transportation is easy as when you use uShip. By posting a listing on uShip, you will gain access to our marketplace of experienced freight delivery companies who be competing for your business. Not only can you choose the best quote for your freight transportation, but you can view company profiles to ensure they have a reliable transport history and excellent customer feedback. We’ve outlined how easy finding the perfect freight transporter is below, but should you encounter any roadblocks along the way, give us a call. We’re here to help you from beginning to end to ensure your freight transportation experience is easy as.

How to Transport Freight on uShip

Transporting freight couldn't be easier with uShip's three simple steps.

1 | Create Your Listing

To find the best freight service, simply create a detailed listing that outlines your needs. Be sure to include the height, length, width and weight of your individual units. You’ll want to include your desired budget, time frame and service required (such as a general freight or a dedicated truck). Not sure what service you need? No worries! Simply put that in your listing and freight services can contact you with how they would handle your freight. The key to making a good listing is to provide as many details as possible. It’s not a bad idea to include a picture as well, so the freight service knows exactly what they will be moving.

Woman with a high vis jacket on with a pallet jack in warehouse
Two white trucks with a truck driver and factory manager

2 | Choose the Best Company

Once you’ve created your listing on uShip, haulage companies will begin contacting you with quotes as they compete for your business. Before choosing the company with the lowest quote, make sure you have read through their uShip profile. Their profile will show their heavy haulage history, customer feedback, insurance policies and safety records. They should also have pictures of their vehicles and equipment so you know exactly what they can offer.

When choosing the best company, you'll want to consider if they have:

  • Industry accreditation
  • Fully trained and qualified drivers
  • Continuous client updates
  • Modern vehicles
  • Proof of delivery for your freight
  • Full insurance
  • 3 | Transport & Delivery

    After choosing the best freight transporter, it’s time for your freight to be transported and delivered. Make sure you have clearly communicated an agreed location and time for the pick up and delivery of your freight. Your chosen transportation service should also provide you with details on how to prepare your freight for transport. It’s crucial that you follow their instructions to ensure your freight is ready to go at the agreed upon time and to avoid any surcharges. Make sure you have payment ready to ensure a smooth transaction. If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to make the entire process, from beginning to end, as easy as possible.

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    How Much Does it Cost to Ship Freight?

    The cost to ship freight is dependent on many aspects. The freight class, density, route, and how the freight is packaged can all have an effect on the rate. For a closer look at what it costs to ship freight, visit our cost to ship freight page. You’ll find freight shipments completed through the uShip marketplace and get a better idea of how we work.

    Freight Insurance Options

    Ask freight transportation companies about their cargo insurance. Your transporter should be able to provide you with written proof of insurance that details your shipment's coverage. Make sure you obtain this document prior to shipment.

    We also recommend that you obtain your own third-party insurance coverage for added protection. Visit the uShip Cargo Insurance page for more information on this.