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Special Care Overview

Artwork, antiques, glassware and other delicate items have sentimental and monetary value for the sender and receiver, so ensuring the safety of the items during transit is of utmost importance. Improper packaging is the reason for the most damage during transport.

For packing artwork, constructing the box yourself is easy and the materials needed are easily found if you don’t already own them. Special made strong boxes are available, though costly.

When shipping glassware and other delicate objects, proper wrapping and packaging techniques ensure safe delivery and a happy recipient.

If you are shipping antiques, choosing the right special care transporter is as important as how you prepare and package the piece. It’s important with furniture to provide ample time for shipment preparations and the actual shipment, as well as thoroughly communicating with your service provider needs of the antique.

As for shipping a piano or moving a pool table, professional piano or pool table movers are a must because of the weight of the objects and their sensitivity to improper movements.