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DITY Moves

What’s the deal with DITY Moves?

Do-It-Yourself Moves (DITY Moves) is the option to voluntarily move your own belongings and be reimbursed by the government. While this may sound like a lot more work than having the government provide the move for you, it is an opportunity to make some extra money from the per diems and receive some time off. Additionally, this is not an all-or-nothing option and you can partially opt-in to the DITY program. Here you will find an overview of the different types of DITY Moves and how you can best turn a profit.

For this, you will need to work with a commercial moving company. You will pack and load the truck, the truck will drive to the destination, and then you will unload the truck. The company will need to provide weight tickets. Additionally, you will need the following from the company you choose to work with:

  • ICC number
  • State or Federal Regulation numbers.

This closely resembles a traditional move. You rent a truck, storage space and whatever you may need. The allowance given to you by the government is based on mileage and weight estimates. You pack, load, drive, unload, and unpack.

This is similar to a Rental Equipment move in that you are doing most of the labor. This is limited to cargo vehicles that you either own or borrow. If you are borrowing, be sure to provide written proof of permission and current vehicle registration records.

Household goods can be authorized for shipment at government expense, but must be removed from a mobile home to satisfy safety requirement under the DITY program. Such items can include heavy appliances and furniture, air conditioners, awnings, etc.

What are the advantages to DITY Moves?

The government is giving you 95 percent of what it would cost for them to move you. And if you can perform the DITY move for less than that amount and the amount they provide for standard travel allowances, then you get to pocket the rest. That’s a bonus simply for doing something on your own. It’s easier than you think to come in under budget if you can find service providers that can provide you with a good deal. We at uShip just so happen to know the perfect place for you to look.

You’re already receiving some time off to take care of your move. But you’ll get additional time off if you choose one of the DITY Moves. This time off, just like your money, can be budgeted properly to give yourself some time to relax.

If you choose one of the DITY Moves, you can choose who handles your stuff, even if it is just going to be you. You can decide every aspect of your move and what you’re willing to move yourself and what may require a service provider. Either way, you’re in control and that provides just a little bit more peace of mind.