Special Care Items Shipping Stories

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Moving grandmothers Piano

I was trying to get my grandmother's piano from Arkansas & Georgia and couldn't decide if I should go pick it up or have it shipped. With the distance, expense, time,and lifting power, it was cheaper to have it shipped and I didn't have to worry about it. The service provider did a fine job and I probable should have paid him extra for having to deal with my 80 year old Aunt. I was alway able to ...

Great Job Moving the Belgian Sandstone lions

Not an easy job, moving a pair of 10,000lbs 19th century Belgian Sandstone lions from busy Georgetown in Washington, DC to northside of Baltimore, but it was all done very professionally by Swann Trucking in less than 4 hours. The lions which were each cut in two had to be delicately manuevered into place and each fit together...If you know anything about sandstone, it's very delicate. Minimal dam ...



Great experience shipping my piano

I wanted to give my upright piano to my daughter who lived 138 miles away. It was obviously too heavy for us to try to move ourselves. I called a few local movers and didn't like the prices I got. I started googling and found UShip. I was a bit skeptical but decided to give it a try. I saved over 50% from the local quotes by using Iron Horse Expeditors. They were terrific throughout the whole p ...

Whiskey Barrel

I posted my barrel on uship the first offer I had did not work out was getting worried so I posted it again and the ones that gave me an offer was heaven sent they were very fast and good communication and took pride in special care for my item I would highly recommend them. Also I recommend to read the feedback others left for the shippers for that was my mistake and I almost lost out on not onl ...

My daughter's piano

We held on to that piano for her while she went to college in Italy, moved to Louisiana, made it through Katrina, and finally was able to get her own home. Bids from movers in the usual manner were higher than the cost of the piano, but it was HER piano, that she had bought with her own money when she was 16. We saved over $600 with UShip; the final cost was less than half of the original quotes ...

Great Experience Shipping our Piano

Our experience using the Uship website to find a shipper to ship our Piano from Vancouver, WA to our daughter in Richmond TX was simple, easy and actually fun! Uship made it that way. Their website is easy to navigate, uncomplicated and we found ourselves easliy posting our ad, uploading pictures and browsing and ultimately contacting shippers for bid requests. We were soon on our way to making ...

Great experience shipping my piano

I was trying to find a knowledgeable yet affordable way to ship my piano. I logged on to uship and received bids within a few days. I chose smithpiano not only for his price but also for his experience specifically in piano moving and I was not disappointed. Smithpiano was on time and moved this extremely heavy piano without putting a scratch on it!

Great experience

I had a variety of art, antiques and rug but a small shipment with more sentimental value than market value. We packed it and a speciality shipper who normally takes motorcycles took it across the country in a nice, small truck. I was a little concerned that my specialty items didn't match the shippers expertise but it worked out great. We paid half of what a shipping company had quoted us bef ...

Piano moved to St. Louis

My grandmother bought my piano so that I could take lessons when I was nine years old. My mother shipped the piano to us so that our daughter could take lessons. We now, thanks to Uship, have shipped the piano to our 8 year old granddaughter so that she can learn to play. Uships method of pricing a move made it possible for us to continue the tradtion started by my grandmother in 1954. The p ...

Shipping Grand Piano

Glad I used uship and found a very reliable piano movers and price is reasonable. Definitley will use uship again.

Great piano move

My piano was picked up and delivered without a single problem. I highly recommend this company for any piano moving needs.

Great experience shipping my piano

I had never heard of Uship, but I am glad I stumbled across them on-line. I saved over a hundred dollars shipping my piano and found a great company to do it.

rosewood table top

The shipping destination for my table top was New Hampshire. Glen was able to work with me for scheduling delivery and provided a safe delivery to New Hampshire. A nice man, honest, flexible and delivers the goods! Anne

It is Homer Time!

I purchased a Homer and Marge Simpson Life Sized figures! I was fortunate to get Chad to pick up my figures. Along the way, his truck was broken into by the village idiots and he lost his cell phone, GPS, battery for his truck, money and check book. His thoughts were of his customers and not himself. He had a friend call to update me on what happened. He arrived late at night and did not want ...

Thank you, uShip, for being there when I needed you!

I'd never heard of uShip before I needed to ship a large dollhouse I'd bought on Craigslist. It was in a neighboring state and I wasn't sure how to ship it without spending an arm and a leg. So I did a Google search and found out about uShip. I put in my request and very quickly got a few bids. I checked the feedback on the bidders and chose a bidder with an excellent track record and also a bi ...

moved piano

Using uship.com to move my piano was really convenient. I was pleased with the process from start to finish. Nice work.


needed some wrapped boxes and items moved in a timely and affordable way...between UShip and the provider it was really easy... a really good way to get moving done without the traditional moving hassle

Aircraft engine

Purchased a used aircraft engine with a prop on it in New York. Needed to have it Carefully! Shipped to Calif. I put it on uShip with a 300.00 bid it now. Two Hours later it was bid on, and 8 days later it arrived at my shop in Calif. It would have cost me 150 bucks in gas alone to ride my motorcycle to New York. What a savings, uShip is a great service to have all my stuff shipped. Thanks Ted ...

Great experience shipping my piano

there were good ongoing communications and he continually looked for ways he could fit us into his schedule earlier than expected

uShip to the Rescue

I never thought we would find a way to ship our pool table from California to Idaho in a cost efficient way!! We also needed it shipped right away. uShip came to the rescue, not only did we find a reasonable bid for our shipment but someone who could ship it the next day!! Thank you uShip we never could have done it without you!! Guess we will be playing pool in Idaho after all.

Best Moving Experience Ever!

Carolina Piano Movers should win a metal for the superior service they give. I have never had such quality communication in dealing with a company before. If the electric, gas, phone, and cable companies all treated their customers like Ryan and his crew; there would be no customer complaints. I can not say enough good things about these young men. I hope God will bless them in all their futur ...

First shipping experience

Although this was very new to me and I was very nervous about having someone ship this item. He did a wonderful job. Exactly as described. Thanks C

Great web site for shipment savings

I never new about uShip until I stumbled upon it through a search engine. I had a hard time finding an affordable hot tub mover and this proved to be the solution for me. Not only did I get quick service, I got a great deal too. I would have never been able to be sitting in my hot tub today if it weren't for uShip. Thanks!

Nightmare turns into good

I had previously paid someone on uship to ship my hot tub, that shipper stranded the hot tub in Washington. I then had to find someone to ship from Washington to Las Vegas and this shipper did a good job tracking down the hot tub and getting it out of the previous shipper hands.

AAA is the best! Flawless service!!

Excellent communication. They were waiting for me at the load point before the appointed time. Super helpful and courteous. I highly recommend AAA for any piano move.

Great experience shipping my piano

CarolinaPianoMovers put in a bid on my piano move. I thought it was very reasonable so I accepted the bid. This was a "free" piano - someone who was getting rid of it b/c it was so old. Anyway, it's super heavy. 7-8 hundred pounds. Two guys (TWO!) moved this huge piano up three floors into my office and now it's here, the kids love it, and I'm so so so happy that I didn't go with hiring my ow ...

Myers Shipping Is Tops!

I wouldn't normally even write this but a great company deserves great prise. Myers mopved a big, complex, fragile pipe oprgan fropm NW to North carolina -- a really tough job. I did my best to let them know what they were in for, but it turned out to be a much bigger operation. Myers came across without a single complaint, worked like the dickens and still brought the job in on time, on budge ...

Great experience shipping an antique pump organ

I had never used UShip before and hooking up with Howard was great because he treated me and my shippment with care. The whole experience was painless. Choose Howard for your shipment!

Valueable cargo only 5 lbs.

The shippment was delicate with over 400 hours of hand creation. It needed to be hand shipped for dependability and security of the product.This was my first experience with this type of shippment and carrier service and I hit a bulls eye. I was given the best service and continual feedback on a shippment that took over a week to deliver. Can you get satisfaction, dependability and assurance for a ...

Very happy to have found excellent service and a reasonable shipping rate

I had been keeping my daughter's piano for her until she graduated college and could have a more permanent place of her own. When that day came, I had to find someone who could move it from Kansas City, MO to Buffalo, NY. Shipping a piano half way across the country can be a very expensive undertaking. Most piano movers wanted much more then the piano was worth. uShip helped me find someone who co ...

Paintings and a clock

Communication is not the strongest point. The price was the best! My shipment arrived in perfect condition.

Shipment of large Hammond Organ

Duff once again was very helpful with the delivery of a large Hammond organ. These organs are VERY heavy. Thanks for the careful delivery of it. Jeff S.

Shipping a sewing machine cabinet.

I needed a sewing cabinet picked up and delivered to me. I like uship because it gives EVERYONE..even the small movers a chance. I have had good experiences moving antique furniture on here. I would recommend this site to anyone. Thanks, Jeff S.

custom stair rails

Oasis trans executed their time and safe delivery of our product and communicated with us as promised. I would definitely hire them for another job with a second thought. You guys were great! Thanks...

Great experience antique furniture I inherited from my grandmother

The mirror clips holding the antique mirror onto the frame were warped and not safe for re-installing the mirror. Robert Benedict not only made a great suggestion about using carpenters glue to glue the mirror on, he actually went out to the local hardware store, bought the glue, and glued the mirror on for me! Incredible service!!! Thank you U-ship and Thank you Robert Benedict. From: A v ...

I'm happy to have my piano

I was offered my grandmother's piano, but only had a month to have it moved from another city to my house. U-ship worked out very well for me. I got several bids that were lower than anything I could find just calling around. The service provider I chose was very courteous and delivered my piano quickly and in good condition.

A Great Experience

I had not hear about UShip before trying the service, but I was in need of a shipper and had a small budget, so I gave them a try. In less than a half hour I had 3 bids on moving my SPA from Las Vegas to San Diego. All three looked good and had high ratings on UShip, so used the service to ask questions of each shipper until I decided on one. It was so easy to use the system and I ended up with ...

tires & rims from around the globe

I truly appreciate your service. It reminds me of the college boards in the dorms where you could hitch a ride home for the weekend if someone was going your way. Except this time, it was a set of wheels & tires travelling in the back of a truck.

Great experience with player piano move

We were searching for a long distance mover to relocate a player piano that has been in our family for several generations. I found uship while searching, and am very happy I did! David and his team at PPM were an excellent match and did a great job picking up and moving the piano. I believe using uship saved us several hundred dollars, and I would definitely use the service again for other item ...

shipping piano

Shipping piano from storage facility to my family in Massachussetts. Everything was handled smoothly and professionally. Would definitely use Uship and the mover again.

Wonderful piano shipment

My brother-in-law had been trying to move a piano from his fathers house in Wisconsin to his home in New Braunfels, TX for over a year for his wife and three children to enjoy. All attempts were met with exorbitantly high priced shipping quotes or the prospect of laborous and dangerous (and equally costly) U-Haul experience. After hearing of their story, I knew there had to be a better alternati ...

This was my first time using uship..

I was so nervous about having my furniture shipped without knowing the company shipping. I must say, uship put my mind at ease, I was able to preview and choose the shipper of my choice. The transaction went smoothly and I would definately use uship again.


I bought what I thought was a minipiano. While smaller than any other piano I have seen it still turned out to be a spinet which was a surprise to me and the shipper, Mr. Toynutt. He was very helpful and worked hard to deliver it on time and in great shape. I couldn't have asked for more.

Harp Delivery

I was shipping a harp because I was moving from Texas to NY. My experience with uship was excellent. The service was easy to use, reliable, and the response I received was immediate. I probably saved $300 to $400. The service provider did an excellent job delivering the harp. Harps are odd shaped and have to be handle with care. The service provider showed up on time, was courteous, took ...

Shipment of Family Clock

I inherited a grandfather clock that years ago my father, brother and I built for my grandparents. When I inherited this piece, I happened to be working in Baghdad, Iraq which made it a little difficult to ship the piece. I searched the Internet and found USHIP. The entire shipment was a wonderful experience. I will return home soon and my grandfather clock will be waiting for me. Thanks USHIP for ...

Great experience shipping my big screen TV and sound system

I listed on USHIP one day, had a bid at my asked-for price the next. I accepted the bid and was contacted by cell phone 4 hours later. That evening my TV and sound system were picked up. Amazingly, they were delivered the next day (in excellent condition). Isn't that the way we want it work?

Great Piano shipping.

My piano actually belonged to my grandmother. She passed away earlier this year, and all my aunts and uncles thought I should take the piano. The only problem, was, my grandmother's house was in San Antonio, TX, and I live in Alabama. I decided to list it on UShip, and I was able to get a couple of bids. Empire Piano movers had great references and they were very professional. There was open ...

Excellent experience moving my piano

I was very apprehensive in planning the move of my childhood piano out of my home into my niece's home in northern MN. Through the winter months when it would not have been good to make the move, my shipper kept in contact with me discussing the weather problems up there. I was not in a hurry to move my piano out. And kind of dreaded the actual moving day (very emotional for me). But when the mo ...

store displays

They provided great service and I would use them again

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