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How to Ship A Camera

Most cameras can be shipped safely with simple packaging and care. However, antique or fine photographic equipment demands extra consideration during the transportation process. Follow the tips below to ensure the safe travel of your camera equipment:

  • Remove batteries and memory card of modern cameras before packing. Keep these in the bag.
  • Seal cameras in plastic bags to keep dust and packing material from the camera’s lenses.
  • Wrap pieces, such as lenses or tripods, with padding or bubble wrap before placing them in their case.
  • Mark any boxes containing cameras as fragile. Pack these boxes with stuffing and mark which side is to remain “Up.”
  • If you are shipping your camera to be repaired, many companies ask that you obtain an authorization number by phone or e-mail before shipping the camera or equipment back to them. Be sure to include your address, phone number, and a complete description of the problem.