Special Care Items Shipping Stories

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Antique Secretary - Great Job!

I had purchased an antique secretary via Ebay - fell in love with it - and after the fact - worried how to get it from Atlanta, GA to Bakersfield, CA.. Signed up with uShip and was contacted very quickly by Legal Transportation.. Quick response - gave me a very reasonable pick up time and they arranged that with the seller. Arrived quicker than I expected and in great condition. Drivers kept me ...

shipping a grand piano

A friend of mine was moving from a house to an apartment and the apartment has no room for her grand piano. So she offered to give it to me. I was given 2 weeks to pick it up so I started searching online the best way to find the right shipper. That's how I came across Uship. I didn't know that there's this kind of website that you can go where shipper can bid for the job. I signed up and lis ...

Great Piano Movers

I was having a spinet piano shipped to me from my parent's house to make room for a baby grand that was arriving from my sister's house down the street. I hired JPs Piano Movers (out of Michigan) after finding them on UShip. When they arrived at my parent's house, not only did they expertly load and care for my spinet piano, they also took time to move the baby grand from down the street after my ...

Grand Piano Successfully Moved

We decided to send my wife's antique Grand Piano to our son in California, but the local mover estimates were discouraging. Then I found uship.com. With some apprehension I listed our move and within two hours got two bids, both of which were many hundreds less than the local estimates. Even though neither shipper had any customer feedback, I decided to investigate one. After a few questions I too ...

instand cast iron sink!

We moved to new neighborhood and were resstoring our old house, our cast iron sink and clawfoot tub were stolen from our backyard..whaaa!! we looked on craigslist to find a replacement - hundreds of miles away we found a great [better] cast iron double basin sink, discovered USHIP and we crossed our fingers.. all turned out great alastair communicated clearly, coordinated with the guy we ...

Great experience with purchase of my loom

I was able to buy a large loom that was two days drive away--and also would have had to load it and get it home alone. I ended up posting twice and shipping once and both posting experiences were very positive. What a relief that Uship exists, I had learned about Uship from other weavers on a chat line and so when I needed to see if I could find a way to get my loom to me, I tried it out and am ...

Makes local eBay shopping easier!

I'll be more likely to see what's available in local eBay listings because Uship is so easy and affordable. aaapianosvc is an outstanding provider and I highly recommend them.

Upright Baldwin Piano

My daughter is 28 and now own her own and making money, and that is a good thing. This was her piano as a child, so she wanted to have it in her own home. So, she paid for the move from Atlanta to South Florida. Said the first thing she did was set down and play Phantom of the Opera. Yes, I would use UShip again.

Upright piano

Everything completed in under one week. Very happy with provider and price well under other local piano moving quotes. Would definitely use uShip again. Thanks.

Heirloom Sofa

pmcarr went the extra few miles to pick up my sofa, and delivered it on time. Even purchasing special equipment to transfer it across several states.

shipment from home

due to the gas prices, it was probably a bit more difficult to find shippers, but i was patient and able to wait out until i got a reasonable bit. the provider probably could've used a navigation system, but i didn't mind giving directions to him.

Awesome experience using uShip

I had an "antique" rocking horse to ship from Arizona to Florida. Although there was no monitary value to the item, it was priceless to me as I had it for 45 years. Trying to ship the item through conventional means (UPS, FedEx Ground, etc) we were quoted over $600. I placed my ad on uShip, and fairly quickly contracted with OceanstoOceans. He picked up the rocking horse and delivered it - door to ...

Godd advise.

This Lady advisme how is the best way to transport a piano, just greate.

Awesome way to retrieve Grandma's piano

My story is bittersweet. My grandmother can no longer live alone and we had to clean out her home of 45 years. In doing so, I knew I would love to take her heirloom piano and teach my young children to play, as she taught me. However I live over 800 miles away. Once we returned home and looked into piano moving services, we found them to be generally quite pricey for something like this. Howe ...

Pace Moving

Hiring a mover is a scary thing, especially when you don’t know them or have a referral. Pace moving is very customer oriented and their communication throughout the process was as good as a consumer could hope for. Pace is first rate and I will use them again. They moved n organ and Piano from Maine to CT and not a scratch. Their workers were professional and gentlemen. A++++++++ thank you Pace

Moving pool table

I am completely satisfied

Great experience shipping a very special item

When my parents told me they were selling the house I grew up in after 30+ years I was definitely emotional. One of the items that I was offered from the house was the custom pool table they had built in 1970. While I have no place to put it right now, it has a huge value to me having grown up playing both pool and ping pong on it. I looked into what it might cost to get it shipped from the Bay ...

Antique Upright Piano shipment

I shipped an antique upright piano from my folks house in TN to my house in OR. This is the piano I learned to play on as a little girl. I remember my Dad taking it all apart and refinishing it when I was little. It had been black and ugly. He found solid mahogany underneath. With my Mom failing (she was the one who played), they decided to get rid of the piano. I was very fortunate to find uShip ...

Nightmare about shipping something like a fiberglass pool!

I am a worry wart! I worried about the service provider showing up. (No problem) I worried about getting it loaded (No problem) I worried about a 12' wide load going down 9' highway lanes. (No problem) I worried most about straps, connecting to the pool, and breaking it while offloading. The night before it arrived, my boom truck to unload was on another job and unable to contact by phone! W ...

Pool Table

My first experience with uShip was very positive. They hooked me up with a provider that moved my pool table at an extremely good price.

tanning bed

Chad bid on the shipment on Saturday, I agreed on Sunday he picked up Monday morning and delivered wed - he is wonderful!!

Tanning bed

Moved in record time

I'm spreading the news...

been telling all my family and friends about uship.com...what a great concept!

Excellent service

Stephen is a very experienced piano mover with whom we entrusted the move of our Steinway baby grand piano. He showed up on time and moved it with true piano-mover's expertise. We highly recommend Stephen if you want a safe move for your piano!

first-time U-Ship user very happy with results

I was apprehensive about using U-Ship, not knowing what to expect from an all "on-line" service provider. My shipper placed an extremely low bid according to the shopping I had done. To my surprise, everything went VERY smoothly. I would definitely recommend this shipper and U-Ship to anyone who has something of value to move. Thanks for all your help and your great service!

Large hot tub shipment

I wanted to safely get my very large hot tub transported to the east coast, about 950 miles. I accepted a very fair bid from Shofar who was courteous and delivered all that was promised. He was available whenever I tried to contact him and he returned my calls. He packed my spa in a custom crate and delivered it 950 miles in 48 hours in perfect condition. He was exceptionally professional and ...

pool table

I needed my pool table moved. It was a complete mess. But, Robert was very PROFESSIONAL about it. He stayed really calm and took good care of me. I was sooo... impressed. He maybe one of the nicest guys I ever meet. Thanks again Robert!!!

Hectic move made easy.

Ok, so basically I was relocating from my apartment in Washington back to my home in Iowa after a year of college. I was going to go to school closer to home so I was packing it up and heading out. However, I wasn't sure where to turn. I surfed the internet and came across uShip. I wasn't too sure about it but I thought I'd give it a shot. I posted my listing a week or two before I was flying out ...

Good experience

I looked for traditional shippers to deliver my recording console and found several, but none would have given me the personalized service that Steve Mulder from uShip gave me. The bid was originally high, but he came back with a reasonable price and he committed to delivering the console in good shape and on time, actually early.


Our family includes 2 young girls with a talent for playing piano. They had been using a small keyboard for years while we were seeking a piano we could afford. We prayed real hard that God would provide us with a piano and guess what? We recieved a donated piano from nothing less than a church. We justed needed to move it on our own. I searched high and low; even googled for all the shipping ...

on time

was on time, great communication and package arrive in great condition.

no subject

no story


Paintings went to 3 different galleries. U ship was very helpful, I wanted to make direct contact with the firm that would handle my work. I saved $800 or so using U ship. I will use them again.

another great experience

This is the second time I have used uship and on both occasions it was delicate freight and glass that could have easily ended up getting damaged but I have to say that both companies I had the pleasure of doing business with were brilliant and so professional, the second time I used uship the service providers vehicle broke down on the way to my house but the guy was fantastic - he rented another ...

Great experience moving my piano

After spending many hours calling piano movers listed in the yellow pages (who never called me back), I came across uShip online, and in minutes I had completed a listing, and I had three bids within just a few hours. One provider had several questions to ask and options to offer, and our communication through uShip worked great--no phone calls to miss or to return. The move was completed within ...

Nana's Desk

After my grandmother died in 1982, her desk went to Aunt Kay's. Now that she is gone I was offered the desk from my cousins. They are in all in San Diego, and I moved to Seattle years ago. Although the desk is not a "real antique" (1940's era), I hated to see it go to Goodwill, so I made arrangements to have it sent to me. I am now sitting at the desk typing up this note. Feels nice to be ...

kawai digital piano

Great Job! Thanks for the Fine service!

shipping artwork

I am an artist with a studio in New York City. When I have to ship artwork to a client or for a show, it can be very tricky finding a safe and reasonable way to ship the work. I am in a show in Charlottesville, VA and needed to ship 10 oil paintings there. Another artist friend said they had used a soft-pack/trucking method and it had worked. I had no idea where to find a good trucking source ...

Grand Piano move from Oregon to California

Move was exceptionally smooth

I had a HUGE playhouse shipped

We had a huge (18 ft by 8.5 ft by 7 ft)playhouse shipped from Florida to Indiana using uShip. It was the first time we have ever done something like this. After calling movers on our own, checking freight prices and just plain getting frustrated, I stumbled upon uShip online and gave it a try. GREAT experience! Was thousands of dollars under any other movers that gave us a quote (some just laughed ...

Piano Move - Satisfied Wholly

Shipped a piano from Atlanta to Cincinnati, Piano was moved with professional care, movers were friendly. Will recommend to anyone.

Piano-baby grand

We had a great experience shipping using UShip. We have already placed another bid to move our large furniture to our new home. It is a great way to get a competitive price! The rating system is a reassurance that you selecting a qualified bidder. Thank you!

antique pool table

Contacted shipper to pickup an antique pool table in Boca Raton Florida and deliver to NC. Was very concerned that slate and wood be handled with care, as the slate is very rare and hard to replace. Shipment was delivered perfectly, on time, and Robert and Mike communicated with me daily to assure me everything was good. Thanks uship!!!

My childhood piano now in my home for my kids

My mother offered to give me my childhood piano for her grandchildren to learn to love music with. We live in different cities, and all moving quotes I got from "traditional" sources were above $1,000. At those prices, I could have bought a new piano, but I really wanted to have the piano I grew up with for sentimental reasons. I remembered reading a blurb about uShip in a magazine, so I posted ...

Tanning bed

GREAT Company - does a wonderful job

tanning bed

These guys are great company- they eve beat me to my salon for delivery. They were great.

Power wheelchair

Somehow Carl wasn't aware that my chair weighed 300 pounds. He arrived with a van and no ramps--only one guy trying to get a 300 pound wheelchair in his van by himself. He tried to explain how he did it, but the important thing is he didn't get a scratch on the chair--what resourcefulness!

Large Mirror

I Needed it delivered to Rome,NY.from Long Island,NY.Using U-Ship was great! My service provider was excellent! Yes I would use U-Ship again. Thank`s!

Shipping Extra Large Tanning Bed

This guy was amazing, the tanning bed was not taken apart and ready when he got there, he waited - without complaining. He drove straight to me (3.5 hours) got in a traffic jamb in Atlanta, because there was a high speed car chase and still made it to me on time and managed to still call when he said he would.

Piano move

the mountain man did a great job moving a family heirloom piano that had been in our family for over 30 years. He was right on time and did a great job with no extra charges.

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