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Great Experience Shipping A Motorized wheelchai

It was a new concept for me. I am an Ebay trader so I was able to grasp the concept quickly, just apply it to shipping. The first time was the charm. Even though I had problems with my the merchandise, (non-delivery of goods,so small claims court here we come) I was able to complete the transaction. My shipper was patient and accomdating all the way through. There are good professional people work ...

Great experience transporting my piano

The service overall was very good. They ran behind due to some issues with another customer, but they communicated their delay to me.

The Old Piano

Twenty five years ago I purchased an old player piano. This thing has a back panel made of heavy steel. It was at my brother's place and they wanted it out of there. I found uShip online and decided to give it a try. Within a day I had several bids. After I accepted the bid I received an email saying that the crew wanted to move it on Saturday. I called my brother, alerted him that they would ...

Inaugural Double Bass

I was bidding on a double bass through eBay and understandably had no shipping options from the seller other than pick-up. Unfortunately the bass resided more than half way across the country. This particular bass was something I had been looking to purchase for over 3 years and I couldn't give up the deal. I had never heard of uShip at the time, and my friend came across the site doing his normal ...

Perfect, just perfect.

This was my first time using uShip, what a great experience. It was easy to use and I'll definitely/only use u-ship from now on. Thank you and well done Mr. uShip.

Great way to go and to save money

I have used U Ship before and always have a good to great experience. The cool thing is sometimes the shippers get into a bidding war and you can save more money yet. I also use U Ship for my personal items. Great way to go. Thanks

Now I can learn to play the piano!

We had a family piano while I was growing up, and while I enjoyed playing it and trying to read music, I never took lessons and couldn't teach myself very easily. When I moved from my parents' house in Virginia to Texas, I brought the piano to my sister's house in Mississippi since I didn't have a place for it. She is now moving back to Virginia and can't take the piano with her, and we were afrai ...

Baby grand

The shipper was very nice, prompt, and easy to work with. The piano was dismantled well and trasnsported down an elevator. It was reassembled in Texas. No damage the shipper took great care to set up in the new location.

my piano shipment

I'm so glad to have my mother's piano back again! Thank you, Bob! Plus, he showed me how to open it up for when it needs tuned up! Enjoyed working with him!

Glad you are here

uShip is a great service for those of us needing to ship odds and ends across the country, that most movers would eschew as too small of a job to care.

Excellent Service and Quality Move!

I needed to ship two antique pianos to my home from places several counties away. Uship provided the best way to get my needs out there to providers, and I probably saved about $600 dollars over what it would have cost me to approach a local shipper that was not competing in a bid situation. The shipper responded quickly to my bid request, and remained responsive during the move to every questio ...

bought an electric wheelchair on ebay

we have a son in an electric wheelchair. with no insurance, we purchased a wheelchair off ebay and had to find someone who we trusted to ship this for us back to tulsa. thanks to robert duffy he now has a new wheelchair.

Great experience shipping my Range of Motion machine

Joe and Jim from Albtransportation did such a great job. They were very punctional to begin with. They moved a very unwieldly machine weighing 685 pounds down a staircase of about 20 steps that was very narrow. They also had to remove a door, which they did, and replaced it with no problem. I highly recommend them. Excellent job!

my piano

Everyone said it would be too expensive to ship my piano to my nieces in New England! But they were wrong. I said how much I would pay to ship it, and then some very nice shippers bid on the job, and I picked a great shipper! Thanks for the super experience and an easy way to get things from one place to another!

Good job

Uship called and informed me via voicemail and phone when I had bids left on line for my viewing. I had numerous bids and was very satisfied with the cost of shipping. My ad was completed within two days of posting. Thanks for employing good companies and good drivers. Rusty



This is just EASY!

I never thought I could get a large item shipped to another state. Thank you USHIP....this is easy. I had a terrible experience with movers in the past, but with your service, the movers are dependent upon their feedback. I trust this system and would use it any time I have a move. Thanks! A very satisfied customer.

Moving AGAIN

I just moved across the country last year, so I was not excited about another move - though it was only across San Diego County. In short, through UShip I found an exceptional mover for my piano. It was fast, easy, and I am thrilled.

Good experience.

I had never used a service like this before and was a little hesitant. My service provider did an excellent job and I am so glad I decided to use uShip. I will definately try it again if I need anything else moved.

Baby grand moved

My father notified me right before Christmas that he had sold his house and offered me his baby grand piano. It needed to be moved by mid January and therefore I was scrambling to find someone to get a baby grand piano from Louisiana to Florida before the deadline. After several offers for well over $1,000 and questionable schedules, I decided to post my request on uShip. Within a day or two I h ...

Great Experience shipping my Piano

I must admit I was skeptical about using uShip, I felt like I was taking a chance with something that was invaluable to my family but I was able to find a professional piano mover who took care of my Piano just like if it was their own. The staff at JP's Piano Movers were truly wonderful and the price was unbelievable! I saved over $400 by using uShip instead of booking with a Piano mover I coul ...

Deposit issues

Need more clarification about the deposit as stated in the transaction. You clearly state that the deposit goes to the Shipping company when in fact it doesn't and I ended up $100 out of pocket.

Great job

I purchased an organ in Columbus, IN, with no way to have it get home. I contacted uShip and found straightedge. What a great experience. My organ arrived a day earlier than promised and I could by the way they handled it here, they had treated it with lots of TLC the whole time.

piano move by pianotek

We were most pleased with the manner and service that pianotek provided in transporting our piano to Maryland. There was good communication and excellent service with a errorless move of our piano. We would recommend pianotek to anyone needing the services of piano moving. (it was especially helpful to have a "piano tuner" to complete the move by tuning the piano on the other end.)

Very good first time experience

The manufacture of my Powered Parachute recommended trying uShip for shipping my new PPC home to Idaho all the way from Texas. This is very fragile and awkward piece of freight that has to be handled very carefully, which made me very nervous I wanted someone with previous experience to help load and secure it in the truck because the manufacture will not assist in shipping. Your auction/bidding p ...

excellent service and handling an antique BGS Delivery was super! Uship was easy to use.

I've never had anything shipped before this. I went through the easy steps, it was all spelled out for me. I fell in love with a mirror on Ebay but it was in N.J. Brian Stucker of BGS Delivery was really helpful. In the end he managed to come even closer than we had agreed upon. The mirror was packed really well, he and his brother Paul were super nice. I really liked them so much. They were prof ...

Good experience moving a piano

On short notice we needed help moving a piano, from a house about 3 miles down the road. The movers gave us a reasonable bid, and did a good job.

Great experience

They delivered as they promised without a scratch!! Very courtious people to deal with and helpful as this is the first time I had shipped any item like this before. I would recommend them to any one and would use them again if the occasion arose.

Great experience shipping an antique sideboard

I needed to ship an antique (large 1880s French sideboard) to my brother from my home in Pennsylvania to his in Missouri. I had had a difficult time finding a mover who would handle such a small, single piece shipment and who was set up to appropriately pack and crate this -- and do it at a reasonable price. I was almost going to give up -- then, I did a Google search and found UShip. Through t ...

Estate Piano and Furniture shipping

I use Uship for all my shipping needs. I clean out estates and I have to ship furniture and goods all over the U.S. and world. I like the way I get shippers to bid on the job so I can get the best deal for my costumers. The shippers I have used on this site have made me and my company look good. Thanks

A Great Experience.

I had a leslie speaker that I needed shipped and couldn't manage to pick it up myself, so posted on uship and was very pleased with the services provided by evildanes from uship. The service provided was friendly, attentive and efficient and the price was right in my budget. If I need something moved again hopefully evildanes will be available. I certainly will use uship again in the future.

Piano move was seamless

My sister told me about uShip and I'm really glad that she did. I had to move my dad's piano to our new apartment (on the third floor) and was able to get several bids on the job through uShip. I was very pleased with the service I received and the price. I will use this service again!

Clavinova digital piano move

Very positive experience. Bid was extremely reasonable & movers were great!! Definately will use this site again. Thanks. Mary Abell

Quality service by quality workers

I inherited a player piano from my mom. It was something that was very close for me and held great memories. Ryan took extra care and went above and beyond to make sure it arrived timely and safely. I am very impressed with his business sense and know others will be as impressed. Thanks again, Ryan

Good Experience

This is a great service. Wish I had known about it sooner! I saved a lot of money, time and effort and my piano was safely delivered. I would definitely use Uship again.

Great experience

They shipped an antique telephone switchboard purchased on ebay. They did an inside pickup and delivery and laid out the payment to the seller so the item could be shipped promptly without waiting for a money order payment to reach the seller. I couldn't be more pleased.


I was traveling and unable to access a computer so I was using my Blackberry to make the arrangements. It was awkward and almost impossible to complete the transaction. Otherwise I found Uship to be very helpful.

Player piano move

I am so glad to have my piano again, after 5 years! Honest moving lives up to its name! When you accept their bid, be sure to call the driver and let him know how far in advance you want him to notify you that he is about to arrive, and then he will call you. He has a good GPS and found our remote warehouse with no problem. We bid and made counter bids and they worked with us. I was confused w ...

moving a pool table

I was skeptical about using uship because I was not familiar with it, but I was desperate to have this pool table moved before Christmas. I could not have been more pleased! I got several interested people and decided on the one I liked the best. Uship was very helpful in letting me know when someone had left a message and the people who ended up with the winning bid were awesome! A great experien ...

Snowstorm does not stop UShip Shipper from getting my piano home just in time for Christmas!!

Richard picked up our newly purchased piano from an eBay seller in Illinois during a snow storm! He drove slowly, made further stops up to Michigan (in the snow also!!) and made it back in time for the scheduled drop off time. Our piano arrived just in time for Chrismas carols with our kids! Excellent communication!! If you have an organ/piano to move - Richard is your man!! fglc71, Richard Hai ...

High Value Shipment (antique grand piano) arrived quickly & in perfect condition

I purchased a grand from a seller in Florida on eBay who need the item moved quickly (out by the end of December) I listed the shipment, and within 3-4 hrs. had three bidders! I selected Imperialtran and he picked up the shipment in Florida and brought it to me in South Carolina the next evening! Great experience, and thank you UShip!

Great experiences shipping my piano from Tampa, FL to Atlanta, GA

We have been looking for shipper to ship our grand piano to our son. Calling the shippers listed in yellow book is very time consuming and only resulted in very frustrated responses--never call back as they promised, sky high prices, keep in their stores for two weeks before delivery, etc. While looking for shipper information online, I ran into uship and thought it could be a great idea for fi ...

Pool Table Moving

My hunches were right. You do not need to pay a pooltable company rediculous amounts of money for this. There are people who know how to move these who are nice and helpful. Shauna and her brothers Brian and Marcel did an excellent job, and I saved at least $300.00 using them. My 9ft Olhausen rolls perfectly in my new house! I'm very glad I found this site!

Very Pleased

I had a rocking chair, a wall hanging, a server and a large tote shipped from Detroit to Fort Lauderdale. It was picked up and delivered in an orderly fashion. The men were very nice and did a really good job. I would definitely use them again!

New Organ via uShip!

Sometimes things just work out so well you know the universe is looking out for you. After a this-price-will-never-win bid on a dream church organ turned out...to win!...I was faced with somehow fetching a large Allen Church Organ home from far far away. I was about resigned to flying one way, renting a moving van and driving it back, and racking up a very large bill. Then a google search for ship ...

Great experience shipping my art

I was worried about the safety of my artwork since this was my first time using U-ship. However, I trusted the other users' feedback. Much to my surprise, my quote was much lower than commercial carriers, like FedEx who almost always bash a corner of my art boxes. And, they don't like to insure art. I was shipping framed art in wood crates and mounted art in a cardboard box. The driver strapped my ...

Great piano moving experience

I was able to get a piano moved within a very short amount of time, had several bids to choose from and the whole experience was very satisfactory.

Great experience shipping a hot tub

I had to move a hot tub I had won on ebay. It being very heavy and bulky it would be impossible to move myself. I had gathered shipping quotes from various places online and they were coming in at over $1000. I am so glad I did further research and found uShip. I was able to get the hot tub moved by a very reliable company, Legal Transportation, for only $350. I will definitely be using uShi ...

My shipper turned out to be as rare a find as the antique piano that I found and purchased on E-Bay.

If only you could have seen what Tony of Toner50 went through to appease me, you would either laugh or cry for him! This was the first time I ever used U-Ship. I was anal in the questions I asked him before choosing him for the job. Speaking of anal, listen to this! Tony went through extraordinary measures to keep us informed of where he was every step of the way and that everything was ok. He ...

A Piano Surprise For My Husband

My husband has played the piano since he was 5 years old, but has been without one for the last 15 years or so. My parents gave us part of our inheritance early, my great-grandfather's Knabe upright piano. I decided to have it shipped to our house for my husband's birthday surprise. Not knowing where to start in the process of shipping a piano, I turned to Google. Google then led me to UShip ...

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